What is a True Christian?

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In doing my devo this morning, I thought I’d share in the blog what God says marks a “true Christian”. And it will all help us in our walk.

What are the signs of a “True Christian”?

  1. Love is genuine
  2. Abhors evil and clings to good
  3. Loves others with brotherly affection
  4. Outdoes others showing honor
  5. Fervent in spirit
  6. Serves the Lord
  7. Rejoices in hope
  8. Is patient during tribulation
  9. Constant in prayer
  10. Contributes to the needs of the saints
  11. Seeks to show hospitatility
  12. Blesses those that persecute them
  13. Does not curse those that persecute them
  14. Rejoices with those that rejoice
  15. Weeps with those that weep
  16. Lives in harmony with others
  17. Not haughty but associates with the lowly
  18. Never wise in their own eyes
  19. Does not repay evil for evil
  20. Gives thought to what is honorable in sight of all
  21. Lives peaceably with all as much as possible
  22. Does not avenge themselves, but lets God’s wrath take the vengeance
  23. Feeds an enemy if hungry
  24. Gives drink to an enemy if thirsty
  25. Not overcome with evil
  26. Overcomes evil with good

So these are not my definition. But of Paul, preaching and sharing of God’s message, in his letter to the Romans. The passage may be found in Romans 12: 9-21.

Daily Update

I’m amazed this week has gone by so fast. I guess it’s just that things are busy. Worked on Quarter End some after doing some of my weekly payroll duties. I have to find time to close the quarter in little pockets of time here and there. I also went to the store after work. I realized how sometimes just going to the store makes me happy. Sometimes I will go just by myself so I can take my time, look at labels, look at new things, ponder and decide. lol. I bought a lot of things for work and stocked up on some bone broth, Mac and cheese, instant potatoes, white rice – in containers that you microwave. These or for the days when my tummy is going through a bout of diverticulitis as it has off and on for two weeks. I think it might be the raw broccoli. That seems to be the constant item when I’ve had the pain. So when it happens I take acetaminophen to help with any swelling. I don’t take ibuprofen as it can interfere with some blood pressure meds. We ate a lot this past weekend. And that didn’t help. But when I get the pain I seem to be able to get through it with liquids and soft foods. It’s Catch 22 though – all of that ends up being stuff that is not the best for you. Lots of carbs. But that is my life. I am doing some study on the gut biome and have been learning for some time. It’s a vicious cycle but trying to improve daily and figure out what is good for me. I can often go 2 to 3 years without having an issue and then suddenly there it is. I suspect that things like sausages, tomatoes or tomato sauces also play havoc. But it’s not always a sure thing so hard to know for sure. I’m confused about this mystery of our gut biome. I know foods that are not natural or processed have likely damaged us. I take supplements daily but who knows if the body really absorbs them or not.

Meanwhile in Texas….

Little Roo is holding his head up for longer periods of time. And I saw a video of him rolling himself over! Once he swings his head around he flops over. lol. My cutie pie of a grandson. I get to see him in June! They are hoping to come the first week of June if approved by Cody’s bosses.

Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken are coming up that week too! Yay!

Ok off to work on this bit of a rainy day!

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  1. Morning lovely, what a great Bible study that was…for us all…to be reminded of what we should be aiming at….. I hope today you have plenty time to get more of your work done. It does seem to have been a quick week. Even over here it’s been quick I can hardly believe it’s Thursday. I have put a large piece of gammon in the oven for tonight’s dinner, I will have to go do some vegetables ! I had forgotten about them !! My 90 almost year old neighbour comes over most afternoons around 2 so I suppose I better have it all done by then. And of course there’s the lunch time sandwich for Mary to do. I just have a very small yoghurt at this time of the day so that’s easy ,!! Wish I could see some weight come off,,but I’m afraid it never seems to happen ……
    Take care driving in the rain to work this morning . Hope it might dry up later for you. It’s dry here and not too cold indeed temp has gone up to 11c 51f. Which is warm for us the forecast was for 5/6. But the sun has got out early today…
    Bye for now. God Bless

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