The Yay’s and Nay’s of Yesterday

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Good morning! Life happens way so fast during this season. Too much happening before we are ready. This. Year. Oh. My. Gosh. But we are being propelled forward – ready or not!

So…I’m here this morning for a quick pop in and NOT going in early. I did my extra hour(s) yesterday since I had to stay over and fix one of our plants time sheets who had not even looked at them. ::sigh:: I was dismayed to realize that but the plant had gone home and payroll processing is today. So after I talked to the GM, it was really best for me to do it since they had left the plant and I was already still there. (Don’t say I’m not flexible!). So all that to say I’m not going in early this morning then as my extra hour and then some is done. I left the house at 6:45 yesterday and got home at 6:15.

The office move? So….the drive was beautiful and easy. Traffic medium. If I leave by 6:45 I will miss the Mount Juliet school zones. I had anticipated the drive to be about 15 min longer. I was told it would be 15 min quicker, but the person that told me that was *wrong*. I knew I had already tried via the directions app on google at rush hour and it hadn’t been quicker on google maps either. But I’m sure that was to entice me to not quit. It was 5 to 8 minutes longer than the interstate way, but about the same or maybe less than going the back roads. It was about 40 to 45 min drive. Lately I had been taking the longer drive anyway to and from the other place because the traffic was nutzoid on the interstate and it was also 45 min so about what I’m used to.

So while leaving the work place though – I guess it was employees from the complex we work in, nearly ran me over trying to get out of the place. They passed me while I was passing a truck that was sitting still coming out of our complex and we nearly collided. Imagine a fool actually passing me while I’m passing a truck. That is the kinda driver I try to avoid but they seem to find me like a fly on strawberry pie. Once the idiots were out of the way, it was a pleasant drive.

I can see now though that people tail you on these roads as there are no passing lanes. I go speed limit + 5 mph faster at times. No one really wants to abide by the law so they tail ya. Here I am when that happens. They can’t hear me of course but this is me:

  1. Oh no honey, you gonna ride my tail, we gonna go even slower. Just try me. Wanna go a snail pace? The closer you get the slower I’m gonna be because if I have to stop I have to protect us both now! So your pick dude! It’s all up to you!
  2. I’m gonna give you about 30 more seconds and if you don’t back of bucko you are gonna get the splash treatment (windshield wipers go off and it makes them back off every time). What?….. There was bird mess on my window – whatcha talking about?
  3. If you do get in front of me you are gonna get the bright light treatment. What? My brights were on? Ooops.
  4. Sir, there was no a volcanic explosion, it’s gonna be ok – you are going to survive if you do the speed limit.
  5. Oh, my gosh what kinda crime did you commit? Are the police gaining on ya? I’m not speeding up so they are gonna getcha dude. Sorry.
  6. The Indians after ya dude? What’s your problem? Set your dang alarm clock and get up earlier.
  7. I got news for ya, it ain’t going faster just because you are trying to be in by back seat so give it up Stupid ArceHat.

I even entertain myself with what comes out of my mouth at these “tailers” who I call “failures” at life because they can’t set an alarm and get somewhere with ease without worrying the toot out of everyone. Well I’m just an innocent old woman who has bird mess on her window or who didn’t know her brights were on. lol. Mostly I am just mouthy at the people tailing me. I don’t want to get shot so I’m not aggressive back. Around here folks will just shoot your head off at no thought.

Of course I manage to get louder and madder and work my anger up every time til they turn off. But I guess I’ll have to get used to it. And will have to fill my wind shield wiper fluid more often.

So the offices were VERY nice. I was blown away impressed. There is so much space. I was up and running by 11. And had to rush through it all, but time sheets are done. Payroll is today. They DO have to work on the temps b/c sadly I think the same kind of system runs the heat and a/c. My office got up to 80 yesterday and it was pretty miserable as I had on a sweatshirt type thickness. My boss was even more miserable – and hers was more like 85 b/c she had the windows, which were hot to the touch. I’m taking a fan today. These automated “improvement” systems just don’t work very well in my experience anyway. Oh it has to save the company money though on a/c and heat, lol. Obviously it is a $ saver. lol But for comfort for employees, those systems are a challenge. I was hoping for an improvement but either 80 at new office or 60 at the old, take your pick. Can we not get 70 to save our lives? lol Just a happy medium? So that will be a challenge for them. But I’m taking a fan today and if that doesn’t work I’ll buy a big stand up fan. It was pretty miserable. But the offices were very nice. It’ll be nice place to work.

I also was NOT a big fan of leaving out the door at the workplace by myself after dark and no one around. I probably will not want to work past when everyone else does anymore. George is suggesting that I use my rights to carry. I don’t have a permit. But I’ve never used a gun and wouldn’t until I’ve had training and I’m not sure we could even have it in the work place so you’d need it coming out the door to the car. But I guess I need to get some kind of pepper spray or something. There was no one around but lots of bushes and corners and trucks. :-O.

The internet is back! Yay. Mom said yesterday “oh I bet that tore you up not to have your internet”. I get teased often. Since I blog and vlog everyone seems to have a vision that is all I do. Actually we hardly had time to notice. I did miss it but was able to get around it by our cell coverage. We have been very busy trying to get Christmas together for everyone. Everyone thinks we sit around on the internet all day I guess. Now there are some days we do but I know some folks that do that a lot more of that than we do! ;-). Might even be the ones doing the teasing. I used to laugh at how we were judged or talked about by being “on our tablets and phones” all the time while others sat and watched Hallmark and Lifetime all the time, so what’s the difference? None! Now some of those same folks are on their electronic devices way more than we are. lol. What goes around…….Just sayin’. So our internet is fixed. And yes we are happy! And it is easier to blog on the PC than on the phone for sure.

The dishwasher install people are hard to get in touch with but George is trying.

We have shingles off the roof from the storm. They came and patched the roof and will come back later for a permanent fix.

I’m off Friday for my final wrapping and getting ready for Christmas Day. Whew, thank goodness. Still a lot to do.

Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken and Mom and us are going out to eat Wednesday at a steakhouse on the lake. And Katy and Cody arrive Sunday – and that is also Fancy’s trim day so I get to juggle my time all day. Inevitably everything will happen at the same time.

And I guess that is it for now. I am going to get off of here and fix a sandwich and head on in to work.

Much to do this week! We are in the Spin of Things!

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  1. Hi Spinner ! Your head certainly goes round in a spin that’s for sure LOL. I’m so pleased that the journey to work is going to be doable and if it weren’t for crazy drivers actually quite pleasant. You really must watch your leaving time though and DO NOT LEAVE LAST…..I’ve no idea what it must feel like to be afraid of going about in the dark areas or by bushes etc. Thankfully we don’t have guns around about us.. what has developed much more these last couple of years in particular is Knife crime, there’s been a great increase in youngsters carrying and then of course using them, particularly in certain areas in the City… so sad to listen to some of the interviews of youngsters who claim to carry them in self defense not realizing that if they carry one they are just as likely to use it themselves. It’s so sad. Anyway if your allowed to use pepper spray it might be a good idea to have some and also a very very loud alert alarm to wear….
    Anyway love hope the office heating can be resolved and that if not your fan works to keep you cool enough to work, ( is there no law that states offices should be heated at a certain lower and maximum heat ?)…. Drive safely. God Bless.

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