Amount of Sleep vs Functionality

Good Thursday Morning! I’m not even sure why I’m blogging this morning! I have absolutely nothing to report. So we’ll see where this goes. We have just been working, doing chores, eating dinner, watching a show, making plans, undoing plans, and then sleeping. It seems to work to try and go to bed earlier which allows for the 1:00 waking hour then back to sleep by 2 ish for the rest of the night. Why my body feels the need to sleep this way I don’t know. If I get in a total of 7 at least, I do great. Anything below that is not so good.

My Sleep Scale:

8 hours – feel great, great mood, but a little sleepy, sluggish all day – I think this has to do with the fact we really need to sleep in 1.5 hour cycles and 8 means you wake up in the middle of a REM stage sleep cycle leaving you groggy.

7 to 7.5 hours – feel great, perfect amount of sleep, great attitude, life is good, can think clearly, make plans, look forward to things, remember things better.

6 hours – functional, making it, does better with coffee, can still think, plan, remember- must have coffee around 1:30 – four or five days of just 6 hours sleep means I’m feeling somewhat sleep deprived and looking forward to more sleep when I can get it.

5 hours – Doable with coffee, can still function, think, remember until about Noon. Coffee or major caffeine needed by then. More confusion is noticeable by afternoon. Pleasant persona can exist but likely to be withdrawn, just get through the day, a tendency to want to nap, but usually can’t. Have to eat more food and usually food that is bad for me to make to have the energy and thought processes. Mistakes are more easily made with this level of sleep. Tendency to be on autopilot more.

4 hours – Four is kinda like 5 but I wane a bit quicker as the day progresses and probably eat more food. I’m a bit more moody. I will tell you exactly what I think. I hope no one pushes my buttons. My filters are removed. I’m harder to be around. I don’t want any social activity and just want to be left alone. Three p.m. is hard. Caffeine increased. Second winds come around the time I get home and are brief. Will likely be falling asleep in chair just after dinner or heading to bed early.

3 hours – Kinda functional and ok for the first few hours. This is why those that sail can do a 3 hour on and off watch schedule. But over time it lends to a pretty serious sleep deprivation. Not waking in the midst of a 1.5 sleep cycle gives you a good few hours of function. But by noon is felt and tendency to overeat and a serious longing for sleep by mid afternoon and though processes start to diminish. Less functional by afternoon.

2 or less – I’m pretty dysfunctional. A walking zombie, unpleasant to be around. Likely conversation limited to grunts! LOL. Writing will be in bullet points and not paragraphs! This can happen at 5 too depending on the time of day and amount of caffeine, lol! Ain’t nothing happening, and nothing doing, til I get more sleep. Might as well stop the world. I cannot work or function with this little sleep. You will want me to go sleep at this stage. Life will definitely stop at this stage.

Now you know why I like coffee so much. It clears my path like a machete in the tropical jungle, removes the cobwebs of life, and much like my savior, helps put my feet where they need to be. Not that coffee is a God, but it’s a God created thing. I’m teasing Lord when I say it, but instead of a Trinity you could make the spiritual thing a Quadruple and include Coffee? I hope you and the angels are laughing, Lord. It was only a joke, I promise. But I DO LOVE YOUR GOD given gift and creation of coffee!

Not much else to say although I did pretty good typing without anything to say. Who knew I’d come up with my own personal sleep scale this morning. LOL

Went to the grocery store last night and feel like we have food in the house now. At least all the favorites. I was out of frozen lunches for work – not a favorite but nice to not go hungry lol. Some days it’s not convenient to eat out. I DID have Bojangles yesterday as fried chicken and dirty rice sounded good. I have to drive 15 min to get to it though so I don’t go very often.

Oh I have really enjoyed listening to this audio book, On Call in the Arctic. On Call in the Artic by Thomas J. Sims. It is so good. He takes a position with the government to a post in Nome, Alaska and takes his family there. It’s really really very entertaining and even sometimes humorous.

Well I better quit writing and get dressed and head into work. I got plenty of sleep last night and even overslept. So I’m at 8. My cup should be full. The coffee still tastes good though. I’m feeling like all we’ve done is work and do chores. I’m so ready for some down time. I wish I could take a vacation day. I normally used to get a day in Oct and a day in Nov and a few days in Dec but have used it up already except for the one day coming in Dec. I think. I have to wait til Dec 11 or something like that.

So off to work I go. Ya’ll have a good rest of the week and will see you again before long.

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  1. Hi Sonya, i am later leaving my comment today…don’t know where the afternoon went to but I do know I just got dinner ready. Today being Thursday is the day I make dinner for Peter. His fav. Is chicken so that’s what was on the menu tonight. I usually cook a whole chicken I rub the skin with olive oil and use lots of garlic under the skin. And pull the legs so I can pop garlic there as well…it makes the chicken lovely and moist….I did new potato’s, carrots and Swede….must say it was good, enough chicken left for Mary and me for tomorrow….only sad thing was how we missed Masy even more as she loved chicken and always got lots of left overs….it seems strange for her not to be here..Oh how we miss her Sonya…
    Anyway glad you had a good day and pray that you get another at least 7 hours tonight…Drive safely home.

    • Your chicken sounds so good. I love using olive oil and putting rubs under the skin and on top- such flavor! I know you miss Masy and I hurt fir you. Many of my friends have lost their pets this year. It’s heart breaking!

  2. I want one of them there Turkeys you got! Too cute:)
    I meant to jump in on your last post but life got in my way. That happens sometimes. All our leaves are gone. There’s a few brown ones still flying around but no variety in color.
    All the leaves are brown…and the sky
    is grey…
    One more day!

  3. Seeing your Turkey reminds me I need to get mine out of the cabinet and dust it off.
    Even since the pandemic, we like to decorate our house for the different seasons.
    Sleep is so important for our health. I have had some trouble getting to sleep but once I sleep it is a night of good deep sleep. I am trying to stay healthy and taking better care of myself. I notice when I eat more fresh vegetables and less processed foods I feel better.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

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