Christmas Stress and Holiday Distress

Good morning. Like my “rescue snowman”? Mom was tossing him out in the fall to give away and I always loved those snowmen. There are two. But one was in worse shape than the other. So this one found its way to our guest bedroom.

Santa found his way to our linen closet. I think he thought maybe we’d smile while reaching for a towel. Ooops that top towel got bleached and needs to go to the basement for a rag towel. Note to self: Get more white towels. I only want bleachable ones now. Hotel type towels.

So have been trying not to blog too much this week, but if I miss a morning it feels like forever. I have gone in early a couple of mornings, have eaten at desk, have stayed a few minutes over – trying to get in my work and get in the hours – although next week will all be really long days so I probably wouldn’t have had to do that, but I want the company to come out on top so no one thinks I’m slating anyone. The reason for working longer is that I’m leaving mid day today to take Mom to the eye doctor to get her monthly shot in the eye. It keeps her from going blind in that eye. The friend that takes her, her husband has the virus so I’m taking her. I’m leaving and going to Columbia to pick her up. We go to Spring Hill. Then back to Columbia, and then I’ll go back home to Mount Juliet.

Once back in Mount Juliet, George and I are doing a little Christmas prep run to help Santa tonight. I feel like I need another day off to get a few things done but there is not to be one. I used to have about 3 days off in the month of December and that went down to 2 at some point and now down to 1 of all things. Work is just so needy this time of year. It should be other way around. I should be taking more time off at the holidays and not less. Somethings wrong there about that. But that is my life I guess. This time of year just gets busier and busier on the work front.

They should have named me Jonni. Jonni on the Spot. Sonya on the Spot. Sonya is the Spot. Either that or Atlas. Here would you hold my world ball for a second? lol

Had to add the flower so no one would accuse me of having a porn site. lol Isn’t that the way the world works? Accusing everyone of everything? No tissue scars here of course. (Rolls eyes).

So yeah, would you hold my world ball for a second? I really need some time to do the following:

*Get those gift cards in the mail to my extended family.

*Test George’s stocking and wrap the rest

*Wrap his final presents I bought this week

*Wrap my work gifts that I bought the people I work closely with before I knew about the last minute Secret Santa.

*Oh yeah. I need to get my Secret Santa gift and wrap it. It’s due tomorrow.

*So yeah, more time to go shopping for said Secret Santa gift- didn’t even get a weekend for that one and no time for Amazon and how many times have we been to the store this week alone? Let’s go one more time? But when?

*Can I have some more time to grieve over my Maisy? I miss her so.

*I need time to clean up my house before company comes. Pretty please?

*Need to make those sausage balls and breakfast casseroles. In my sleep?

*Oh yeah, need to make that Christmas grocery store run. When again?

We can do these things this weekend you say? Yeah we can. Company is coming Saturday though! So need to do a lot by then.

*Need to prep a few surprises and help Santa with something else

*Need to wrap those gifts for friends that we will see probably in February but I want to put my gift wrapping paper up not to be seen again for a long time.

*Yep, and as said, I need time to put that said gift wrap paper up and get my office back to normal

I’ll take some time yes….any time I can get. At some point in my life I hope to actually GET TO ENJOY Christmas again. But until someone else holds the WORLD BALL. I guess I’m Sonni on the Spot soon to be Nonni on the Spot! 😉 And at that moment the WORLD BALL will drop and it will either bounce back or it won’t. Yes WOE is me. I know. Unclip those violin cases and gather about and play me a big whiney tune. But this is how I feel this morning. I have a lot to do, a lot to do, a lot to do, and next to zero time to do it in.

I guess all that to say this:

I’m tired. I’m really tired. I mean like really really tired. Even after sleeping all night.

I miss my Maisy. This morning it hit hard again.

I have things to do. Did I say that already?

Next to Zero time to do it in. I said that too? I must have meant that.

But soon it will be Christmas. We’ll have four days off. We have to work our buns off the days before to get there. Oh and after it too. Would you expect otherwise? But soon there will be a beloved 4 days off. In which we do not have to travel anywhere or go anywhere! Work 4 more days and have 3 days off. And again we go no where nor travel anywhere. And before too much longer a week off. And we will travel for that one.

In February – I’m hibernating and being a recluse except for working of course – which I will be a slave to for days until month end, quarter end, and year end duties are done. There will be no. time. to. breathe. But afterwards in February I’m getting a pedicure, a manicure, and a formal hair cut and continuing my hibernation. In March I’m coming out of my hibernation shell and going out and about in the world and living my life, COVID or not. And that is that. So world you better shape up! March Madness is all Mine this next year! And You don’t want to see me mad. ;-). March is Mine Baby! Look out!

Yep, I’m pretty tired right now. I’ve not really had a good rant lately. I always have a Christmas rant. So here it is this year. No one is going to take away my time to rant!

Yeah it’ll come together. It always does. But it’s 2020 so….we may be twirling our thumbs and looking at each other and it all for naught. But we gotta try to pull Christmas together. One year maybe we can actually enjoy it but we almost manage to stress ourselves to the point of sickness by the time it actually gets here. So who knows how it will all turn out.

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  1. Morning Sleepy Sonya….it does concern me that you are so tired and yet you have to drive up to work, it’s not good idea to be driving whilst you are in sleep mode…but to work you must go….I hope by it’s the time you actually arrive safely you’ll get your second breath and will be ready for the day ahead…let’s pray that it goes nice an quickly…and you will soon be home…after driving Mum to and from the eye hospital,,,,,I’m sorry her friends have the virus it seems to be enjoying it’s second wave of trying to catch us all….please stay as safe as possible…Wonder what time you will get home today, hope it’s a bit earlier than if you’d been at work but time will tell. How was Roger last night ? Was he any calmer, I do hope so….
    See you tomorrow. Stay safe…

  2. Everything will be okay. Just do what you can each day and leave the rest. Toss some gifts in a gift bag. Buy somethings premade so you won’t have to spend so much time in the kitchen. Then just heat them up. Make waffles and bacon for breakfast. So quick and easy.
    This has been an exhausting year. Today I felt so tired and achy I had to lay down for an hour. I never lay down usually during the day.
    I am sure your company will understand. I know I sure do.
    I am going to bake a cake or cupcakes for Christmas. That is it for this year. We are ordering a shrimp tray and a veggie tray. I am buying a spiral ham already sliced. I will just glaze and put it in the oven. I think my husband is making potato salad and I will make green beans in the crockpot. Mac and cheese for the grandson. He loves mac and cheese. Not doing the cookies and candy I usually do. Enjoy your time off. I am sorry to hear Roger is still waking you guys up. I am sure he misses Maisy too. And it sounds like he is spoiled after your husband something awful.

  3. If Roger is missing Maisy why not put her blanket next to him in bed and see if that will help him sleep. It is worth a try. You know Barbara carried Billie to two doctors appointments last month after she had taken a covid test and it was negative. I hope it was really negative and not the false negative they keep talking about. Now they are saying if you test negative you need to isolate for seven days. Boy they do not seem to know which way they are going. Well, I know she is worried about this and trying to keep herself safe, but you cannot ever tell who you come in contact with that is positive.
    We are getting ready for our trip. I just hope there is no snow while we are there. I have my things packed and ready for Ken to load when he gets in. I am excited about getting to enjoy Christmas with family.

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