The Mess Before the Beauty, Clay Pot Chicken, and Other Craziness

Ohhhhh ya’ll! I’m so glad I started moving things Sunday night. Not having any time off and trying to do all this after work has kept us busy. I thought I’d share the “mess”. We’ve moved everything into the sun room and the bedrooms so they can move furniture with ease when they put the flooring down. I’m very excited. Have waited for such a long time.

I have to laugh, this card table almost looks cute with it’s flowers, bird house and boat. What am I saying? lol.

And George moved a lot of stuff to his bedroom. I had decided to split Mom’s food b/w all the bedrooms. George is like “what ARE ya Doing?”. He already had plans for the space in his bedroom. lol. However, we managed to maneuver around. I have to remember the dirty clothes basket is in the sun room, LOL.

What a mess our bedrooms are.

We tried to keep too much out of Mom’s room so she didn’t trip over it. George put this box there and she can’t get to her chest of drawers, LOL. SMH. (Shaking My Head for those that don’t know what SMH means!)

Anyway, despite all the moving stuff around on the final day of it yesterday for the flooring guys coming today to put the wood laminate down, George was determined to cook a full ON meal!

It wasn’t ready until 8:30 last night which actually is my bed time – or at least when I start to get ready for bed. It was really good. He cooked it with potatoes and celery. He thought we had carrots but none were to be found. We are in such disarray I think that we don’t know whether we are coming or going. I think we have enough to have leftovers for tonight, but not sure. I’m not sure we’ll even be able to get to the kitchen. I don’t know anything about this type of flooring and if we have to minimally stay off of it for a day or so or if we will be ready to move everything back.

Anyway, I’ve learned lately to just take one day at a time. I mean I definitely PLAN for the future on the important things – and try to sneak in some fun things – and some goals. But as far as trying to figure out the details of some things – my head will just explode, so some things just have to roll on by themselves and I have to let go. I think that my head tries to explore so many futuristic possibilities on every part of my life that I often exhaust myself trying to think of a master a plan. And George is already a step ahead of me most of the time. But sometimes I have TOO many thoughts and TOO many plans. It’s fun, but it’s frustrating when there is not enough time to finish a thought.

Awwwww….Fancy Lou (Mom’s dog). I call her “Fancy Lou” but her name is really Fancy…..she just came back to see me this morning and say “hello”. That means a lot when a dog comes and seeks you out lol.

Sweet friends sent cards to us on our loss of Mr. Roger. I appreciate that so much and so does George.

So now that Roger is gone, I have to remove him from the video intro. But I will not do it until I’m caught up with real time. My next video will be spring. I haven’t decided if I will do a real time update. But likely I will put a black screen with a picture of him saying Roger passed on July 24, 2021. We will do a special little tribute to him as well on one of the videos either in real time or at the point in time we catch up to now on the videos. I’ve not had time at all to work on the videos this week. I’m having to stop to work on files and I don’t like to be interrupted and have to go to work while I’m in the middle of it. It’s too hard to try to remember where I was and it breaks my stride. So I’ll have to have a chunk of time to work on it.

Quarter End is a little Tootie Fest! Some things happened that make it harder this time even though it was supposed to be easier. :::sigh::: Oh well. I’ve prayed that God helps. I hope I can get finished Friday. I think I will be with the important stuff. I am really going to need to be here this weekend at home if I can. There is one state however that I’m having to hand enter every employee that has worked for one state and it’s the state with the biggest turnover, so lots of people had wages and I’m having to hand enter everyone. Yes, see why it’s a Tootie Fest. <—–It’s better than saying a few choice words that OTHERS would and have used! But I will go to work, put my earbuds in, get it done and be the little robot that I can be. The problem is that my arm is hurting from moving and lifting all this stuff around, so the arm that bothers me sometimes is not really in condition to be having to do a lot of data entry. But I can wear a brace if I need. Right now it hurts at the top and radiates down to my elbow. I’ll be glad when this week is over. But it will take me through next week and maybe the next one since the upload didn’t take and I have to hand enter everyone’s wages. I’ve paid the tax already so no late charges, but that part I have to send in and it will be there in a couple of weeks, likely. (I was given the wrong info to upload and now I have to manually key it all but with the correct info). The problem is that I also have to go in and type in what we incorrectly sent too, ::::sigh:::: yes, it’s a Tootie Fest already. Welcome to my world. At least we can laugh and call it names! It makes one feel better. And certainly it could have been called worse. And probably has – but not on this blog. I won’t say for sure! lol

Oh and it’s Month End already now and I need to be working on that but at least I have til the 15th. It’s pretty easy to get through the monthly paid taxes. No crazy Tootie Fests for that! lol lol lol

And it is HOT as Hades on a Firecracker this week. We have heat warnings out. I do not like summer after July 4th, lol. I don’t much care for August either. But it’ll all go by fast.

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Ok over and out ya’ll. Gonna hop to the day and see what it brings. Oh and I’ve not even had time to look at my lab report and doc notes that were sent. I figure I’ll wait til the weekend when I can log in and download it to compare with past reports. I think he may have scheduled me for a hearing test which I cancelled as it was this week. I have to set my own appointments and frankly I really don’t have time for my own appointments unless they are just really necessary. Having to put some of those off til next year. We have too many irons in the fire this year with Mom and house sale, house moving, house building, and all her medical appointments. So maybe next year can be the year we re-align our own health. There is just no time to sneeze anymore. But we will figure it out and then later in life we’ll be like “remember that ONE year” —“yeah that was a big bad busy Bertha Butt year”. I’m not sure why I feel the need to name things: Tart Farts, Tootie Fests, and being Bertha Butt Busy. I guess I just really have no other words. lol

Ok over and out for real.

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  1. How exciting. I can’t wait to see how they look. Take care of yourself and that arm.
    Where are you getting your floor from?

  2. That’s a lot of “stuff” to move around & protect & put back. BUT it’s got to be done for peace of mind. It’s good you have the break between flooring & carpet.
    I only signed up for your alerts 1 time. I never unsubscribed. I don’t know why they are stopping & starting. How many years have I been reading your blog?
    3 or 4? 5? Do you know? LOL

      • i know what you mean. Like unplug & plug back in.
        95% of the time I’m reading on my phone. I don’t even know where the
        subscribe/unsubscribe thingy is. LOLOLOL

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