Need Sleep and God’s Gonna do my Quarter End Returns

Roger dog did not sleep well last night. He wanted off the bed. George got up with him twice. He would not settle. Once it was at 11 during my prime time to get solid uninterrupted sleep. The other was sometime around 1 or 2 or so I think. Then I tossed and turned the rest of the night. As usual was sleeping good by the time the alarm went off. My body feels like it was run over by a truck. So coffee is good this morning. I hope I can make it thru the day. If I don’t get good sleep, I have a hard time.

Not a lot to tell about yesterday. Payroll went ok and found out that the $1700 ish dollars that our reconciliation is off has to do with the COVID, taxes, and insurance. It is a different formula than what we were working with. They are trying to figure out how to pull the numbers from the system. Mystery numbers, lol. I think we found it, it’s $1700 isn’t it? LOL Waste of time trying to find it by calculating all of our employees tax information separately these last three days But oh well. Trial and error. Our systems were just not set up for a COVID environment.

Waiting for the Wave

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I’m pretty much at a STOP on Quarter End. I am waiting “for the wave” of information from others that I need to do the returns. I can only get so far until the unemployment info comes my way from others. I’ve not been able to work on any returns for the last two weeks, it’s on hold til I get info I need. Then the last week it’s always a scramble to get it ALL done when all the info comes at once b/c I still have payroll to do which takes most of the week. The bad news is this body/mind shuts down after so many hours, so I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do much scrambling. LOL And I am not staying after dark to work on anything. People pretty much clear out these days by 5:30 so working late is not an option for me that I am comfortable with being a woman there by herself. I can come in a little earlier, some days but I have things I have to do in the mornings like dog duty since George has a long way to travel. I do mornings and he does evenings. And with the sleeping issue, I need all the sleep I can get. So I can’t get there too much earlier either. LOL Life is hard. OH well.

No Worries

What is it they say? It is what it is, when something is out of your control. Might as well not worry about, just pray about it, say the phrase “It is what it is about 3 times” and just do what you can. It’s not looking good right now for me to finish on time. It’s a shame I couldn’t be working on it these past two weeks. But I worry about it every quarter and somehow it mostly gets done on time. Not all of it, but most of it. We’ll see how it goes. I will try not to worry since it’s basically out of my control other than having to do flips and curls next week, but I’ve decided I’m not skipping lunch anymore to do it. That’s just wrong, lol. A gal’s gotta eat. So I’m setting some boundaries for myself that lunch time will still be taken – at least a short break. I might order in one day though as a treat/work time. We’ll see. It’s so expensive to do that though. And I’ve spent a LOT of money on Amazon and Target with a lot of friends getting married, having babies – wonderful times – plus I’ve ordered a lot for Kate. Then I ordered all the Christmas stuff and fall stuff and we’ve gone overboard on groceries. And it’s time to Christmas shop. Plus I have all these subscriptions I do every month but I stopped doing hair and nails for that. So I probably need to cut back on lunch for a while to make up for some of it. Happy times but the operating expenses are slender now. Too much happening at once.

Alright over and out. I’m not gonna worry. Giving my worries up! Letting God handle it. If next week is a bad payroll week and I have no extra time, God may have to file quarter end returns by Himself. LOL.

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5 responses to “Need Sleep and God’s Gonna do my Quarter End Returns”

  1. Oh Sonya, how I wish you could get more sleep. I’m sure all the coffee you drink can’t help you. Yes it keeps you awake but that can’t go on indefinitely something has to give.
    I haven’t much to say tonight other than like you I didn’t sleep last night either, my wee Masy had trouble yesterday going to we we…she went around 1030am then not again I was worried out of my mind I was taking him to the vet first thing but I don’t have the car and Val my neighbour who has was going to her art class this morning..she would be back by one so I decided another few hours wouldn’t hurt…fingers crossed….anyway when my other neighbour came over she comes every day…anyway when she was going I said perhaps If we took Masy out she just might go….SHE DID what a relief. That was 24hours…anyway love I know how you feel to be tired and I don’t even like coffee….
    Anyway I’m having an early night tonight and I hope you can as well…drive safely. Xxx

    • Many nights I do sleep pretty good. But some weeks not so much. It’s either snoring, dogs, or just trying to get comfy. I don’t drink coffee past 2:30 or so. My latest caffeine certainly finished by mid afternoon. So happy Maisy t’d!

  2. wow. what alot to process and get done. sounds like you have everything under control, though.. lots of money going out here too and with holidays coming up. yikes. it’s fun to shop. unfortunately online purchases are taking forever to get here. if i didn’t know better i’d say the Pony Express is delivering them. katy is going to be so excited to see all the goodies you got the baby. the closer it gets, the more thrilled you all are going to be to cuddle and hold the new arrival. hope roger gets more sleep tonight. take care. .

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