Texas Picture Frame, To Do List, and Maisy Update

Pic to Give You a Visual

I hung a little picture frame on the wall. I wasn’t sure what to put in there. There’s only three photo spots. So I decided to put in there the thing that made my heart glad when I look up from my desk, in this “travel themed” office.


You may or may not recognize the Texas theme here in the pic. I love this little spot on the earth on the ranch.

To Do List Almost Completed

  • Refilling the vitamins for the week
  • Hanging a picture
  • Decorating the big tree
  • Fixing pop corn (current craving)
  • Christmas cards
  • Christmas list checking/comparing with George at Beer Thirty and at the In-House Kitchen Pub Table (or in my NORMAL “LessHustleMoreCoffee” office which is currently Santa’s workshop area).
  • Christmas Wrapping. (Not all of it but what I planned to get done was done)
  • Continue to Monitor Maisy
  • Vacuum
  • Restock Bathrooms with Toilet Paper!!! HA!
  • Then after all that I think I can work on the next iMovie

After I did all that I was not in the mood for Christmas cards, pub brew catch-up on Christmas gifts, vacuuming, or putting creative energy toward the next iMovie. I was worried about my Maisy girl so much so that all I wanted was for the worry to end. I really just wanted to go to bed.

I shouldn’t call it “worry”. I don’t sit and fret over it and I know God is in control it is just more of an EVER PRESENT KNOWING that she is ill and an EVER PRESENT UNKNOWING of how and when all this will turn out. It’s just there in my mind as it would be any of you when a loved one is ill and possibly dying. You just don’t feel like doing much. I’m amazed I got done what I did, but I knew I only had so much time to get going on things.

I can’t believe I didn’t get the Christmas Cards done or any shopping that is left, which shouldn’t be much. Miss Maisy took a LOT of our 4 day weekend time. And giving the meds is never any fun, although we are all getting better including Maisy a little bit. She’s learning (I think) to just go ahead and swallow to avoid the repeat tries. George pries her mouth wide open and I stick the pills in as far to the back as I can and he rubs her throat and holds her mouth up til she does. I’m glad I have the easy part.

Maisy Update

This is as good a place as any to give you a Maisy update. I do have some good news. She ate like 12 bites of steak – probably about 1/2 of a human bite as her teeth are good enough to chew a large piece. But still – for once she ate. She did not turn her nose up at it.

This morning she did not want any more of it. It was a huge steak George fixed and I only ate half. So Maisy had a 1/4 of my steak and hoping sometime today she will eat the other 1/4.

At this point Fresh Pet is out. Neither of my dogs are wanting to eat it anymore. Not even Roger. So it’s making me wonder if we didn’t get into tainted food and Maisy’s body was just in worse shape to deal with it. Who knows. George said with Maisy it could have been in the making for a long time as she was on the street for a while. But I’m wondering of whatever they put in Fresh Pet to keep it fresh is what is messing with them. My guess is it’s ironically not so fresh.

So she ate this morning. The eating gave me some hope. And maybe God knew I needed something to hold on to with all this because as of yesterday I had her gone in my mind and was just waiting for when.

I’m no fool though. Even people eat sometimes when they are deathly ill to get a bit of strength or make hunger pangs resolve themselves. So when she ate, it gave me hope, but I realized this could just be part of a roller coaster ride. She is very ill.

She slept sooooo long yesterday. I was missing her horribly. I wanted her awake so I could hug and cuddle her and talk to her and spend time with her. She finally woke up and through all of this she seems to still love me so much and wants to be where I am when she is awake.

I was thinking the difference b/w her and Tugie and my attachment to them is that Tugie distanced herself from me over time as she aged. She wanted to be alone and she still had moments of happiness eating and going out and seeing us and being with us, but she became distant and to herself. I mainly think that came with her loss of hearing. It disconnected us and she became “in her own world”. So even though it hurt to lose Tugie, I was sort of used to our distance. With Maisy I have been so touched that she loves me so much. She’s truly a gift from God and one I never expected. No human even loves me that much! lol. So we are very attached to one another and that makes this so very difficult.

So in a way I’m relieved to go back to work today to get my mind somewhat off of things. George will be here at home the whole week. And we’ll see how it goes.

I will be working from home this Wed and Friday. So that is good. I have to realign my work tasks as I cannot print or scan from home.

Time Moving On

I cannot believe it is the end of November with tomorrow being Dec 1. Soon it will be January and time to go to Texas. It’s also month end and time for me to work on the WithHolding Taxes that I pay monthly.

It’s also time for me to get ready and go to work!

I’m leaving you with our den Christmas tree. This was Granny Jan’s that was in her assisted living apartment. She loved it so much she kept it up year round. At that point time didn’t matter as she didn’t really know or care what day it was. It was a day to look at a pretty tree.

So we are going to enjoy having a pretty tree in our den to give us some holiday cheer! I have some decor I’m taking to work today. I’ll try to remember to catch a pic to share.

Ya’ll have a great week ahead. I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely. I don’t think mine will be a favorite but I did enjoy having 4 days in the house. I don’t think I went ANYWHERE. George ran a couple of errands. But it was was obviously weird times with not a lot of joy with my Maisy being sick and not getting to spend any family time with any one. Quite an odd Thanksgiving in deed. I hope Christmas is better. I’m not getting my hopes up. I am afraid to plan and hope. Matter of fact we are planning two scenario Christmases. Plan A and Plan B. Family is supposed to come but things with COVID are bad so I’m not sure how things will play out. We need everyone to be safe even if it makes us sad not to be together.

Maybe we can all have BIG CELEBRATIONS of EVERYTHING when this COVID mess clears out. Love and Hugs.

5 responses to “Texas Picture Frame, To Do List, and Maisy Update”

  1. Hello Sonya, I am like you slightly less anxious about Masie if she ate a little. (My Masy didn’t eat or drink for two days). Is Masy drinking ? Hope so vet said it was more important than eating..
    Anyway love still hoping she will be with you a while longer.
    Glad that you got lots of things done on your list, but presume you will have to find time maybe even tonight to get your cards done. I have got all mine done now and the U.SA ones posted…just thought of another I haven’t done but I think I might still be in time for the States…hope your week ahead goes to plan. How is Kate ? The last month wait wait waiting is always the longest, she like us all will be longing for January to come, what dare is baby due ? When are you going to go to Texas.? Take care and remember to drive home safely…

  2. The fact that Maisy even wanted to eat is good news. She’s trying.
    Good job on the Texas picture frame trio. Is that a pig or boar in the middle pic? Wow!
    Your tree in the den is pretty & cheery.
    I’m glad George will be home if Maisy needs him. She’ll probably just sleep.
    Today is Monday. Next stop Christmas!

    • Yes it gives me some hope. It’s a fake boar 🐗- but there are real ones around and lots of them on the ranch. I think the owners of the ranch put it there. I love that pic with the sunset and boar!

  3. So happy to hear some encouraging news about Maisy! I hope your Christmas holiday is better than Thanksgiving. Ours will be different this year but I’m okay with that. I’ve accepted the fact that this isn’t a normal year in any way and I just kind of want it to be January already. New Year, new hope!
    Have a great week!

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