Next Video, Relaxing Weekend, Fall Decor, and Que Sera Sera

Surprise! The new video is published on my YouTube Channel. Here is the embed of it. Was fortunate to have time to get to work on it this weekend. It was good therapy for me. Even when I’m not in a good place, it seems like I can enjoy doing these videos. So that is a good thing. That is how much I enjoy working on them. If you go watch it, please give it a like and subscribe if you would like to see more. I appreciate your support and I’m still looking for a goal of 100 subscribers. I get some perks when I reach it. But don’t forget about coming back and reading the blog entry! I have a lot to share.

It’s been a really good quiet and much needed down time this weekend. I value that. And I have revived and recovered from the shenanigans of recent days and am ready to move on into holiday flair and shopping and of course eating that wonderful cuisine as we do and heading into the holidays with camera in hand.

I’m surprised that with the footage I have and photos, I was not able to cram it all into one video, so I think I actually have a couple more now I can make. Of course life is happening and I’ll have more videos and footage as we head into the holidays and then our mystery excursion in January when the baby is born.

George and I have thought of various angles for this trip. If you read the blog you know that. We really would like to take the dogs with us. There are dog friendly versions of RV’s and George had already looked at that option but the per mileage rate was horrible and would have been outrageously expensive. I was watching a video where the YouTubers were saying you could have a rig delivered to you at the RV park and set up for you (not having to drive it all the way down there). Ding ding ding! I looked at ones that you can drive (would be only a local drive to Katy’s house) so if we wanted we could boon dock for a night or two on their property but man it’s still very expensive. Anywhere from $199 to $299 per night. It’s like a luxury hotel. It will be in January and in Texas it can still be cold. There would have to be heat. I’m not sure if this will work to boondock some but I guess it’s something we can look into. We cannot rent or book in advance unless they are flexible with the dates. So not sure exactly if we can do this but it’s worth checking into more. Can you imagine how much this would help me in my worries about not having a plan? That would be so cool to rent an RV. I wish we could just buy one already and be done with that. But not to be. Not yet anyway. If we do rent one, I was looking at driveable ones so we could move back and forth. But I’m so unfamiliar with all this. But anyway, we will look into it further.

I found a good chip snack. However, they are very filling. They have sweet potato in them and also have brown rice in them. It’s a good snack to hold you over til dinner when working on payroll, ha!

I am not sure if Safflower Oil is good for you or not. But overall as “chips” go – not too bad. No long worded ingredients.

Over the next few days I’ll share some fall decor photos that I took this weekend. I probably already shared some with you but I’ve bought a few more things and moved some around. Who remembers anyway right? I live here and it’s my blog and I have no clue what I shared. I’d have to go back and look, lol.

Fall Decor on the Bookshelf

Dog Beds

I washed the dog bed linens this weekend. Mainly blankets. They love it when I do. I made Maisy a bed underneath the coffee center and bookshelf. I’m not sure why I never thought of it before. She liked it.

Roger was comfy in the clean blanket on his bed. Later Roger was missing and I found him curled up the new bed I made for Maisy, LOL. He likes to break them all in. Maisy doesn’t like laying where he has been so he is marking it just by laying on it and getting his scent on there. That little bugger. He knows. He likes to claim all the beds.

While George went to McKays bookstore today, Roger spent a lot of the time looking out the window for his Daddy. He is more clingy of him (and us) lately. But especially of him. He is not happy unless he is looking at his Daddy and by his side.

And claiming yet another bed with a new blankie. lol

A cool front came through and brought cooler temps and George made the most awesome Tortilla Soup or I guess it was really “Taco Soup”. So incredibly good.

We are well into our 2nd Season of Yellowstone! And I’m caught up on all my You Tuber shows.

What a great weekend!

Bizarre Week Ahead

Now this next week has potential to be a little bit crazy and bizarre. For the following reasons……

  1. It’s a Full Moon week so everyone will need everything all at once and everyone will be unsettled and there will be chaos, confusion, and short tempers. Isn’t that usually what a full moon brings?
  2. It is the final week to clear up any quarter end filings and guess what? I’ve basically had the last two weeks where I have filed ZERO nada of anything as I needed info from others and it either wasn’t available, everyone was too busy, or there were things not jiving up to the numbers. Regardless of the reason it was time lost that cannot be replaced and there is only so many hours to get it done and well….yeah…it’s NOT LOOKING GOOD to be on time.
  3. The normal weeks have been a little nutty in the past few weeks so….a full moon is going to cause some issues on top of the nuts! lol. And there are some nuts out there for sure. Trust me.

But we will offset that with some good meals at home each night and will end the week with some fun.

Photo by Anna Shvets on

Friday I got my Mammogram done at 8 a.m. So in a few days or a couple of weeks, they didn’t say….I’ll get my results. Hopefully all well there. No signs otherwise.

I think that is about all to tell. I will probably not blog until about Wednesday when payroll is over unless there is something to blog about. It has the potential to be a rough week but there are only so many hours in the day and I don’t plan on working after dark by myself, so…’s just the way the cookie crumbled. I can’t get two or three weeks worth of stuff done in one week so it will be what it will be. Let’s sing Dorris Day’s popular hit all week, Que Sera Sera. Everytime I’m asked if I’ve done something yet….I’ll hum this in my head. I can’t worry over things out of my control. It truly will be a Que Sera Sera Situation. I feel the QSS situation going on in several corners of my world!!!!!!!

Now quit looking at Dorris Day and go watch my video! LOL LOL

8 responses to “Next Video, Relaxing Weekend, Fall Decor, and Que Sera Sera”

  1. I love how Roger takes to all the clean bedding. I love to get into a fresh linen bed. I know my doggie loves clean bedding & or a new blanket. I guess they are just like us. lol
    I’m glad you have past the bump in the road.
    A full moon week can get crazy for sure. Hopefully it will go fast & smoother than anticipated.
    Ok, I’m off to watch the video!!

  2. Nice video!!
    You did a bang up job of housework. Get it done!
    The deer footage was nice. The deer here are turning grey for the winter camouflage. They are so much prettier brown. They are so sensitive to light & sound. So, why do they run in front of our cars???
    You cut your hair perfectly. That’s amazing to me, especially with the layers in the back.
    And of course the eats you show make me hungry. You’ll have to show me how to use chop sticks. I can’t get the hang of it for more than a bite.
    I’m going to look for the crackers in your post. I think I’ve seen them at the store.
    Ok. Take care & be safe =)

  3. It looks like you had a good weekend. I know how it is doing laundry and cleaning.
    . It seems like I never get caught up on laundry.
    Roger is funny sneaking into Maisy’s bed. They both look very happy with their clean beds. Funny how much our pets are like us.
    I love clean sheets on the bed. Always makes me happy.
    Cute video. It reminded me of Lady and The Tramp movie you and George slurping your noodles. I fixed creamy chicken noodles today for our dinner. We had a rainy day. I stayed home.
    I miss going out to eat Thai food. Your dinner reminds me of it..
    I hope this week is not too hectic. And everything goes well for you.

  4. I am very sad this morning as I had to have my darling Masy put to sleep on Saturday evening. You know how very much we love our babies and I’m just heartbroken…..Thank you for the wonderful video it had me quite engrossed for a few minutes. That one was far and away you’re best one to date. I feel as if I could just drop into your home and feel… right at home…
    Only sorry I coudnt see where to come to coment ??? As soon as your wonderful video stopped another one started, so I thought best just coment here and if any of your readers hav’nt looked at your Vlog they will go watch it…I certainly enjoy them all but this week it’s best ever….I’m stopping now dear as I still feel sad and my heart is heavy….hope the day passes without to many hitches for you to have to solve. Xxxx

    • Oh Sybil I’m so so sorry to hear this. Another friend has had to put theirs to sleep too. And yet another blog buddy too has had to do the same. I’m so sorry- keeping you on my prayer list.

  5. That would be so awesome if you could work out the RV rental for your January trip. How perfect it would be if it could be delivered there and waiting for you! I’m also thinking if George had a chance to experience life in an RV, even for that short little time, he might fall in love with it and would be won over for buying one. You never know!

    Hope your Monday is going well!

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