Starting the Christmas Decor and a Maisy Update

Yesterday, I got up and packed the fall stuff away in the two tubs I have for it. It’s always fun to see the “fall gang” all together. I also do this at Christmas, lol.

George took those down to the basement and brought up the Christmas tubs for decorating. I am fully decorated except for putting the ornaments on the big tree. We are doing that this afternoon.

Here it is so far. I always have a hole where there are no lights. I guess that is a tradition so why change it now? lol. I will put a big ornament in there and maybe people will think the ornament is blocking the twinkle.

I’m glad the decorating has gone quickly. I’ve moved some of it around in different places this year. Just to have a different feel. The decorating has helped to steer my mind off of Maisy a bit when she is sleeping. The meds are kicking her little butt. She sleeps for hours — about an hour after those meds are taken. It’s a struggle to get the meds in. It’s taking two of us but we manage to do it.

Sometimes she shakes like she is freezing. However she does not particularly feel warm like she has a fever. I wondered if she was going into shock or something. But I warm her up with a blanket when she does it. Then she’ll come out of it when she is ready to.

Bless her, when the meds wear off and after we go out, and she gets water, and denies any food I try to give her, she will still try to follow me, very slowly, but she wants to be where I am. I try to stay in one room to work as long as I can in that room so she’ll rest.

Many times I just sit and hold her. She is not one that likes to be held. She is not a lap dog. But she wants to be near with her eyes looking out for me. But I was the one that needed the cuddle hugs.

These pictures show how much I need to vacuum but I decided no vacuuming til the decor was up and trees decorated. So I will need to try to vacuum at least the den today. It’s looking desperate.

I got my Sweet Potatoes last night. They were so good. Japanese Sweet potatoes from a little grocery store in Lebanon called Demeter’s Common.

Just a little bit of butter and brown sugar.

Most of our leftovers are gone. We have enough turkey for the turkey pot pie which George will make and likely freeze for a cold winter’s night. I think we are on to some other things on the menu.

On the left there you can see our schedule. Tonight we are having steak!

All the items on the right are things we want to have and are up on the planning list to pick from. Much of that we have in the freezers, but not all. Yes, we do eat well. George loves for me to be involved in the planning. Sometimes I give him some good ideas. He enjoys doing the cooking. I think it motivates him to see how much I love eating his dishes. But some of these are mine that I will be cooking. Probably the beef stew, burger casserole, spaghetti dishes, Loon Pasta and Loon Chicken salad – but those last two we might wait for 2021 and closer to spring.

See how Ms. Maisy keeps an eye on me. She was watching me wash dishes.

Do you know how many times the tears have fallen in the last two days over my Maisy. I would pull out some decor, put it up, then cry. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. The sentimental Christmas Music did not help.

These above were my posts on Instagram.

I fixed an egg in the hole this morning. Three minutes on each side.

I put cream cheese on the “hole”, LOL! I also scrambled an extra egg and put on top of the egg in the hole and put a splash of Frank’s Hot Sauce on it.

Here are the things I took down to put Christmas related things up. George took a pic to send to Katy to tell her she was in a “Good Will pile” just to mess with her. HA. No I have a lot of pics of my girl still out but I needed to take that down as it is where I keep the Christmas Card hanger. All these things will go back after the first of the year. I have to get a tub to put them in. Probably one down stairs.

And finally George moved his music paraphernalia from the yellow desk so I could move it into the guest bedroom for use during my two days a week at home for WORK WORK for the payroll job. I have found that the ethernet cord works best when using the company laptop.

I am going to have to bring a monitor home b/c the laptop screen is so small I can barely see it. I think I can just use the one I have on my desk. I have two. The are both long. So I will still hopefully be able to sit two screens side by side. I’ll miss it at work but I think I can make it thru Covid. At work I have four things pulled up at once.

I like having the desk in front of the window this time. They gave me a longer cord this time so I could reach the other wall. Last time it was in the middle of the room and not convenient – other than having the bed for a side table. I will need to bring up a dinner tray table – probably two of them. To lay out my work. There will not be room on that small desk. Might even bring up a card table. That will take up a lot of room but can be folded and also used as a wrapping table upstairs during the holiday. So might be a good idea. Might even use it work a puzzle during the winter months.

Tomorrow when I get to work, I will have to work on the schedule and revise it some so that I do the tasks at home that do not require printing. I will do some reshuffling to make it work.

So, I’m happy to have made progress in getting things done this long weekend despite all the issues with Maisy. Here is what remains on the list for today or the upcoming week:

  • Refilling the vitamins for the week
  • Hanging a picture
  • Decorating the big tree
  • Fixing pop corn (current craving)
  • Christmas cards
  • Christmas list checking/comparing with George at Beer Thirty and at the In-House Kitchen Pub Table (or in my NORMAL “LessHustleMoreCoffee” office which is currently Santa’s workshop area).
  • Christmas Wrapping
  • Continue to Monitor Maisy and call vet Monday with discussion about not eating.
  • Vacuum
  • Restock Bathrooms with Toilet Paper!!! HA!
  • Then after all that I think I can work on the next iMovie

I moved my “Little Maisy” to the computer from the bookshelf, where I can see her always. My heart is just breaking watching her be so sick. I don’t know if she is going to pull through this. There’s too much wrong. She won’t eat. But we have to try. I’ll call the vet tomorrow and discuss. I know if she is not with us, it makes January easier, but losing a pet was not one of the options I wanted for that scenario.

Well, I’m going to get back at being busy.

Mr. Roger is not settled today. He’s wandering around and around. His Daddy went out for groceries. George loves a good grocery run! But Roger is missing him. Maisy is asleep behind the couch.

I will try to post again in the morning with a few Christmas pics or a Maisy update. I appreciate your prayers. I’m just so attached to this little angel. I trust God that He knows the timing on everything and I know that God is there for me too. I will lean on Him. I’m acting like she is gone. But on the course we are on, if something doesn’t change soon, she will be. It’s agony dragging this out. Because I sit and hug her and cry and hug her and cry. I try to forget she is so sick to get a few moments of peace. But she is my baby girl. I don’t like seeing her sick.

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  1. So pulling for Maisy to pull through. So tough when they are not doing well. Our Coco worries me as she is lost at times when she wakes up. But she is not in pain or suffering, just gets confused at times.

  2. Oh my dear Sonya, my heart aches for you at this time. Only we who love our pets can understand what agony we go through in our minds dithering over the awful decision should we keep trying or should we be brave and let them go. With my dear wee Masy I didn’t have a long time to agonize on what was about to happen. I first took her to vet on the Monday, organized appointment for X-rays the following Tuesday. I spent the rest of the week looking at what we could do IF it was one thing or the other. I even called another vet on line to ask his opinion, he said at her age he would not advise an operation, so in a way that kind of helped as I hadn’t to make the decision…come Friday night I lifted her out of bed to go out she screened in pain I my heart nearly stopped. So I just sat down and cuddled her all night I didn’t go to bed Saturday 9 am we were at the vet for it opening and the vet saw her right away, she took Masy into her room and Masy tried to walk to the door..wanting to come get me…the vet said perhaps we should wait till tuesdays X-rays..home we came once home we picked her out of bed but she wobbled and laid down, she didn’t move after that. We laid her in bed at 3 in the afternoon the vet called and asked how she was ? Had she been able to go toilet, eat, drink, walk no was the answer. She then said to me I think perhaps it is time, can you bring her up…Peter and I did knowing what was going to happen…I cried and I cried all the way up and afterwards for the last three weeks tonight I have wept more tears that I would have thought possible…I have tears running down my cheeks as I write this.. my heart is with you Love and hugs to your wee Masy and Roger who knows somethings not right…
    I’m glad you and George enjoyed your Thanksgiving meal it looked fab. Night night dear friend. God Bless

  3. Awwww, this had to be hard to write. It’s heartbreaking to read. Just love that lil’ girl as much as you can. She knows you’re there. Don’t give up on her. I would tell the vet about the shaking spells. It’s hard to believe all of this just came on so fast. They can’t tell us what’s wrong. Reading this post reminds me why I didn’t want to get another dog.
    I’m praying for a Christmas miracle that she can pull through this. 🤞🏻
    I feel for you.

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