Productive Monday but What Will Happen the Rest of the Week?

Good morning! It’s Tuesday and payroll day. But I’m popping in to say Hi really quick. It was good to get “Monday done”. It was a fairly easy day with little frustrations so you gotta love that kind of Monday.

For lunch I had the Lean Cuisine’s Coconut Chic Pea Curry. It just sounded good and had protein and the veggies. A bit high on the sodium side but not as bad as some. I had a side of carrots and Catalina French dressing, the taste of which has really been appealing lately. I have even dipped crackers in it on a desperate day when carrots were not in my mini fridge.

George had a special errand to run for us and so dinner was a bit later. I was able to get a lot of things ticked off my Monday list. Sending out a Birthday card to someone that turns 100 this week, folding laundry, checking the Christmas list to see what’s left, packing my bag for today, and unpacking yesterday’s bag, and removing my nail polish, opening mail, taking care of doggies, and eventually sitting down to work on the next iMovie.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m almost through editing all the footage and doing voiceovers of the photos and am going to have to back some of the footage out b/c it’s too long. I always end up with more than I think I have. But I need to get on with this one. Why? So I can get on with the rest of them. lol I love doing them even if no one watches them. HA! At least some of you do. I appreciate that. I know in time it’ll grow, or not, according to God’s will.

Talked to Mom today and as of now I’m “it” for Thursday’s doc visit in Franklin for the eye appt. It could change but for now I have to plan as if I’m taking off Thursday. I’m toying with the idea of just working extra hours today, Wednesday, and Friday and then going in on Saturday to make up for it so I don’t have to miss my Dec 12th (one day of PTO I have left). If I make up the hours it shouldn’t be a problem. Even though I’m salaried, I’d be expected to take a PTO for being off unless I come in to get the work done.

Mom’s appt is late morning Thursday and in Franklin. Mom is in Columbia, work is in Nashville, and I’m in Mount Juliet. So nothing is easy as far as trying to get in any hours of work on Thursday. I’ll likely spend the night with Mom Wed night to make Thursday easier. It’s possible to get a couple of hours in Thursday – later in the day but only an hour or two, but we’ll have to see how long the appt is. I’ll likely work longer today, Wed, and Friday and go in Saturday some to keep from losing my PTO day I’ve been looking forward to in Dec. Of course I should take back some of those Saturday’s I worked before as a part of a 6 day week and earlier this year when the pandemic started as a comp day and claim those. I don’t want to lose any salary and hate to ask for the comp time, but no one minds when you work extra – they will let you do that in a heartbeat with no questions asked! But if I took the comp day it’d be frowned upon. Easy to give a day but not to get it back in return without putting myself thru hell over what everyone else thinks or says. I make it hard on myself and everyone definitely lets you because it’s to their advantage to do so. ::sigh:: Oh well. lol Anyway, I’ll figure it out. Honestly I don’t want to work Saturday either, lol! We were supposed to go to Lebanon to our little grocery store we like. We’ll just see how it works out. But I’ll meet my responsibilities to ALL parties as best as I can.

Sometimes 4 years does not seem so long to retirement. But weeks like now where I need to be there for Mom, and having a grandchild on the way, and not enough PTO days to go around to everyone, makes me really want it to hurry up. It will work out how it is supposed to is what George always says. I guess it will. I don’t know if I believe that or not. I’m still considering it. Because things definitely happen that were not supposed to! LOL

So when George got home, we had a Korean Taco dinner with egg rolls on the side. It was really good. We watched the 3rd show of the Queen. It is really good now as we are at the part where Diana enters the picture. Wanted to go into the 4th show of the season but it was almost bedtime.

Our temps have turned off cold 30’s at night whereas they had been in the 50’s or so. The days have been about in the 60’s or low 70’s. But last night when the sun went down it was chilly and guess who wanted to come in for a snooze. Our Little Bit, He knows were his little bed is.

So I’m going to wrap up early here and head on in so I can put in some extra time to make up for Thursday so I can try to get my work done.

And that gets ya’ll up to date. Unless I have something good to share or I’m just needing to spout off something, I’ll probably wait until later in the week to post. I’ll concentrate on life for a bit and come back and tell you about it, Lord Willing and the COVID doesn’t Rise. It’s closing in on all the circles around us. It’s everywhere now and seemingly uncontrollable. A lot of people we are in contact with now have been exposed it seems or have a family member with it, or has it themselves.

We had a scare with the thermometer yesterday. It starting giving over 100 readings on everyone. Everyone was feeling fine. But they swapped it out and we were below normal then. LOL. Kinda funny. Good thing we didn’t all go home. Maybe we should have with the virus so ever present everywhere. Anyway, we’ll see. Better go get going on payroll. Who knows what will happen. Drives a planner person like me crazy not knowing what my schedule is. I mean really, am I taking Mom to the Doc, or are we all getting COVID? It’s totally possible now. Because it’s arriving everywhere around us. It’s here, there, and everywhere now.

Ok, I’ve worked myself in a frizzy. But will pray the week turns out just right! Gotta go. I’ve already typed through the part where I can go in early. LOL

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  1. Oh dear Sonya, and here was me thinking you were trying not to get yourself in a tizz about things you don’t know are going to happen/ or nor happen and now once again your driving yourself down. LOL…
    Wonder why the VIRUS is so out of control all around you ? Have people, friends, etc not been taking the advice to wash hands wear masks at all rimes etc etc…They really are not helping others are they. But it’s the same over here. I am very lucky as I don’t work and refuse to leave the house without a mask indeed I just don’t go out unless it’s a must. For instance I had to take a neighbour to hospital this morning for an appointment but I had my mask on at all times but especially at the hospital although I wasn’t allowed to go with her to the consultation area I had to stay near the entrance thankfully I had my own chair !! and a new book to start.
    Hope today has gone well and that maybe Mom has called to say someone else is taking her to hosp. on Thursday
    Take care, drive safely xx

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