Come Bargain Shop With Me / We’ll Have Fun

Good morning! The next video is up and live! You can watch it from the embed above. Or here is the link to take you into my channel to YouTube where you can subscribe, like, or leave a comment: Less Hustle More Coffee YouTube Channel.

If you subscribe, you won’t miss a post. Likes and comments on there help me out so much. I appreciate ya’ll. And thanks so much for watching. Have a wonderful Saturday. I’ll be back tomorrow to post pics from our Moroccan party today.

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    • Thanks. We had two rescue dogs and had Roger for about 8 years and the other about 4 or 5 years. We lost them both about six months apart and it’s been lonely without them. But we’ve had a lot of responsibility with my Mom that took most of our time last year so it was easier not having dog responsibilities, but maybe this year or next – we will get another.

  1. Hi love, well after our dreadful day of gales yesterday things have got quieter and now the sun is shining with just the occasional gust. Yesterdays highest wind was 122mph but that was on an island just south of the mainland but around here it got up to 77 mph. I lost my canopy over the back door, it half dislodged itself ! The gust must have got under it and it pulled out a 6 Ins screw that held it..the one on the other end stayed in place ! Called for Peter and bless him he came removed it altogether and has put it in the shed till he might be able to replace it…..lots of trees have come down and the village was blocked at one time by falling trees at both end….thankfully only 4. deaths reported….
    Just watched todays video. As always it was good. There were a few bits I could maybe change but I certainly don’t want to discourage you so I won’t…BUT. ,
    Looking forward to the next one. Hope your having a lovely time with your visitors….
    Take care of one another…..God Bless…

    • That’s some high winds. You are correct – it’s not my best video. I’m still learning the audio on the new software. And the scenes were not the best and I was not made up- just me without makeup. Lots of room for improvement. I thought maybe you all would enjoy coming along. The taco eating made myself laugh – but you have to know my persona. Maybe you will like the next one better but thanks for the honest feedback.

  2. You shop like me!! I swear.
    I liked all the tops, especially the flamingo and the green top. Good colors.
    Parts of the video were a bit hard to hear\understand. Maybe the background was too loud?
    I dunno. But it was a good video of a woman on a mission. You got some good deals.

  3. I actually like the Potato Tacos from there since I don’t eat meat. You made some good shirt choices. That was a cute video. I like the music and your dancing in the dressing room. I also really like Fancy. Glad she is staying with you.

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