1 Year Old Birthday Party on Texas Ranch: “My First Rodeo” Theme

Getting ready for the party was fun! Katy had picked the theme out while on maternity leave. Way back then. She collected items since then. I made the little white and red streamers! George blew up the balloons with a machine that Katy had bought. Katy made a photo booth.

We realized we didn’t have anything for the vases. So Shelby (one of Katy’s best friends) and I went to the field and cut off weeds, lol! It worked.

Here was our rental car. A Dodge Charger. Which is hilarious. We moved it for the party though. As a lot of the folks stood around and talked in Cody’s “man cave” garage there. What a cool thing. They turned part of the carport into a garage and their garage is being converted to master bedroom ensuite. Just had to show you our car.

The party was the most precious thing. Even the pre-party pizza impromptu event with all the grandparents the night before, because everyone was there on the ranch – so we ate all together. River got to open a few pre-presents. This was on his actual birthday. River was the life of the party. We sat and watched him open his guitar from his Mom and Dad and he entertained us all and “worked the crowd”. He was so cute. And we all had such a good time.

So I’ve tried to capture the highlights. I just have some random pics left – things like sunsets and our trip back to share. This trip added to our stack of wonderful memories. I couldn’t help but reflect back to the Gender Reveal party in Aug of 2020. And again at his birth in Jan of 2021. It all made me smile. But I cried off and on the day we left. It was so hard to leave. Life is never fair, but have more trips planned. It’s just not the same as actually being there often. Two to three times a year is so hard.

Real Time Update

Payroll is done. I’m trying to stay over a bit each day and also get there early if I can without pinching into my morning “me time” too much. It’s really the only time I have anymore it seems – that one hour. But payroll is closed for the week. Anything and everything is reaching out for time and attention.

So Monday George took Mom to get her vehicle inspected and license tag transferred over to Wilson County, and then she had a string of things for him to do while he was there. He hauled off some things for Good Will to get rid of some boxes and then also brought in some more boxes for her to unpack.

A few days ago Mom had told me she was stocked up good for groceries but when I called her to say Hi and check up on her, she asked when I was going to the grocery. “Last night” I said. I had gone to get a few things to have for the work week. So she said “if you don’t mind, soon I’m going to need a few things – bread, biscuits, bacon, dog treats”. She said it was supposed to snow this weekend and she would like to have them before then. So George and I are going to the store after I get off work. I’m working late these days. I had told her we’d bring dinner but going to have to tell her never mind on that b/c it’ll be later than she will want to eat. I have to go from Antioch to Mount Juliet to get George and then to Lebanon and then back home.

Tomorrow night and Friday night I’m reserving for house cleaning as Kevin and Susan come and I need to “flip the sheets” and get their room and bathroom ready and do a quick dust and vacuum.

Saturday morning we brunch with neighbors and then we may end up with a couple of free hours in the afternoon until Kevin and Susan arrive. It’s also supposed to snow, but I have no idea how much or if it’s just a threat. I’m taking my computer home in case it’s a big event with leftover ice on Monday. I can’t afford to lose any more work time. I’m already having to reserve Sunday of the following week and then the last weekend of the month, Saturday and Sunday – so I have time to try to get quarter end finished. So I told George “NO MORE PLANS”. I know Mom needs things but it’s either going to have to be late at night or weekend. I can’t afford to lose my job and I am already being pulled away for prime work time for taxes next week as Mom has doc appts Thurs and Friday afternoons. Those are the days I normally have time built in for working on returns. Now I’m having to be away Wednesday too for a legal event for my company (which I am not even involved in and know nothing – a big huge time suck and waste of time for everyone, but they will soon know that and figure it out the hard way, after everyone’s time has been sucked, lol).

The cards are all stacked against me here from every direction. I’m just flat being set up to fail from all around me and in doing anything to a completion. I can only do so much with one lifetime, lol. I have pleaded with God to help me with this juggle of what has become my life.

Still I’ve made lists of things that I want and need to do and it will sit and wait on the list until God or somebody gives me a plate of free time. I keep hoping.

But we are looking behind at a very busy last year and we knew January would be like this. And there is really very little that I can control, short of adding a bed to my office. Don’t think I haven’t thought about it.

Anyway, in the next day or so, I’ll share my new year goals (my new year starts in February as January seems to not have included me in it), and I’ll share my long list that is developing that I am chomping on the bit to work on.

So over and out. I’ll be back tomorrow I suppose for a bit. I’m not working on the videos right now because I have to tape a segment about Roger and I can’t do that on a whim. I have to set up lighting and prefer to be by myself when I do it. And there is no period of time in the near future. I can’t move forward until the Roger video is done. Then I have to work on changing the intro. So a couple of bottlenecks there too right now.

Ahhh I will quite typing before I get myself all worked up and forget that I need to EMBRACE what is, and forge forward. Meaning I can’t change a lot of things but just go with it and find a way to do what it is I need and want to do. It is just a horribly busy month. I have to find a way not to worry and fret and try to smile and be content. I’m afraid if I don’t worry though, I’ll be too relaxed and fail everyone.

Til tomorrow…..

8 responses to “1 Year Old Birthday Party on Texas Ranch: “My First Rodeo” Theme”

  1. Hi love, Oh how I wish you could have a few days off work but I know that’s not possible but I very much fear that if you don’t somehow STOP your going to have a breakdown then you will really have to stop and people around you will just have to get whatever they need themselves. As for all the time Mum is demanding of you and George that really MUST STOP….how on earth did she cope before she moved house ? I know your sister had fallen out with her….and if she treated your Sister same as she treats you and George I’m sorry for her and don’t blame her )
    Anyway love I’ve really enjoyed looking at all the wonderful photos from Rivers birthday. As my sisters were married and lived down in Bath when we lived up in Scotland I can certainly understand how you feel not seeing him more often. We only came down once a year and they tried to come to us once a year..but sometimes financially they coudnt afford even that…..lots of tears were shed….
    Anyway love hope your day is going to plan. We have at long long last got the sunshine….day started with very thick fog but lifted around 11.30. So we got out to do some shopping and home in lovely sunshine…bye for now. God Bless. Xx

    • It’s always hard the week after vacation- even though it was a short one. I can only do my best to get through the month. I could see it coming months in advance. We just all have to be patient until this bottleneck period passes. I keep hoping.

  2. I wanted to let you know that my Christmas card to you was returned to me yesterday. Apparently the address was smudge because it got wet. But wanted you to know I did send one to you. It’s hard when loved ones live far away I have some I haven’t been able call see for a couple of years at least You are doing better than that!

    You have lots of wonderful memories!

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Oh I hate it was returned Ma. But I will picture it in my heart. Thx for letting me know. I know that you know the joys and heartbreak 💔 that come and go. We are blessed to have the time we had.

  3. I love the pictures and theme of Roo and his birthday party. I saw where there is a chance of sleet and snow here too. Stay safe and good luck with work.

    • Obviously River enjoyed his birthday parties. I love the decor. Nice job Katy!!
      I want a big chocolate cake just for me for my next bd & I’ll only use my hands.
      I need some one on one time with you to give you some positivity. It’s sad to know you feel defeated already.
      Life is good =)

      • I know. I am really trying. I get my time all filled out on the calendar trying to fit everything in and more just keeps coming my way steam rolling me over. My hope lies in February!

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