Anniversary Day Out and Dinner in Nashville | Exhausted From the Weekend

George and I began our Anniversary Day out shopping at Phillips Toy Mart in Belle Meade area of Nashville, TN. This store has been around since 1932. George’s parents shopped there way back when, and George and I shopped there for Katy and the other kids in the family. When we did not have kids to shop for (they grew up) – we missed going there. Now that we have Little Roo and a little neice we can shop for – George’s Sister’s grandchild- so we enjoyed ourselves yesterday! Maybe a little too much, lol.

Katy is likely worried we went overboard. We didn’t but next year we might. The 3 year age group is when there is a burst of toys available for play – no small parts etc. Look out Katy/Cody – next year you will need an extra room built on. LOL

I even found a few things for myself for George to toss in my stocking. When I was a senior in high school I had a key chain like this. A Rubik’s cube. I ended up buying a dog stress toy instead of the pig. It’s just squishy but it feels good. So I will keep this on my desk. I don’t really get stressed much in my job anymore now that I’m in HR. But if I do I’ll just squish it. I like the concept. lol

I loved the Ravensburger puzzle but I didn’t get it. I would love to work this puzzle though. It reminds me of our days in Destin.

Fun times.

Our next stop was to hang out in Green Hills area of Nashville, TN. First of all, I went to Lipscomb and it was only a couple of miles away from the shopping/eating area of Green Hills. George is a grad of Vanderbilt University and he was 3 to 4 years ahead of me, but we didn’t meet until we both worked at Dillards at Green Hills. We were good friends and confidantes long before we were married. So our friendship goes way back. I still think that our ability to be friends is what makes our stickability work in marriage.

So to hang out in Green Hills for our Anniversary seemed very fitting and perfect.

We found a place to eat lunch and we were quite hungry by then. We ate at the Crow’s Nest. Which had a pretty good menu. It was a sports bar/restaurant with screens up.

The BBQ nachos caught my eye on the menu. I had said to George “we should eat light” as it was 1:30 by then and the dinner reservations were at 6:30. I didn’t want to overeat. I thought we could split an appetizer but OH MY GOSH! I put my hand on there for perspective. It was a “mile high” nacho situation. Just look at all the sauces you got. It was soooo good. I will want to go back someday just for the nachos. ha.

Then we did some shopping around in the Green Hills area. Lots of expensive shops. I would love to be able to buy clothes that were unique and different and high quality like that. George encouraged me to buy whatever I wanted. But no way! I just won’t spend $$ like that on clothes. Nor will I get face lifts and botox and all that. I just refuse. But it was fun to look around and we actually did find some affordable things. Mainly for Christmas gifts. And not many things either, lol.

The shops were fun and exquisite. Look at the smell goods that apparently you pour into the vase of flowers there instead of just those wooden sticks. I thought that was neat. I also love those thick spirally candles. They are different and very pretty. I wasn’t sure if I had wide enough candle sticks for such to fit in. But I really liked those. Also the ceramic little dudes were so different. Not sure what you would put in it but I snapped the pic. And a lady brought her dogs to shop with was cool. they were so cute. I wanted to bring them home because the one on the left looked like Roger a bit and the one on the right looked like one we wanted to adopt but couldn’t.

Then we headed to Whole Foods.

While we were there, someone that George worked with came up and spoke and they agreed they were “out of place” as Green Hills is a long way from Gordonsville where he works. We talked a bit and went our separate ways. In a few minutes, she came back to us with roses, paid for and wished us a happy 31st anniversary day. That was so sweet. Here they are later in a vase. How nice!

So we got all of our Whole Foods shopping done. We didn’t buy a whole lot but just a few sauces and stuff. More on that later.

So we went to Trader Joe’s (we brought a cooler but I don’t think we even bought anything frozen or anything that had to be kept cold). We did buy some unusual wines. I bought a French wine and also one from Israel which I’m so curious to try. While checking out just in conversation and being asked what we were out doing today we told them it was our anniversary day and we were from across town just celebrating. They ended up giving us a bouquet of flowers and some chocolate bars. I mean, what are the chances of being given two sets of bouquets while out on the town? Slim to none huh? Yeah. This was a God thing!

We don’t really give each other gifts on anniversary just a card. But the Lord was smiling down for some reason and blessed us with two bouquets. If one instance wasn’t proof, it was a double deal to say “I love you and support you and so happy you are still together and enjoying your day”, Love, Me, God.

I told George I was ready for coffee. I needed a pick me up and my feet were getting blisters from walking in my sandals. Anyway we went to a liquor place called Bud’s Liquors. We all shopped there back in my twenties for wine and dark rum! ha. So George and I had to stop and check it out. We actually bought quite a few things to stock our liquor cabinet up. Some things were my favorites that I like to keep in stock as a staple but especially for the winter: dark rum and brandy. Sometimes I really like a rum and coke and also if cold or really stressed and nice warmed brandy is just good for my soul.

So finally we went to get coffee at Starbucks. I had some Starbuck’s cards so we used them toward our coffee’s and some bean coffees for the future. Excited to try the Cast Cileo as they said it was one of the new favorites. We’ll see.

I rarely get a Cappucino but I did and it was wonderful. Normally I get a black pike’s place. I needed the calcium, lol so the Cappuccino it was!

Then we headed to our restaurant CHAR for dinner. We had a few minutes to wait as we were early. So we got a drink at the bar.

George’s Manhattan
My White Sangria

We were seated and opened each other’s cards. Guess what? We got each other the VERY SAME CARD! What are the odds of THAT?????

Crab Cakes
Very Big and very good WEDGE salads!

I got prime rib and loaded baked potato. I had cut into before I remembered to take a pic. I was ready to dive in. It was all really good. Yes, I’ve had prime rib twice this week. Yay me!

This morning I took a pic of our liquor. Ok one of them is a vinegar, lol.

And our Whole Food/Trader Joe finds.

It was just a lovely day out and an evening dinner. By the time we left the restaurant we were ready to see our Dexter Dog. He was ready for us to be home.

We took care of him and relaxed for a bit. It was fun day but I was tired out.

Then up and at ’em for church and then another grocery run for some things George wanted. And I got Mom’s bacon. Now I have to figure out how to get it to her. I guess I will have to take a cooler to work Friday to be able to get the bacon to her and keep it cold. I will see her then as I take her to the doctor. It hardly seems like it is time, but I guess it is.

I’ve been tired today. And a bit discouraged as I see our schedules being whittled away. While it is a great and fun time of year, I find myself exhausted at the very beginning before the busy season really gets going. Our life is busy already.

The days are long when 4:30 a.m. comes so early. I’m not a spring chicken. And I’m exhausted before the week even begins.

We went to church today, store, I did several loads of laundry, I vacuumed all of the “luxury vinyl” across the house. George did the bedrooms while I did laundry and ironed. I then mopped all the same areas.

I stopped to do blog entries even though I had about 10 things on my list. I have to get a hobby in too so I don’t feel like a damn robot. I am. However. A. Damn. Robot. And an exhausted one too.

Nite Nite.

4 responses to “Anniversary Day Out and Dinner in Nashville | Exhausted From the Weekend”

  1. I think I missed your anniversary ! I’m glad it was such a nice day of celebrations for you and George! Again I’m envious of your adventures you guys take together. Some day I will get out of this area for a few days. But for now I am tethered to my parents and their care.

    We have a toy store down here. Its called Tom’s Toys and its in a little town called Great Barrington, Ma. Its so fun to go through, but my grand kids are out of the cute toys and into electronics now. But a new grand daughter is on her way at Christmas and I can not wait to meet her! Then I will be in the toy business again! 🙂

    Have a great week!

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed your anniversary outing. The 2 bouquets were a nice surprise.
    You had to be exhausted today so I hope you can get some down time soon.
    Nite nite 😴

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