Trying to Discover the Art of Getting Things Done with the Time We Have

I’m really trying hard to do several things, mainly these things, and it really doesn’t seem like it should be too hard to manage them. But these seem to usurp most of my time:

  • Keep up with Mom’s doc appts, keeping her happy, meeting her needs
  • Keep up with my own doc appts (what few I’ve allowed myself to have this year)
  • Participate in helping cook (some)- finding recipes, getting the ingredients, carving out the time
  • Keeping bathrooms clean, sheets washed, laundry done, fall decor done, minor vacuuming and dusting here and there
  • Keeping up with family birthdays (I pretty much fail on the friend ones and is a point of improvement)
  • Attempting to do all my little projects (lose weight X failure, become healthier X failure, exercise more X failure, camera lessons X failure, develop a better beauty routine X failure, You Tube vlog videos, some social media presence, blog–enhhhh).
  • Working Full time, trying to fit everything in around work and around everything else

It amazes me how so many little things eat up your time. I’ve read books on being focused, managing your time, and “just doing it” and you name it. I’ve done all these things. I just need more time. No more motivational books. I couldn’t be more motivated. I’d really be frustrated if I was more motivated! lol None of those books will give me more time. I’m tired of people saying “You have the same 24 hours everyone else does”. Heard that a lot in Network Marketing when the “uppers” wanted more work outta ya! Enhhhh, that doesn’t work with me. It may be true we have the same 24 hours but we don’t have the same circumstances, the same personas or situations, and our desires are different and our goals different. Some of us are thorough and precise and some just slam into whatever they do without thinking. Or could care less.

So this blog entry is not to seek advice, nor slam advice (although I kinda just did), but just a recognition entry of “I’m feeling frustrated with myself that I’ve not done more”. Time just moves so fast. Every weekend I think “yay it’s the weekend and I can knock a few things out”. And I do but I add more on and there is just more I want to do. I usually get my rest in and relaxation – some – but it frustrates me sometimes on Sunday night that I have to get up and go to work for another 5 days and try to sneak in time during the week to work on my goals.

I also just need a spot to complain I guess, lol. Just park my frustrations here and be done with it til next Saturday and try again. I’ll keep trying. I’m not discouraged, just frustrated. Most weeks I just accept it as “part of the life game”, but I had to spend my precious Saturday morning at the police station b/c me (and a few others) had their identities stolen, as I was notified last week at work about that. I get strongly irritated when I lose my Saturday mornings. So forgive me I mention this forty eleven times before the year is out. As I sit here this Monday morning and remember what I didn’t do Saturday morning rolled into Sunday or didn’t get done at all. What I normally would do on Sunday some of that is rolling into the after work zone this week where I get about 30 minutes to an hour free where I have to choose between doing something fun and relaxing or working toward goals. I do a mix of both. But quite frankly after being up for 14 hours at that point and having a work day – my mind is zonked as far as productivity and creativeness. So you guessed it. I usually choose a few moments to wind down.

I did get to some things last week on this list. I keep this project list going on Focus Matrix app b/c I can reorganize it by order of importance and can use the various quadrants as I wish. I usually don’t put all the weekly to do’s on it. But sometimes I do.

Most everything on my calendar list at the top of this blog got marked off. Those are little things to do after work. They build up as the week goes.

Items Accomplished Last Week: Big and Small

I guess I should marvel though at what I DID accomplish instead of rolling myself in mud at what I didn’t. I guess that is pretty good considering I work FT and all that went on.

  • Checked out my test results on line for my bone density test (need to take calcium)
  • Ordered my calcium on Amazon
  • Ordered a bridal shower gift
  • Bought a birthday gift card for family member
  • Worked on George’s anniversary card and his 30 reasons I love him.
  • Made pedi appointments for Mom and myself for this week ahead
  • Found recipes for the upcoming week
  • Fixed two meatloafs this week (and dinner) one night
  • Cancelled AARP as I’m just not using it and don’t have time to read the magazines
  • iPhone update, Mac update, and iPad update due to scams/security updates
  • Started KYD55’s program (late and not through the whole starter programs but several days in)
  • Ordered pictures of River (5X7) for our work
  • Brought some things out of storage I needed from downstairs
  • Going in early to work some to make up for doc appointments
  • Took Mom to eye appointment
  • Celebrated 30th Anniversary
  • Took Mom to Slim Chickens so she could buy us dinner. Nice!
  • Got several loads of laundry done – not all folded but washed – still need to do another load.
  • Changed George’s sheets out.
  • Reloaded my vitamins for the week
  • Did a Target order b/c I’m tired of hauling in groceries – that’ll help with some of the household supplies.
  • Did an Amazon order for something yesterday – oh yeah – make up. More of a choice on Amazon than in the stores.

The Week Ahead

**We have Pedi’s after work today. That will be relaxing. I can go through personal emails. Behind on that.

**I have a 7:40 eye appt for myself on Wednesday morning – my annual to check and make sure I don’t have what Mom has – macular degeneration.

**I have to iron as I didn’t get to to that yesterday.

**I cook Teriyaki steak and spinach Orzo on Thursday night. Will have to get ingredients but I think George is going to the store again so have to give him my ingredient list and study on what all I need to do.

**Need to update to iOS 15 which is out today I think. More updates on all devices I guess.

**Need to prep for a coworker’s birthday

**Need to update my Isagenix autoship

**Need to be specific about my KYD55 goals, watch the rest of the prep videos and print off the tracker. (I’ll have to explain more on this later, but it’s about setting and reaching goals for health, mind, helping others, and improving self. Yes I didn’t need any more projects I said, but I do. This is about habits. I’ve got to force it til I figure it out. I’ll explain later. But no more motivational books, I’m so motivated I could jump over the moon! But this is just mapping it out and working it in! lol. More on that later.

And that’s about it for now – not to mention trying to work in some things on the other list, trying to finish some of the bucket list items, and also doing some office work on things I need to do at home.

I know, I know, get rid of the lists? Then I’d be going crazier in my head and a list is a way I can remember the important things and park the ones that are less important. And I guess those are the ones I’m really wanting to get to. I didn’t even get to work on the video any for the next vlog.

I need another day off! 😉 But here we go into the work week and will see how we do.

End of rant, end of dumping my frustrations here. I’m really motivated to try again. Each day is a new day and I really DO get a lot done in the week. I’ll keep working at it. And trying to work in some personal goals to tweak my routine a bit. And that is what it boils down to is getting the most important things done, trying to be healthy, help others, be a better person. And If we didn’t have things we wanted to do —we’d be bored with life. I’m far from that. My lists keep me going and keep me living so I’m thankful for them, wanting more time to do them, but grateful! It’ll be ok.

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  1. Hi Sonya, glad that you’ve been able to get your thoughts worries etc etc out of your system this morning… least I hope so !! I think you manage your lists amazingly I know I certainly couldn’t… I would be dead if I tried half the things you manage to get done every week…mind you by the time you reach my age you will be looking back at all you’ve done in amazement!!
    Take time this evening to just sit back and relax whilst having your pedi. Hope Mum to enjoys it. Sorry must go, it’s a nice sunny day and I want to go out to enjoy it before something else comes up wanting my attention….it’s not just you that finds yourself running after your own tail. God Bless

  2. I know being responsible for your mom is extremely time consuming. Another adult in the house. Another set of doctors appointments & follow ups. Extra shopping trips. That’s a lot of your time. I think you have done amazing handling this situation. Your “you” time has become less & less. No wonder you feel underwater. I wish I could give you a hand. I just wish you wouldn’t get so discouraged. I don’t have an answer. If having your lists make you feel better, somewhat organized or hold you accountable, keep them. I would think a lot of time is devoted to keeping the lists updated. Only you can do you.
    I hope you had a good & productive day at work. I do understand where you are coming from I just can’t help you but I will support you. Hang in there 🤗

    • I know, it’s totally a me thing. I am determined to keep up with things- even little things. Like the fact that Ozark releases in October lol because I don’t want to forget! Or thoughts on a blogpost, or a new song to download. I throw notes in my bag and then update my list. Too many notes and it drives me crazy. So I park them on lists. I do accomplish more that way. But I need more downtime to do things I want to. So periodically I just have to fuss and I’ll feel better! lol This year is weird as I can’t just take a vacation day like I normally would. Trying to save for TX and Moms! But it’s all good! I’ll get things done eventually! Thanks for caring and commenting!

  3. I hope they catch whoever tried to steal your identity. When my fil was alive that happened. Someone took $6,000 out of his bank account and bought airline tickets to China.
    It was a mess.
    I don’t see how you do all that you do. Working full-time and being a caregiver is hard.
    A body can only do so much. Maybe you could hire someone to help with the heavy cleaning.
    It is raining here. we sure do need it.
    Have a good week.

    • Thanks for support- I hate that happened to your father in law. Cyber criminals are hard to catch and I’m glad we haven’t had any other problems- at least so far. I appreciate you saying I do a lot. I guess we do. Cleaning is not up there at top of list but somehow I get the most important things done. I don’t deep clean every weekend but do things as needed and as I go along! I had to let go of being perfect for sure!

  4. Wow your to do list is chockers! I find the Dave Ramsey ‘getting things done’ methodology really useful because you can create ‘someday’ and ‘maybe’ lists and make your to do list less overwhelming. It also forces you to review each item when you move it and ask yourself if it’s actually something that you have to do.

    • I use something similar that I love, Focus Matrix app. It’s the 4 quadrant approach. Everything gets parked on there so I don’t forget. Otherwise I’d be so ADD I wouldn’t know what to do first. lol

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