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My Lock Screen

I updated to iOS 16. I was mainly excited about adding widgets to the Lock Screen. However, really – it’s not made much difference. I don’t really want all my business on the Lock Screen but I did add the weather and any alarms I have set, and you can make changes to the time, change wallpapers and so forth. The widgets are minimal at the current time (not a lot of selection for the Lock Screen).

Again, I just chose to have customized home screens that I had already used widgets on and that is fine for me. I did notice that some more widgets were available since I had last changed and added widgets. So I added a few more to my home screens.

The first main home screen after I open the Lock Screen is always going to be the apps I need to get to the quickest. And then the rest are in order as to how I use them (most used apps first). Side note: I never really liked how apple lumped them together in groups at the end screen. I liked to organize my own. And I’m glad we can. Here’s my updates.

And I have the rest of them organized into 5 screens before you get to the apple’s own grouping of all the apps, which I do not prefer. So here’s my 2nd screen.

I added the Alexa button so I can add to the grocery list quickly while on the go. I also added the “WordPress Widget” so I could see if the blog is getting any views today. I really like it when it’s the end of the day and I’ve had 100+ views. That is my target. If I miss blog entries the views go down of course.

I’d had the Google widget for a while already. I added a Bible verse widget though as I need all the help I can get, lol. Otherwise, the four main groupings that use a lot are the Blog, Social, YouTube, and Shopping. I’m quite used to my setup now and my fingers automatically flip to where I need to go.

I really like picking my wallpapers from Canva or taking pics and making my own. And I DO like what the “Lock Screen” now allows you to do under the iOS 16, with the “pairing” of your lock and home screens. It can take your original photo and blur (or give you gradients and colors of the same back ground colors). So that I DO love. Blurring it or choosing colors from the original photo can help you actually SEE your apps by making the background not so busy. But I have my Lock Screen and the home screens the same for now since it’s kindof subdued anyway it works.

I think I might try that weather interactive wallpaper at some point! But I bet it uses a lot of battery power? Not sure, anyone know? The screen does what it does outside in your area. But right now it’s fall and I want a brown vibe. Winter time will be good for the interactive weather wallpaper.

Here’s the 3rd Screen. These are still apps I use a lot but…you can’t put them all on the first or 2nd screen so they have to go somewhere. Doing this project makes me realize just how much we use our phones as computers, as assistants, as our buddies, lol

I try to put the apps in order as they make sense but there are so many I use. I just try to keep them in approximately the same place where I would look for it if I make any changes. For example weather is usually on the left and my Sleep Sound Machine is always on the right. My brain has just always learned where things are. Colors of apps are important. For “Hello Fresh” I look for the green app in the “EAT” section”. And I added the big Podcast Button to just push it and go.

I love the clock and date app here. I just love the aesthetics of the widgets. They are so cool.

App placement is a personal thing. You just do what works best with YOU. Those people that change their app logos to all look the same – how do they ever find anything. I depend on all the colors and logos!

And the next screen....I just don’t use these apps as much! But if I ever need them they are right here. I quit using the calendar so much as time goes by so fast and I can’t get everything plugged in on there where it’s dependable for me so I keep using my manual hand held calendar. Maybe one day I can convert but I have to have my schedule in my hands. But at least my “To Do List” (reminders) works for me and I have that very successfully converted and it’s working well (other than not giving me extra time, lol). My reminder app was on the 1st page and also at the bottom where there are 4 apps that stay static for any home page you are on.

Please note that I added the Sleep Widget to this screen. I think it is interesting. This explains why I yawn so much. I really can’t wait until retirement so I can begin getting adequate rest. I thought I was getting at least 6.5 to 7 but I wake up during the night and it ends up being less rest than I thought. I have got to figure out sleep, exercise, and personal time. TIME always ends up being a problem. There is not enough of it to go around – something always gets left out or undone. But self-care needs to be worked out and I’m not sure what the answer is. I know that the only answer is to give up hobbies but I refuse to be “taken down” in that way. I. Just. Simply. Will. Not. Do. It. I’d rather die trying and that may very well be what will happen.

The top photo widget will put random photos in there and it’s great fun to just see what it chooses on this home page when I happen to visit this screen.

The last page here is “everything else” – mostly utility type things. Poor USAA – didn’t have a category and I really use it so I stuck it back here too.

All these games and apps are things I’ve downloaded but haven’t checked out yet. I sometimes like to download games or other apps from the App Store and if I get bored I’ll come back later to this back page and try them out and see if I like them.

I downloaded Epidemic sound as I thought I might be able to pick out music for the vlog while on the go but I’ve not had time to try the mobile version yet. I use it mainly on the Mac. My guess is I’ll probably delete it from my iPhone. I usually need to be “one” with my Mac, Final Cut Pro, and Epidemic Sound to be able to make a decision to make it work. However, I do need to pick out my new “theme song”. So I will keep it there in case I have time to search. lol. I still have to try out most of these games to see if they are keepers.

But there you have it. I did not want to do this entry along with my regular updates. Periodically I may post things like this separately going forward. Since my blog lays everything out a little differently now you can easily see the last six entries or so. I just wanted to share this.

You can watch YouTube videos of people that show how to change and update your lock screens and other features for iOS 16 update. Most people won’t notice any changes. But the Lock Screen itself having widgets was one of many things that changed for iOS 16.

Here’s my blank wallpaper if you’d like to use it.

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