PTO Time, Mini Basement Flood, and Pushing to Get My Agenda Accomplished

Funny this was one of my calendar pics this week, reminding me that I can do it, just not all at once. lol. Life seems to be getting busy now that the seasons are starting to turn. I always laugh at me “Hustling Less”. The blog is my reminder to slow down and enjoy life. But the world around us seems to keep us in a whirl as we try to “fit in” our own agendas, somehow. Oh well, I don’t want this blog to turn into another “ain’t got time for dis or dat” kind of blog entry. I’ll save that for another day. lol. Haven’t you heard that song and dance enough from me?

Since there is nothing hot and juicy to tell I’ll just speak from the heart. So…forgive me if I DO complain about not having time to do what I want. I’m sure I will.

I’m most worried this morning about my Katebug, who says she has her “sinus infection” going into her lungs and it feels like she is breathing in dust. I have told her this is NOTHING to play with to get to the doctor as it can come on fast. She has parent teacher conferences today and can’t go to the doc. I’m really worried about her. She has also been prone to having pneumonia. I need that girl back up here with me! They are having a tough time down there I think with being sick and trying to parent. They have a good support team but — I miss them and worry about them.

The week is going by fast. I have been a bit tired lately but rest seems to help. I am having one of those weeks though where I feel like a robot – just going from work’s list, to my list, to sleep and then start all over again. Rinse (shower time, lol) and Repeat. In my “free time” –if you want to really call it that –I’ve done the following in the evenings after work:

I have followed up with the police report and ordered it via email. At least I think I have. Government websites are weird. It sent me a copy of my request (the form I completed on line asking for the report) but did not say, “we’ll send you a copy”, how long it would take, or even that they received it. lol. I just got simply a screen shot of the form where I asked for it, no words, nothing. Weird. I guess we’ll see what happens, if not I’ll call and get their office business hours and go down there – meaning more time off work I guess. ::sigh::

I also refigured my PTO with the current amount plus what will accrue til the first of the year. Since I’m salary and paid bi-weekly my accrual is 4.896 per pay and there are 7 more pays after this last pay day. I have 48.126 hours and with the upcoming accruals will add 34.272 more for a total of 82.398 – if I did the math right. I’ll be rolling about 32 to 40 hours into the new year for our trip to Texas of 3 PTO days plus one or two more if needed. I’ll be taking 1/2 day for Mom’s walk through where she sees the house for the first time and only time before closing to make sure all is well. Then she closes 4 days later so I’ll take the whole day for that.

I want to take 2 days at Christmas – one for shopping, one for wrapping. If Katy and Cody come I have that extra floater day that I was rolling into January that I could take a day for if needed, if the schedule works out.

And that leaves me with two days to take off to help move or help Mom set up her new household. The rest will have to be done on the weekends or maybe some in the evenings if we want. I think life is busy NOW, just wait a few weeks. lol

Also I was thrilled to just be able to get the coffee beans ground for the next 7 days. Geez! lol

I finished folding the laundry and got the ironing done Monday night – it’s mainly just pressing because I hang dry my work clothes. They last years longer that way. I ran out of time on the weekend trying to get other stuff done and we were gone much of Saturday and then was busy videoing the Beef Bourguignon on Sunday. So not much time to do housework and laundry over the weekend but I did get the vacuuming done in the main rooms. Need to do bedrooms this weekend.

I ordered some things for Mom and put some things on the grocery list for her. Some of the personal items she wanted you can only order by the case on Amazon unless you do the “fresh” order. But it’s non emergency and so we’ll just get those things this weekend at the store.

Oh I can’t believe I didn’t tell you since this is big – the basement flooded a bit. Somehow. It has to do with the pipes that connect out back. George knows. I don’t understand what happened, but he switched the switch to septic tank and said the problem will resolve itself as it was an overflow. So he’s been doing the wet vac and fans downstairs. I don’t think it got into Mom’s boxes or anything but mainly rose up through the downstairs toilet and overflowed from there and into the garage. ::sigh:: IF life can’t be busy enough.

So the rest of the week will be hard to get ANYTHING done on the list, as I get nails done tonight, we are going to a dinner Thursday night for a fundraiser banquet for a group we support, and then Friday night Mom and George have plans for us. I’m interested to see how that goes. Anyway, “no rest for the weary” as they say.

I have a push to get next week’s meal plans done (so I buy the right stuff at the grocery since the challenge starts for me 10/1), do the fall bucket list (it starts 10/1), work on my “community serve” list (it’ll be more like serving family and friends – also starts 10/1) and then I have a few emails to make that I should have already made (yikes) and then I can begin working on the other list – the one I showed Monday in the previous post.

Ok I’m going to say it “I never have enough time to do what I want to do” and it’s so frustrating! I have looked longingly at my Fall Bucket List poster board and constantly saying “soon”, “soon”!

I’m trying, I really am. I’m set and determined to get a few things done. Looks like I’ll be penciling these things in for 10/2 Saturday morning though, lol. Unless I can get to some of these tonight after getting my nails done.

I’ll be working on the video in the morning so will see you guys Friday morning for another post! Friday posts are always cheerful because it’s Friday. 😉

Is there something on your list that you get frustrated you can’t or won’t get done? My list changes weeks to week and I guess I put too much on there to begin with!

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  1. Hi Sonya, at last back to really reading your message and feel able to add a bit myself. Thankfully I’m feeling a bit better. Have a bit more energy today but am a wee bit worried that things will start up again….enough about me. Oh how I wish I could have a magic wand and I could wave it over your lists and they would all be gone…..wonder what would happen if they did all disappear. Can just imagine the panic You’d be in…LOL. Thank goodness I don’t do lists, it’s bad enough trying to keep up my diary….I am so sorry that Kate is feeling so poorly like you I think she should be going to the doctor and pray that she will go tomorrow if she is not any better. I know work is important but her health is more important . It’s a times like this that you both need each other, it would have been so much better if Cody could have found a similar job in the same area as you live, perhaps of course there are no ranches in your county, I’m not very good on what actually goes on in your countryside.areas…..well love it’s now after 6pm and I must go wash up after tonight’s dinner….Wednesday is an easy night as Peter stops on way home and picks up fish n chips. Mary will be going home shortly. I want to try to do a bit of prep for tomorrow’s dinner. Peter brought in some runner beans so I might get them cut up for tomorrow. I am out early to set up the tables etc for the church cafe. Take care, give Kate my love…you are both in my thoughts and prayers..
    Night night. God Bless…

  2. Do you get vacation days or just PTO?
    Or sick leave? Being salaried you should get comp time. You deserve it. I know it’s tight but dang.
    The “flood” sounds nasty. I’m glad George handled that. You’re lucky you didn’t have any serious damage.
    I had never heard of a “Chess Pie”. There seems to be a ton of different recipes. Can you share your mom’s. Please. Pretty please. With a cherry on top!

    • PTO. Which includes sick and vacation– most companies have converted to this method to avoid paying both lol. Mom just told me we have to make an appointment to go back to design studio in Nashville to get more flooring as hers won’t come in. :: sigh:: I just turned in all my PTO days for rest of year planned out. So that will take away one of my days I was going to help her set up. She’ll have to do more of that on her own or wait til weekends. The chess pie Mom fixed was basic – mainly sugar and eggs – not chocolate version. Any of the main recipes would be fine you see. She did from scratch or might have looked online herself. It’s too sweet for me. George is a chess pie fan though. He was thrilled.

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