Quick Salmon in Air Fryer and Weekend Update

Easy Salmon fixed in Air Fryer

Good morning! I had to share with you our meal last night. I picked up this idea somewhere on social media. You can learn a lot from “Reels” on whatever platform you are on.

I scribbled down the recipe on a scratch sheet of paper. Just spread with dijon mustard and add seasonings (not seasons – I was writing quickly – lol – of Garlic, Salt, Pepper, and Paprika.

You can do this and change up the recipe anyway you want. For example, I’d like to try a mixture of honey and dijon.

I’m so impressed. It came out crunchy on out the outsides and flaky and tender and perfectly done on the inside. This is the easiest meal. I want to have this every week. We need to eat more fish to keep our brains healthy. I love the air fryer.

George made spinach with butter, olive oil and seasonings (he used salt, pepper, and nutmeg) baked in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes or until done – I think it’s good with a bit of lemon, garlic and salt and pepper added myself. I don’t have a formal recipe but this is what he did. George said you can change it around and also even cream it.

And of course the rice – no recipe but most folks can figure out how to cook that. George’s is always really fluffy and good. I also like to add things to rice (or have George add them, lol, as he is the cook. It’s a great way to infuse healthy ingredients – such as spinach, broccoli. I’ve had him fix coconut rice and also pineapple rice. It’s fun to play. Actually it’s fun to eat while George plays. I like to cook too but not to the extent he does.

I’m always impressed when I realize how easy something is.


We are having a relaxing weekend and getting a few desired things done. Getting the blog changed over and creating the logo was a big win for my weekend. Those things are hard to do without taking time off to do it.

The laundry is done and I’ve prepped some for next week (vitamins packed in the weekly holder, snacks packed for work refilling what I used last week, coffee beans ground). I still need to decorate for fall, write some letters, get our grocery shopping done, change my phone case to a fall cover, change my watch band from white to tan, change my purse to a tan purse, and do some training things on YouTube, Tube Buddy, and such. I need to clean while putting out the fall decor.

I made strong strides toward the next video yesterday. I was just in the mood to work on it so I did. I’ve had to cut over an hour of footage down to 29 minutes. It might be over 30 with the intro and outro. But it has a lot in it and I think you will enjoy it.

My heart leaps with joy though to finally make some progress on “the brand” of Less Hustle More Coffee – regardless of what it becomes from here. We’ll see. Well, I need to get ready and head to church. We have a full day planned. After church getting both mine and Mom’s groceries. George is dropping me off and I’ll spend the afternoon there and make lasagna, read, help her, as George will head home with our groceries and then come back later to Mom’s with Dexter (God please help us) as we eat dinner and go back home. So I’ve packed a little day bag. I’m excited for the day.

I have to laugh. Every few minutes Mom texts something else for the grocery list. lol

Leaving you with a little video clip of George and Dexter. After dinner we watched Bela Fleck in Africa. A little documentary. Was surprised that Dexter enjoyed the video too.

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  1. Hi Sonya, I’m so pleased that the weekend is going well. Hope Church was nice and you came home…or to Mums refreshed. I’m praying that Dexter will be better today, but it must be hard for him to see another dog and not know that she is old and won’t play. (I’ve no doubt Mum will complain if the two of them growl at each other). But after all just as Fancy is her dog so Dexter is yours and you both have to give a little,Why isn’t Fancy put in her room sometime and not you having to put Dexter in the car, he is too young to understand, whereas Fancy should know what’s going on…….Anyway praying things will be ok. Looking forward to the next Vlog…Take Care and enjoy your next few hours !!!

    • Oh we try to keep the dogs in same room so they can learn to get along and not be afraid of the other or feel that territory threatened- Dexter is wanting to play and Fancy is just old and doesn’t feel good.

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