Windy Weather System and Random Rambling over Coffee

We had an incredible wind system with rain to come through yesterday. It packed a punch mainly with 45 mph wind gusts all day and pockets of very heavy rain. Finally a line of storms came through about the time we were headed home. Again where I was, was mostly wind and rain. The clouds were clearing a bit as the actual front started to head in after the storm line. Most of us at work waited it out – at least my department did.

I had prayed for God to calm the storm and for me not to have to drive in storms or downpours. God answered that prayer for me. He told me in my head when to leave and I drove in calm wind and no rain and there was a hole in the sky in the direction I was going as if to say – “I’m here leading you and I’m with you”. When I got to work and entered the building and got upstairs I heard the torrential rain start up again.

I drove home in calm and a few sprinkles but mostly no rain with visible sun rays to my left coming through the clouds. The wind was blowing only very gently. When I got home the wind and a bit more rain came barreling through. So God answered my prayers. He is good to have done that.

I really don’t have much to add since my last post. I have been working, coming home, doing a few things, working on my to do list, and trying to stay afloat.

I have finally finished entering the 300 or so w-2’s in the last two states. I hope to never have to do that again. The first one wouldn’t let you check your balances – I could only see the w-2’s or hit submit. I didn’t enter all that for nothing so I submitted but how do you know if you had errors. There’s no way I would have entered all that perfectly. The second state allowed you to check the balances, my numbers are all right but it won’t let me submit. It says there are errors but I cannot find it. I’m sure it’s something simple but when the system doesn’t have a red asterisk or anything telling you where it is – it becomes an Easter egg hunt. I have been through the w-2 entry of 152 people 8 times. I see nothing. So I’ve had to email the state. I guess they want to make it as painful as possible so you will do an upload next time. I am going to stick out a limb for chopping off (sticking my neck out) to say that I am never doing this again!!!!! Whatever that means and whatever that takes. Either the system will be improved or some severe steps will be taken at that point or by that point. :-O I’m kinda done with that. Not just kinda! We will have to fix that or “else”. The tribe has spoken. ;-). The good news though is that it is finished – sort of – at least the entering has been done. I’m done, as I said! I will fix anything wrong if someone from the state can figure it out, but I’m done!!! Kinda in more than one way! ok again, not just Kinda. It’s real. I’m done done done. Wow, the Tribe spoke again. You think we are Done? ;-). I think we must be with a capital D.

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Today is Mom’s eye injection appointment. I’m leaving at Noon and going to Lebanon to pick her up and we will drive to Hendersonville and then back to Mount Juliet to make copies of her tax receipts to send to her accounting (my aunt) and then we’ll eat something and pick up a few groceries from her “list” and then I’ll take her back to Lebanon and come back home to Mount Juliet. I will be a worn out puppy by day’s end.

Knowing tonight would be busy I thought I better get the video finished up so I can meet my goal of a 7:00 a.m. video in the morning. It’s so fun. I am anxious to get started on the next one already. I haven’t even looked to see what it is. But I think it will be probably August time frame. I’ve not video’d much this year so eventually I think I’ll catch up to current time.

Tomorrow, I’ll rise fairly early and get started on the house. Our company arrives tomorrow around 1:00 or so. Looking forward to it too. George has worked so hard on our meal tomorrow. He went to grocery Wednesday, and he started making some preparations last night and up this morning to marinade and prep and he will cook some tonight so he won’t be joining Mom and me for dinner. I asked if there was anything I could contribute and he only said to help him make the charcuterie board so I’ll do that and get our house picked up and vacuumed and freshened up. Their Christmas gifts are wrapped now and ready. I finished that up Tuesday night.

Then Sunday I’ll need to get laundry done and probably go to the store for the work week next week. I need some healthier options and some fresh fruit. Did you hear there is an avocado shortage? Look it up. Apparently there is a fight over them b/w the drug cartels who are also importing the avocados. I read some article on it that George sent. I didn’t understand it entirely but amused that it is even an issue and that it involved the drug cartels. My guess is they are hiding the drugs amidst the avocados. lol lol lol. Anyway, makes me want to go buy a few and I guess that was probably what they want you to do.

I haven’t really kept up with the Russia news much but geez what I have heard is scary and what scared me the most was that our troops are heading over to the Ukraine region. Did I hear that right? Apparently Russia said they were removing their troops from Ukraine. I didn’t believe it when I heard that and I guess our country didn’t either. I mean Russia doesn’t exactly have the trust factor going for them. Whatever they say it’s the opposite. I am not a political person and certainly not astute on foreign affairs but let’s just say the average US citizen – especially my age, probably doesn’t have a good trust factor going on in their psyche where Russia is concerned. I don’t even know why they feel the need to go into Ukraine. Why are they doing this? You can tell I avoid the news by my lack of understanding. But are they not a superpower enough without having to go pick on little people? lol I hate wars, and I hate the threat of wars, but where there is greed, there will always be just that. Everyone wants to take over this and that and beat their chests and say “I’m the greatest”. I was reading in the Bible just this morning that when the Lord returns he’ll be removing the evil kings and in a striking method of destruction.

So that is all I know. I’m going to get dressed and get on into work. But first, my video is uploading to YouTube and it is at 82% and has 2 hours left. Wow. I’m not sure why it’s taking so long. Maybe it is better quality upload or transfer than before. I had less choice of how to upload. I guess it decides for you to upload at the best quality. And that is fine. So I’m glad I started last night. I upload to YouTube as private but will have to set the thumbnail and then will schedule it to go live in the morning. And also will have to alert all the social media that it is up. The goal is that more people will watch if I make it go live on a weekend. Saturday is best I think.

Soon I will have my meeting with myself to go over all things “Less Hustle More Coffee” – a little planning session to brainstorm and create more “to do’s” ha! I’m really looking forward to this session. And I’ve decided to actually go get coffee at a coffee shop to work on it where I can concentrate and not be disturbed. Although, I could just sit at my desk here at home and do it. But I think I’ll get distracted. I mainly just want to get a vision for where I want things to go so that I can be aligned with that and prep for it or be ready for it. What I want, what I don’t want and all that.

Hopefully it will be uploaded when I get home. I’ll have to stay up a bit late I guess to finish it off. ::sigh::. Maybe we won’t be out too long though and I’ll have some of the evening left. But I’m trying to keep my commitment to myself (and you all) for the 7 a.m. live tomorrow!

Ya’ll have a Good Friday. I’ll come back and post the link tomorrow for the video. Then Sunday will post pics from our party – the food anyway. I’ll probably do a video clip too for a winter video. I need to video a few things around the house for my Jan/Feb video to at least show what we’ve been up to: show my bedroom and office coming back to normal, our bucket list getting marked off, and such. We’ve led kindof a boring life lately and just not much fun things to video but we’ll have a few things to put together and will make it fun.

I keep rambling. It’s time to go put on some Friday jeans! It’s 29 degrees. I also need more coffee!

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  1. As I write this I’m listening to the TV we have had the most awful storm for the last 4 hours, it has started to calm down a bit now, but we have had gusts of 75/80 mph…the main road through our village has been closed as trees have been blown down or are not safe. In the next village Atworth a tree has fallen on a car and lorry, I haven’t heard about the drivers or if perhaps they were parked. All trains coming through from London to Bristol have been cancelled. I heard a very loud bang earlier and went to see what had happened. I have/had a canopy over my back door to keep rain off anyone coming to the door or us opening the door ! one side had been blown been blown out of the wall a huge 6ins screw ! I called Peter who came as soon as he could safely and has taken the other side out so no more shelter over the door. He thinks he might be able to replace it some time…
    But it must have been some gust to pull that side big screw out ….
    Looking forward to seeing the video tomorrow. Hope all goes well with Mum later today….It sounds like your going to have a wonderful meal with your friends….take care going home. I’m glad that it was ok yesterday…. God Bless

  2. Yesterday. We had rain turning to ice; then it started to snow. Early evening was a slick mess. It sounds like you have your hussle on and are moving down the list of things you need to get sone.

  3. Good luck with your Mom’s visit at eye Dr. That sounds so painful. At my last eye dr visit, he told me I could qualify for cataract surgery. I may just have it done this summer. No more contacts or glasses. I have worn glasses since I was 10 yrs old.
    I don’t know what time I finally got to sleep last night. The wind blew something awful here too. It blew my neighbor’s chair off their deck. Husband got up this morning and walked around our house and land to make sure there was no damage.
    Sounds like fun having dinner with friends and opening gifts. I am looking forward to the pictures of what you guys fix. Can you believe this month is almost over?
    Have a good weekend.

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