New Logo and New Blog Look

New Logo

Well it’s taken all day. But the changes are made. I worked hard. Time passed quickly. So let’s talk a little bit about the changes and the reason I decided to change the blog look and do a new logo. Not in order of importance, but as I thought of them.

  1. I wanted to have a more polished and professional look.
  2. I wanted to be able to have more posts in a smaller portion of the first page. You can see several posts and choose to engage in the ones you want or be able to see the ones you missed easily by clicking “continue”.
  3. It doesn’t post a lot of photos on the first page which should help with load times, which can impact your SEO (search engine optimization).
  4. I wanted a different logo with more colors than the turquoise and pink.
  5. I needed my niche to be a little more narrowed and my logo to show what I do. My logo says “Southern Lifestyle Blog and Vlog”, so no one will mistake me for a coffee company, lol.
  6. Honestly I was tired of the blog look before. And while it is not a lot different, it just displays what I want it to nicely. I still have an opportunity to put in a static photo that I can change periodically with the seasons and I will change it more often. It’s easier with this theme to change the static photo.

Are you missing anything?

I hope you will be able to find the comment section and the like button and all that. I think it may be different depending on if you are viewing through the WordPress Reader or if you access the site directly.

What is not available is the number of followers, and the blogs I follow widget is no longer available. I don’t have archives set up, but can add that I believe if needed, which I’d probably do on a 2nd page. I do have the tag cloud still, and have the option to add categories if need be, but you can let me know if something is just totally OFF beat. I will try to adjust. It took ALL day to convert all this and do the logo so there is NO going back. Not today nor any time soon. I still need to work on a few critical pieces that will have to wait til later as those items are complicated.

What I don’t like is that the follower button and email subscription is at the bottom but you can still follow via WordPress reader and or subscribe by email.

Did you notice the tiny details in the logo? There’s a “to do list” icon, LOL LOL and a computer and a cup of coffee, and a dove to signify “peace” and God and joy and all things good. I added greenery because it is always good to add greenery to a room, so why not a logo? ha. This logo was more thought out and is more personal and has a bit of color to it. It’s just a richer design as opposed to the frilly teen like looking logo I had before. Oh and did you notice the dog paw? I specifically made the to do list icon a subtle red to indicate the urgency of my to do list. I hope you appreciate the details. I really thought it out. I am so happy to have learned how to do that. I use Canva and they made it easy. The website though, was not easy. lol. But I finally got it figured out.

I have connected in all of my social sites – I’m not sure why Facebook page won’t work but go figure. No bad comments there but I will say Facebook could use some redesigning of their pages to make them more useable, shareable, and such. I won’t go into detail but I’ve not been enthusiastic about using the pages much, but I do know that some of you follow me there and I appreciate it. More of you could if they would make it “findable”, lol.

Well I can’t believe this took all day but I’m going to work in my office some to kinda organize my life right now. I have notes everywhere and just need to begin prioritizing some things so I won’t be disappointed come Monday.

I’m anxious to hear your comments on the new blog look and the new logo. I know that people can be very critical of change so I’m kindof squinting and holding my shield up for the arrows that I’m sure will come my way. But I tried to pick a design layout that would not bring too much change. If you really are having an issue though I want to know what it is. Just be kind. lol. I’ve worked really hard today and my soul is easily pierced after pouring all of it into a project all. day. long.

I’ve had this “redefining” of Less Hustle More Coffee on my mind for a while. The logo alone pretty much accomplished it. But I changed my description a bit too. I really liked “Where Time Out Has New Meaning”, but to a new comer they wouldn’t get me yet nor have any clue what that meant. I guess it was nice – the mystery of it – but it’s time to be more defined. I still left it wide open as to what I can post about. But at least it won’t leave the newcomer confused as to what the website is and perhaps it will be more inviting to read by the layout.

Ok off to get organized with all this other stuff I’ve ignored today. lol

I’ve also adopted a signature and true to the south, will also adopt the double names for the purposes of the Southern blog adventures going forth. It IS my real name.

9 responses to “New Logo and New Blog Look”

  1. Everything looks great! Note that under Item 5 at the beginning you have used “Southerland” instead of “southern”. I know you prefer to keep work separate, so maybe that was a typo? Just a heads up….

  2. I love it! Nice and clean looking and yet it captures what you want! I especially like the “to do list!” Very creative! 🙂

    Happy weekend!

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