Cleaning and Organizing the Kitchen

I used to follow a blog and website called “Fly Lady”. She gave you flying lessons on cleaning your house. She said for success and to get you motivated you “clean the kitchen sink”. She is right. I usually start with the laundry though because it seems an efficient use of time to go ahead and get the loads started while you are home. So I start there and move on into the kitchen.

I did some deep cleaning in the kitchen and it needed it too. I bleached the counters with Clorox Clean up – I have old counters and not granite. And I was so happy with the counters. I was able to make room for Mom’s toaster oven. lol. I have a hole where I think it will work as long as it does not stick out and take up too much counter space in width as we need that area for chopping. If so we’ll have to move it to the corner. I put a recipe book in it’s place for now. lol.

The recipe is a chicken salad that looks really good. I’ll have to try it. Once Mom gets here and gets settled we can have a good time fixing up some recipes. I also got down the cactus green tea pitcher I bought at Publix. So I would remember to keep tea made for Mom! I also rearranged the cookbooks along the ledges and changed some about for the summer months to provide inspiration. And I got rid of the farmhouse baskets and pulled out the cactus green fondue pots to put the potatoes and onions in.

At lunch I needed some inspiration and encouragement. I wanted a beer until I could find time and stop to eat. So I called it “beerunch”. It hit the spot. I kinda liked it in the wine glass! This lo cal IPA does NOT taste lo cal. I don’t drink beer much these days. We haven’t been to a brewery in a long while. And I usually have a glass a wine after work. But this hit the spot and gave me some inspiration and creative time.

I also moved the bread to the snack basket and found a cute square dish to put all the vinegars and oils in. When I first started keeping olive oil and vinegar on the counter there was just two containers. I think this has gotten out of hand, lol!

Meanwhile, George mowed, but I took liberty to attack all the things that was “bothering me”. I cannot stand when all the Tupperware bowls get thrown in without their tops and strewn every which way. So about every quarter I have to stop and fix it. I moved some big bowls up and moved some of the Tupperware to the 2nd shelf. Part of the problem was the third shelf was hard to reach. We really don’t need that many Tupperware bowls anyway! They are not really Tupperware – that is just the term I use. lol

We over do on everything I guess. We have a collection of onesie twosie glasses over the years. And I intend on buying a set of four tea glasses for us. I don’t really have tea glasses other than mason jars, lol. There are two glasses with those houses on it you see there. They are good for tea. But I probably need a set of casual tea glasses. I have formal ones in the china cabinet but they are too fine to use every day, we’d break them.

I think I need tea glasses and and a set of two more white towels from Target. I am putting that on next weekend’s agenda.

I ordered a Welcome sign for the front porch from Tractor supply and I’m also hoping to get some planters and plant some flowers for the front porch as well. Mainly for Mom to enjoy. We may or may not get that done. I also need some for the mail box area. But, in another month it’ll be too hot to sit out there and the sun faces the porch area but we’ll at least make it inviting. George also did some measuring for the front steps to add a railing. Honestly, I am getting to where I would enjoy that myself. Especially if I’m carrying something.

Meanwhile in TX…..

This little guy likes his little blanket animal we got him. It’s a lion. He can hold on to it. We got to face time him yesterday. He was playing and jogging. He really likes to jog in place. And his little legs are chunky. She had to go up a bottle size because he was not satisfied and wanting more. It’s almost time for cereal to be added. Look at those legs below. I like his duck outfit.

Roger is napping good while I cleaned yesterday. I played jazz in the background – a YouTube channel. It makes for good cleaning music and just a nice cozy atmosphere.

Thank you Terri for my Mother’s Day card that is so sweet. And for the Target card you sent to River (Little Roo). That was so kind! She’ll have to buy an outfit! He is gonna be growing out of this size if he keeps eating, lol.

It is raining heavily today on this Monday morning. A busy week this week. Haven’t had time to work on the video again but maybe this weekend I can finish it. Getting close!

So it may be late in the week when I get to post again. Payroll tomorrow and I have to go in early. Wednesday Mom and I go to her design studio. Thursday a long day for me and will have to go in early as well. Friday is looking good for a blog post update. Unless I can pop in other wise, I’ll be back Friday morning! Ya’ll be good!

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  1. Glad to say I’m in bright and early this morning….as it will be for you, it’s lunch time for us…..the promised rain has started it’s to be very heavy for the rest of the day and there’s a real cold wind. I love cleaning the sink, ever since I was a wee girl I have loved scrubbing the sink Mum knew if she wanted to keep me quiet it was to put me up to the sink with the brush and I’d be in my element !! It’s so good of you and George getting things made nice and tidy and safe for Mum and. Xxxxx can’t remember the dogs name happy and hopefully not feel she is intruding which is all to easy to feel…I’m hoping your on your way to work as I write this so I’m not going to write much more. The photos of the wee one is a great one, he really is growing up fast it’s amazing. Won’t be too much longer till he is up who’re you to cuddle and love. Do you think Mum might be with you by the time they come up. Are they going to stay with Cody’s parents ? Hope they are not to far away so they can spend quality time with you and George. Bye for now nGod Bless. Drive safely. Xxxx

    • Moms dog is Fancy and Mine is Roger and Katy’s is Findlay! lol They will be staying with Cody’s parents- they have other grandkids and have a nursery. They live 15 min from us. We have two whole days planned – a Sunday and a vacation day- and some evenings out to dinner. Can’t wait til I hold that child in my arms again!

  2. Now that’s a clean sink!! Nice job.
    Why is it so easy for the counters to get out of control? Just like people, objects seem to congregate on the kitchen counters.
    River is a star!! I just want to pinch that little chubby boy. He’s so cute! Both pics are A+
    Roger looks so peaceful. #donotdisturb
    I hope your week is smooth & fast.

  3. I love a clean and tidy kitchen. It is good you are making your Mom feel welcomed. I think it would be fun to put some flowers and pretty things out on the porch. We sit on our back porch in the evenings. We have so many birds and rabbits in our neighborhood. Always relaxing being surrounded by nature.
    I bet little Roo will be a good soccer player with those strong little legs. It amazes me how fast he is growing. Won’t be long he will be crawling all over the house.
    Such a fun age. I know your mama will love seeing her great-grandson.

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