Lost Packages, Loss of Words

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Ugh! So Friday two weeks ago, George mailed a box through the post office the long way, doing me a favor so I didn’t have to leave work and drive to the UPS center. We were trying to figure out the cheapest way to send even if it was the long way. After all we had several weeks before the package needed to be at the destination. It’s a couple of gifts – from Mom and from me for Katy’s shower. I didn’t want Mom to have to deal with having to get out and get it packaged and sent so I took on the task to get both our things there.

The package was packed with great care, nothing breakable, but we all know how those shipping guys handle packages out there – throwing them around and such. So I wrapped the entire thing with tape all around and even put it over our address so that if it got wet our addresses would be still be visible.

After I week I thought it should be getting close so we tracked last weekend and the last scan was on the 13th. George checked again yesterday and no scans since the 13th. Everytime I start to get worried George says “trust me it is the post office I deal with them all the time, it’ll get there. They are just slow.”

But this morning when I got out of bed, all I could think of was that package. Where is it? Why are there no scans after the 13th? Did they think it was drugs and tear the package apart b/c I had taped it up so well they were suspicious? Did the tape take off the addresses and they don’t know where to send? Did someone steal it? Will we ever get it back? Will Mom be mad at me now? Will I ever hear the end of it? It’ll be my fault for trying.

These are items that cannot be replaced. They are someone’s handiwork and sentimental items. This makes me even more concerned. We can’t just go by another one. Where is this darn package? Why did it have to be this one that is lost? I offered to do this for Mom. Now I’m accountable for it, giving the “NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED” theory even more credit.

Now I get the absolute freaking joy of alerting my mother that this package has no record since the 13th and that her shower gift, and the item she has worked so hard on, that absolutely can’t be replaced, has not arrived.

Of course I share my feelings of concern with George that I’m worried that it is gone. And he says “if it is, it is, and we’ll cry and get over it”. Feeling that he does not understand the concern I have, I went on to explain how precious this was and that it can’t be replaced.

He put his hands up in the air and made a high pitch lady noise as I was walking away. I went back in to see if he was ok. I thought something had scared him or was wrong with the pets. But it was just him mocking me because I was upset. I have been told I should not worry over it and I’m causing negativity in his morning. ::sigh::

There is nothing positive about lost packages. I’m at a loss myself now. And I’m sitting here trying to understand how being upset over a lost package was wrong. And how conversations can so quickly go South. It must be analyzed so it doesn’t happen again. So I analyze it.

There is a situation.

I shared it.

I am upset.

I was not ugly but shared my thoughts and concerns.

I was told not to be concerned.

I tried to defend why I was concerned.

I was mocked.

I was told I caused negativity in someone’s morning when sharing my feelings.

It’s true that lost packages are not a positive thing.

So how do I handle this in the future?

This is all I can come up with:

Only discuss positive things with people?

Negative things must be kept to self and tackled alone?

But I can’t do that or I’ll combust. I need someone or something to share my feelings and thoughts and concerns with, if a friend or partner won’t allow it.

Guess what? You all get it. You all get my negativity. This is why my blog is so important. There is no one else to discuss things I worry over because no one else wants to hear them and no one else cares.

So there ya have it. Why I blog!

It’s a lonely world sometimes.

But. We have God and the Blog. So we can conquer the world eh?

We cannot always understand why others think or act the way they do and they can’t always understand us. Without proper communication it never will be understood. Not only packages are lost now but relationships suffer. Mister Roger says if you can communicate a situation can be managed. But we speak, get hurt, and recoil because we don’t feel safe sharing our feelings anymore. At least I do. I will be quiet now for weeks. That is how my personality works. Others can smile b/c I’ve shut up and no longer making a noise. They have likely gotten their way. Peace and quiet at last. I’ve been trained well. And that is how we live together for 30 years! lol. I quit talking!

8 responses to “Lost Packages, Loss of Words”

    • I’m feeling positive that the package will arrive. The USPS operates in slow mode only. The past month I’ve had 2 packages at 2 separate times, freeze in place for 3 weeks that were USPS bound. They both made it eventually. The tracking info just stops.
      I can understand your being upset especially with having your mom’s package as well.
      Men don’t get it because they’re MEN!
      I hope you find your tongue & just carry on.
      You’ll be just fine:)

  1. I would be worried and upset too. Let’s hope and pray they find it and get it to Katy’s house.
    With covid going on they may be short on help. Cases have really gone up here.
    Thank goodness it’s almost the weekend.

      • Thank the LORD it has shown up in Memphis !! I totally get how a sentimental irreplaceable item simply can’t be “replaced !! I will pray for it to arrive safe and sound .
        ( We JUST went through returning a new phone – that should not have been sent to start with – and I was on pins and needles if would get there – not a sentimental item but very expensive, and the post office turned it over to FedEx, and we had NO way to track it. Took 12 days to show up . We were so grateful !)

        HANG IN THERE ! I would feel exactly like you do !

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