Working During a Holiday Week and the Quest for Good Nutrition at Non-MLM Prices

George’s company had the employees off Monday for their 2nd Christmas holiday and then their New Year Holiday is Friday, and I believe that is how many companies did it. We only had the one holiday at Christmas this year. And I really missed it. It feels like a holiday week for me though still – only that I’m having to work it, lol. Meanwhile George made his holiday time productive by making pot pies with the turkey and ham leftovers. These are somehow in our freezers. There’s not room for much else. But better than the leftovers go to waste.

I cannot wait to have time to look at my Christmas gifts again, to get my nails done, to plan 2022, to do the next bucket list, to work on the Year in Review, to work on Roger’s tribute. But we are in full work mode – excuse me – I am in full work mode. Some of us actually have a 3 day week if you were lucky enough to have an employer that gave you the 2nd holiday and New Year’s Eve off. I’ll be singing the praises next week though on the 3rd when I’m off for our New Year HOL on my birthday. I only work ONE day next week to do payroll and then I’m off the rest of the week and we fly to Texas for grandson’s first birthday party.

I have been pretty much exhausted and a bit under the weather this week. As has George. Christmas does this every year to me. So I’ve gone in early and left early – not that much earlier though. I should have left by 3:30 every day but I think it’s been more like 4. So the company getting extra work out of me. lol Should make them very proud, lol lol. Today we have bad storms, possibly tornadic so I plan on coming home and folding checks from home so I’m not caught on the road. I’ll work part of the day from here to avoid that. There is NO WHERE to stop should there be any bad storms in b/w there and home. So it’s important on days like this to make sure I’m not on the road when it starts to happen.

I’ll probably go in early today anyway. So again, I’ll probably end up with a longer day rather than a shorter one. Usually how it turns out. lol.

The roofer guy came yesterday for a more proper inspection of our roof. They did a temporary fix to the obvious from the last storm til they could get out and do a proper full inspection. We were in a waiting line from the last storm.

So one of the things on my mind, with rising costs occurring, and also our need to sort of ween ourselves into a more of a retirement mode kind of lifestyle (so we don’t go cold Turkey in a couple of years) is to take myself off of any of the wellness products I’ve been using. It’s so good but it’s so expensive when you add shipping and tax. I get it. It’s MLM (multi level marketing), but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the products. I just need to make a list of all the things that I use and begin visiting some health food stores or on line places and see if I can’t get some of it more cheaply. Maybe there are some things at the grocery I’m just not aware of. That will be one of my projects this year. I’ve done the conversion with my vitamins already. For the most part.

This drink above is filled with nutrition and so are the shakes. So I just have to figure out how to do these on my own. I’m tired of shakes though, lol. So I will work on taking myself off completely. I will always remember the time of my life where I joined the team to do the MLM, it was one of the sweetest, happiest, times of my life, being part of this team and group and having the side hustle. But because of my personality, and my ability to dive wholly into something, it wore me out trying. I was consumed by it and didn’t really have time for it. I had to give it up before I lost family, friends, work. I didn’t look back. I did create this blog “Less Hustle, More Coffee” because I wanted to enjoy the rest of my days. God was telling me that I didn’t need to chase a dream or chase $ to enjoy the rest of my life. George was not on board with my dream anyway – to RV and travel full time for an extended period of time. He was not supportive of this and basically told me if I chased this dream and did this that I’d be leaving him so I guessed that meant he would file for divorce saying I left. So I was chasing something that would be taking us apart. I’m left with supporting “his dream” for retirement I guess instead of mine to stay married, lol. Maybe one day we’ll have “our dream” for retirement. My guess is that we won’t plan it, it’ll just be what it will be. And as of right now, looks like it is being planned for us. Mom has now moved here so it would be rude of us to move away, lol. But if we do I guess we have to take her with us somewhere and I don’t think ANY of us want to move anyone ever again! So yeah, looks like we are concreted here as of now. The kids haven’t said whether they intend to stay in TX or not, so I guess here is where we will be.

Anyway, my main point was that I’ll be on a nutrition journey this year to try and find good things to eat and drink that is not at the prices of MLM where you are supporting bonuses and commission fees. It’ll probably still be expensive though and if in my journey I can’t get what I need, I guess I’ll still do the wellness company b/c there are certain things I just need these days to feel better. We’ll see how it goes and I’ll share with you any things I find. One thing I DID like about the wellness company I do is that there is a lot of research that goes into it and resourcing to get good ingredients. It’s a product you know is good. So we’ll see what happens in the coming year!

Of course I get next to ZERO time lately to do anything I need or want to do. I’m patiently waiting for my weekend so I can even look at my Christmas gifts. I’ve been too tired at night to even go in the living room and piddle.

I really need rest ya’ll. I really, really need rest. I mean I’ve gone to bed as early as 5:30 one night, but usually around 7:30 to give me an edge up. Anyway, let’s get through this work week and then this weekend I’ll be washing and packing for Texas. Won’t have much time next week. It’ll be here quickly.

And that is my mid-week update. So mainly just working and waiting, working and waiting – for time off! As always!

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  1. Oh Sonya, I do love to read your blog most days, I read it to Mary as well and although we are usually being sorry you have so much on your plate, there is usually a smile or a laugh !! Today we both really laughed at your expression of …not being able to get into the living room to piddle !!! The expression over here would usually mean you were going to the …toilet to have a piddle !!!! So you can ..see…what we visulised ROFL. I agree with you about trying to cut back on your nutrition things. You know I was sorely tempted to join you when you were starting up but the cost was just prohibited for me. It will be interesting to see what you find to find something similar…..and to see if I can find similar over here….
    I hope you can soon, probably after your wee holiday to Texas manage to get into a better sleep pattern it can’t be good for you and George not to spend more time huddled up enjoying a TV programme…..Next year is heading towards us like a steam train, but thankfully we don’t make so much of it as we do of Christmas …different from long long ago when we were in Scotland, when our new year celebrations went on for days!! Hope you keep your eye on any storms and get home double quick if it’s heading your way……God Bless. Xx

    • Yes here to piddle around means to do whatever one wants at leisure- expression of “piddling around” and perhaps it came from peeing! One can pee when and wherever at leisure lol lol . I love days where we can piddle lol 😂

  2. Those pot pies look delish & will come in handy.
    We had loads of ham, so we vacuumed packed a bunch for later. My sister gave us ginormous ham. Huge! But it’s so good.
    We’ve had a lot of rain & temps in the 40’s. Unusual for us. That’s considered “warm” this time of year.
    I’m going to try & do less complaining in 2022. LOL now that’s a good one!

  3. It has been so warm here for it to be winter. I will take it though because it really saves on the power bill.
    Yes please let us know what items you find to replace the supplements you have been taking. I don’t know if it is because I have eaten such rich foods or too much sugar over the holidays or what. I am so stiff and my body hurts in the mornings. My shoulder has been hurting for days. I may have to go to Dr. to get a prednisone shot.
    I hope you have a good trip to Texas. Try to get some rest when you can. I know you can’t wait to spend some time with your little Roo.
    The pot pies look good. That will be nice for dinner after work. I love chicken pie.
    Have a good one.

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