Next Video is Live on YouTube: Less Hustle More Coffee

Well I surprised myself and got it done. Had a bit of extra time in the evenings and also gave up some blog time to have vlog time. So the next video is out. I’m putting both the link and the video embed here, whichever you prefer.

Less Hustle More Coffee YouTube Video

This one is our Memorial Day Weekend of moving Momma in the cargo van. It’s me with some car chronicles, my explaining some Thred Up that I do. George gives us some side humor. I show the insides of Mom’s house while we are packing and her back yard and back patio. Notice how tired I am at the end. lol. It may not be the most interesting of videos compared to many we have done, but then again, how interesting is a move? I added a lot of music, graphics and of course you will love George.

I’m excited to get another one done. We’ll have some more fun ones coming. I think the next one is us getting the house ready for Mom. The Zoo is coming up and some little side trips that George and I did. So if you have not Subscribed to the YouTube channel go ahead if you would like so you won’t miss the next video when it comes out. It’s free but you do have to sign up and I think it’s mainly just an email address. Be sure to give it a thumbs up on YouTube and a comment.

So George and Mom and I are enjoying the weekend. We went out today for a mini excursion to get Mom out of the house. Plus I wanted to go to the Christmas Shop and the Dollar Store. So we did all that and went out to eat at Jason’s Deli. I’ll share pics tomorrow morning on the blog here.

George is fixing pizzettes for dinner tonight (little mini pizzas). I need to go do some more laundry. But I’m trying to enjoy this last weekend before we get busy moving Mom and fixing our house back and shopping and all that we have coming up. It’ll be fun but busy.

I’m just so glad quarter end is over. My goodness what a month. I’m so thankful not to have that on my mind. Of course it’s month end again and several monthly taxes I pay but I have til November 15th and those are easy and not filled with tense moments. My mind is just relieved to have the QE done.

More tomorrow, just wanted to drop you a line and let you know the video is UP!

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  1. Hi Sonya, good morning from Box. We changed our clocks to winter time last night they went back an hour, so I o should be more awake having had that extra hour…but you know what ? I don’t I still feel like at half shut knife !! Not that I have any idea what that expression is !! But I do know I’m still more than half asleep. It was nice though to wake up to find you had got your film out. I’ve just sat here watching it and you and George deserve a gold medal for all you’ve done to get Mum packed and moved. It was a nice video and I enjoyed it as usual… wouldn’t be me without a hint for future filming ,!!! Maybe this one relied to much on your ….don’t know what to call it….face shots being in sort of painted mode ? Do you know what I mean. Hope so as it isn’t a criticism at all, it’s just that there was just more than the usual amount on, and you have both such lovely faces it’s a shame to paint over them LOL……other than that everything was great. Just thinking that the next few weeks are going to be even more tiring doing everything in reverse…getting Mum moved out to her new home, that’s going to be so tiring for you ALL. Mum has so much ….stuff….I only hope there’s room for it all in the new house. If they are anything like over here all new house builds seem to be getting less and less storage built in…..Well love must go just realised I made myself a cuppa almost an hour ago and have only drunk half of it, I’m still thirsty so must go and finish it even although it’s gone cold !! Take care and enjoy today, we are going out for lunch today with Beth and Max looking forward to that….Thanks for doing the video…I do enjoy them. Xxx

    • Oh we looked horrible and you would not have wanted to see our real faces and hair in those shots! No makeup and rolled out of bed! lol 😂 So I chose comic look! No amount of filter covered our tired faces. Mainly mine.

  2. Wow!!
    I know that move was crazy but this video was surreal. You guys have my respect for carrying out Part 1. Part 2 should be easier or go a little smoother, but still nothing to dismiss.
    You will remember the summer of 2021 forever.
    Bless you both 🤗

    • That was really only part of the move. The uhaul came later. I’m not sure if I have much footage but there is some. The next one is us getting our house ready for mom and George cooks Moroccan food with Tagine! It’ll be a little more fun 🤩 lol

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