It’s About to Get Exciting

We will be getting to see these THREE very soon. Keep them in your prayers. Also we will be traveling to get to them in a day or so. Keep us in your prayers too. It’s about to get exciting.

6 responses to “It’s About to Get Exciting”

  1. Morning love, Well maybe by now you will be either on your way to work or Texas…..I think I hope it’s driving towards Texas….How long do you think it will take to drive. I know you have had a stop over on your way before..but this time you will want to get there as quickly and SAFELY as possible..
    Whichever way please take care. I. Await your your next bit of news….
    Love following you. Xxx God Speed

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  2. OMGOODNESS!! So exciting and what a nice b’day present! 🙂 Praying for your daughter to have an easy labor and delivery.!

    Ready or not you guys are about to be grandparents ! No other love like it. 🙂

    Safe Travels,

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