Unwinding in Hot Springs | Little House by the Creek | Cute Cabin Decor

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This was a fun video! Short too. A sneak peek at our little Hot Springs getaway! Also you get a small quick tour of our house while I look for George to try and get us on the road. Picked out some good music for you. And I hope you enjoy “UNWINDING in Hot Springs”.

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Ya’ll have a great weekend. George and I will be setting out today for our anniversary weekend excursion. I’m enjoying a few hours of down time this morning. Dexter let me sleep late – well kindof, he kept putting his face in mine “asking” if we can get up yet. Can you imagine waking up with a golden retriever face staring down at you? lol

5 responses to “Unwinding in Hot Springs | Little House by the Creek | Cute Cabin Decor”

  1. Wow!! Such a nice video. I loved your cabin. Cool decor there.
    That looked like a perfect time of the year to be there.
    Was that an ABnB?
    I love ice hockey but I haven’t been to a live game in yearssa. Lol
    I hope you’re enjoying your anniversary weekend. I can’t wait to see food pics.

  2. What a great little trip. My body could use a trip to a hot springs. Everything hurts some days. The baby reaching his little arms out at the fountain made me smile.

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