Mid-Week Update, Reading, and Future Plans

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Good morning! I really have absolutely nothing to say here today. But poppin’ in so we’ll see what comes out.

It’s been busy since we’ve been back from Mom’s. Checking off lists and getting things done. Laundry done so that George has his shirts and I have my pants, LOL. Payroll done and month end moving along at a nice pace. Trying to clean and organize in my path as I go along. Grocery lists being made and little plans for the weekend to hit Aldi and I want to go to Hobby Lobby as well.

Looking forward to the weekend a bit for some free time to clean, organize the house, and organize my life as I call it – mainly just planning and getting things done I want to do. Like perhaps the next video. The next video I think will be of our trip to Columbia (not the last one but the one before) where I had the camera with me. This past trip I took the camera but just really wasn’t in the mood to video anything. Sometimes that happens. I mainly just wanted to “be” so I that is what I did. But I will have some extra things to go on that one. I may have enough to do another video after that. Something has to inspire me to video – like travel or something interesting going on at the house. Not many things have happened lately. I think I video’d some things about fall decor and getting that out. I’ll have to see what I have in my collection. And I’ll have to video some more as I get comfortable doing it on a whim.

Of course we have Thanksgiving coming up and I’ll likely video our getting ready for that. And getting ready for Christmas and such. That’ll be fun. And I’ll video our surprise trip to TX in January when the baby comes. All of that will be a mystery – traveling with two dogs to Texas on a whim with no reservations and no places to stay. You can come along for the journey.

The next thing on my learning list is to watch the videos about my camera itself, more about the care of it and learning what all it will do. Then I want to learn more about vlogging and how to use it when vlogging yourself. I find it awkward and too upclose. I mean I even need to know how to hold the thing on the tripod. I can’t even figure out how to get the camera on the tripod that came with it. I have been using a different one.

We decided to do the flooring in the house after the baby is born and after our January trip. The pace picks up for the months of Nov and Dec. And January is the wild card month, so we can’t make plans for having it put down really until February at least. Who knows how backed up they are since COVID and people are upgrading their homes – plus the factor that no one wants to work anymore and no one can find help. I kinda figured that since we hadn’t jumped on the bandwagon – it would have to be next year. I was fine with that. There will be a lot we will have to do moving a few things for it to happen. And we’ll be wanting time to redo and redecorate a few things – that always happens when you start moving and shaking things around. So that’ll all be next years project -but there went my Christmas present so George is buying me some extra things for my camera – filter lenses, wide angle lens. I might ask for a ring light for videoing and perhaps a few more little things to go with that.

I told ya there wasn’t much to tell. Just me thinking about the future plans and ideas.

I’m wanting to have some reading time but that is hard to come by. I do get Audio books in. I’m listening to Jen Hatmaker’s new book right now. It has some really good points in it. She’s basically saying that God made us each unique and special and that we should be who we are and say what we need to say and not apologize for who we are but to embrace ourselves to be the women God wants us to be. I can’t put it like she does – otherwise I’d be writing these books myself. But I’m glad I bought it. She is funny and interesting to listen to. The audio book has a few extras.

One thing for sure is that I’m enjoying sipping my coffee this morning. I guess I’ll go on and get ready and go on in.

Keeping an eye on the Hurricane as it heads to the gulf. I have family in Destin. They are saying it will be headed towards New Orleans. Seems too far away to tell, but just praying as this one is a CAT 4 did I hear. Likely a CAT 5 before reaching and this is not going to be one to be around. This will be a deadly and disastrous storm, I’m afraid.

Ya’ll take care.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by to let us know what you are NOT doing of doing this morning LOL. I Love it when you start of blank and then find things to tell us. I’m glad that your getting your kitchen floor done at last, wonder what colour you will have next time….it’s quite exciting looking forward isn’t it. You certainly have a lot to look forward to in the next few months…it won’t be all that long till January comes only about 14weeks…
    Keep smiling love looking forward to see what you tell us tomorrow…

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