Alexa, You’re Scaring the Dog!

Dexter says “Good morning” (insert evening or afternoon if needed, lol)! He’s a fun little doggie waking up in the mornings and a very aggressive but loving greeting in the afternoons.

This morning for some reason Alexa – that gossipy third person that lives in our house with us, began echoing me from the Echo Dot, into the kitchen. It’s like the Echo in the kitchen was a speaker and my Echo Dot in the bathroom was the microphone. How that happened I have NO CLUE.

I couldn’t figure out why on earth Dexter was acting scared, running from the kitchen, to me, back to find George and then trying to hide. It didn’t make sense. He was scared of the echoing Alexa. My best guess is that he can tolerate ONE of me but when hearing there was TWO of me he went berserk!

A brief search as to why this happened left me howling in laughter, but yet without any reasoning. I did see that Alexa had been blaring out to someone at 5:45 a.m that it was “time for dinner” (someone can set that up in routines). She was making random pikachu noises at someone’s house scaring the bejeevies out of the homeowners, and was also giving yoga instructions at 1 a.m. to a dark kitchen when the home owner peeked downstairs to see what was going on. Yes you can schedule routines. I have Alexa remind George at 6 p.m. on Thursday night “George don’t forget to take out the trash because we’ve been some trashy people this week!” And when the dog barks she says “I think Dexter needs a T-R-E-A-T”. I will change it up from time to time just to surprise George. I recently programmed Alexa to play tropical bird noises when she heard water running between 5 and 6 am. I’m not sure what I will do next, but George is always messing with me by putting weird things on the grocery list. Some even believable enough that I would ask the store where it was, LOL LOL. I mean like “Peruvian Goat Cheese” and stuff like that.

So the week has absolutely worn me out. I went to work today not really knowing how I was going to make it through the day. My guess is the day out yesterday was just more than I could physically handle in one day. Getting up at 4:30, caring for dog, showering and out the door by 5:50 a.m., working the day, off to Mom’s by 3:15 and fighting an hour and half traffic full of school zones, school buses, 2 to 3 sits during each red light, taking mom out to eat, then to the grocery, hauling the groceries in, handling a couple of other needs she had (giving her her cashed check and also some gift cards to send to her granddaughter in college). I was spent by the time I got home and drug myself up from the basement, Dexter trying to pull my favorite sweater with his claws, getting into the PJ’s, checking phone for messages and news and sleep came.

I awoke sort of disheveled after some weird and very odd dreams. At work when opening my mouth to eat a peanut butter filled pretzel, I realized the corner of my jaw – almost near the temple of my eye area – was extremely sore and pushing against it made it throb. I have no idea what the deal is. It didn’t lock down like last time so I am glad. I googled it and it said stress was one of the main reasons. I took acetaminophen and it calmed away. It began hurting a bit a few minutes ago so I’ll probably take another if it continues.

So Mom and I went to a cute little restaurant called Sammy B’s. It’s in what used to be the Castle Heights campus. I love the decorations and vibe. It’s a laid back place too, but it’s nice and elegant. I really like those curtains.

I have not spent much time on curtains in my own house. But I may like to have a redo at some point. George’s bedroom does not even have curtains. lol We’ll see. Maybe I will work on that some next year. I’d like to get a little more creative with the house next year as I think about next year’s goals. I want to simplify, get rid of some things, organize some things, and work on the basement which I’ll not be able to get much done this year I don’t think, unless I work fast.

I DO NOT want my child to have to deal with all the “stuff” that is in my house when it comes time to move us or sell our belongings. I don’t want this “stuff” hanging over their heads. At some point, we will probably have to downsize. I’m already having some issues with the back stairs having to pull myself up them and my knees have been giving me some problems being weak and sore this week.

So back to the restaurant, I had suggested we take Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken here. But Mom did not like her chicken so she did not recommend it. I had prime rib and it was good. It wasn’t the best prime rib I’d ever eaten but it wasn’t the worst. I would eat there again b/c of the vibe, but I felt bad because I don’t think Mom liked her meal and I left disappointed and discouraged. I had wanted her to have a nice meal out and a good time.

Oh well.

So what else we been up to?

Well, we got a letter from the church asking what we’d like to do to help out. George and I discussed each of our letters over dinner. It was a form. I forgot what he chose, I think it was mainly teaching a children’s class and doing nursery once per month. I chose visiting the assisted living place they support and working with people around the world doing the World Bible Study by mail. We’ll see what all that involves. With Mom, and life as it is I don’t have a lot of spare time. But I will do the best I can and can try to lump things together.

One of the most rewarding times I’ve had doing God’s work is talking with and praying with individuals from assisted living. We wouldn’t stay long, just a brief “how you been doing, giving them the Lord’s Supper if they wanted it, and praying with them”. They always wanted to hear what we were up to and it was a nice chat and we all looked forward to it. One lady just cried and cried when I prayed with her. She was very lonely and thanked us for being there. And I’m hoping the World Bible study is something I can work into my week in the evenings and weekends at home.

The week honestly feels like a blur after yesterday’s long day. I think I got my nails done the night before that – had to run home and grab a package first that delivered with the item picture right on the box before George saw it. (Insert rolling eyes emoji here – life can never give you a break). Face time calls with River have been a blessing. The dog has kept us running. We’ve ordered some Christmas items as afore mentioned.

What is coming up?

Anniversary tomorrow and an excursion day. We are excited and have worked on the day for over a month as to where to eat and what to do. We have some Christmas shopping we’ll do and some Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods and a lot of options really until our dinner time.

Sunday I had to decline the Life Group Sunday night. Mainly just feeling exhausted and knowing that we will be gone and busy this weekend. I have to have time to do our laundry and clean some because the work week starts again very quickly.

Mom texted me that she forgot to get bacon and asked me to stop and get some and bring it by next time we are over that way. That translates to “I really want my bacon now versus waiting til the next time we go to the store.” I went to the store today but forgot it, lol. I was mainly going for my prescription and two other items, but I’m not sure this store has it anyway. So we’ll have to make a special trip and hopefully by Sunday morning. If not it may be the next Friday when we go to the eye doc. I don’t even go to the store for us twice. That has always been a pet peeve. I remember I’d go to the store for my weekly shopping and Katy’s school would send home a note the next day to bring some random item to school. lol Drove me nuts.

Anyway, I am trying to stay on the up side of the start to the busy season. Just really trying to stay on top of things and get things done early to meet my expectations, life’s expectations, people’s expectations, and still be sane. I’m struggling to put “to do’s” in every corner of a piece of time I can find. It’s nuts!

What all you guys doing this weekend?

12 responses to “Alexa, You’re Scaring the Dog!”

      • Yeah, very weird! I would be creeped out. You seem to acknowledge that the device is actively listening to your home. That is why I won’t have one!

      • Yeah I even think it’s in our minds/bodies now. I can think of something- not tell anyone- and it’s in my ads. I’m a big tech person. Just geeky with gadgets. But not very knowledgeable lol. Yeah it’s listening. We test it a lot. I think it’s mostly automated and not real people but you never know.

      • I understand. Honestly, I hope that thing is removed from your home. I certainly do not mean to be a jerk, rather, just concerned. It is your home of course! 👍🏻❤️

  1. Oh my goodness Sonya, how you manage to fit so much into your days is beyond me..I’m sure most people would be lying in a heap dead to the world ……I did laugh at poor Dexter, he really is a good dog again considering how little you get time to actually interact with him he has trained up so well….I hope you enjoy this weekend I look forward to reading about it next time you get time to tell us about it….Today I’m of for breakfast as we do every Saturday morning when there we take the chance to do a wee bit shopping. Then around 1ok I am driving my neighbour to hospital in Bath he is having some tests and it was suggested he had someone to drive him home etc so rather than just drop him of come home and go back I think I will just take a book and my iPad and wait for him even if it’s 3 hour wait it will be peaceful.Tomorrow is our Harvest thanksgiving service at church which is always nice. Peter is going to go shopping for me this morning we take food with us in the form of tins etc as well as vegetables. They are then taken to another church that is set in a very deprived area of Bath for distribution to people who need them…After church we are going out for lunch with Beth and Max….so that for me is a busy weekend !!., You take care, and George, take time to rest. Good Bless..

  2. Poor Dexter.. I bet he was confused. Nothing much planned for this weekend. A quick trip to the store then maybe Go eat some seafood. I had to get a cortisone shot in my shoulder. It finally is feeling better today. It was hurting something terrible. I think our body just gets worn out from wear and tear. I hope your jaw feels better.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    • Good morning. Seafood sounds good! I hope your shoulder gets better. My jaw hasn’t hurt today. It’s weird as I don’t really understand if it’s the way I sleep or what. Have a good weekend. We are about to go shop and enjoy our anniversary outing!

  3. Poor Dexter! We have 5 dogs at our ranch and this would be beyond awful if it happened here. Living in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, they are always on alert for bears, chipmunks, marmots, bugling elk, deer, and whatever other critters they feel are invading their territory. Alexa would definitely be considered an invader!

  4. Good day!
    I just love Mr. Dexter is so cute! He always has this look on his face like “I’m a little shi$ but adorable at the same time so don’t yell at me!” LOL But you must have a lot of energy chasing him! 🙂
    I feel bad for you having to take care of your mom so much. Especially after work. Its so hard. My mother who is soon to be 85 and in that stage of negativity. Everything thing, little, big or in between. Its like they turn a certain age and someone told them that they can be unhappy with everyone around them. I love my parents and I know you love your mom but it doesn’t mean its not hard to do your life and basically theirs. You’re doing a good job! (Just in case no body has told you lately)

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow celebrating your anniversary !
    Cheers to you both!

    • Thank you Rose! Dexter is definitely a little doodle bug! Some weeks go well and I have balance and some weeks are very tiring. I’m not young anymore and the days are long when you get up at 4:30!

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