Tropical Storm is Coming, Plus Flooring Likes vs Dislikes

I guess we will be getting some rain and wind from Hurricane Delta. It will still be a tropical storm when it gets to Nashville. This was as of yesterday afternoon. I’ve not listened to forecast today. We have a few shopping errands to run Saturday and I’m rethinking it. George says “nehh just take an umbrella”. Supposedly there is a window of time Saturday morning until Noon. I just really enjoy my Saturday mornings at home but maybe we can reverse it if it means beating the rain, wind, and storms – some could be severe.

Someone asked yesterday what flooring I was interested in. Probably something that is good for pets – like vinyl flooring. This is the look I’m going for:

Smooth, natural, long clean lines. I’m happy with either a light grey or a grey oak look. I don’t want a dark wood or really light – but something in between. This above is perfect as it has enough grey in it for me. Matter of fact, I like that a lot.

This is what I DO NOT WANT:

This looks choppy, busy, and just too much going on. It does not look natural and this would truly drive me crazy – ok crazier – hush up now! lol

So, it’ll be 2021 before we can get time to do it. But I’m looking forward to it for sure.

This is all I have time for this morning. Not sure where the time went. Must have been when cutting my hair. I chopped some off of the bottom. I’m going to see what one layer looks like if I can.

Gotta finish getting ready and go to work.

4 responses to “Tropical Storm is Coming, Plus Flooring Likes vs Dislikes”

  1. This week has gone by fast. It has turned cooler here in the mornings but warms up as the day goes by. I like your choice of grey floors. I love getting things done in the house.
    Gives one something to look forward to.

  2. Well short and sweet this morning ! I agree with your first choice. For kitchen floor. Mary has one a bit like that in her wee house…..not much news from Box either, Masy seems a wee bit better I take her to vet again next Monday. Her back legs are still a bit wobbly and one seems to give out once a day sometimes twice….she has been good taking the capsules but they are so big I have to mix them in with something usually cheese but I don’t want her putting on weight….it’s such a worry when our wee pals get poorly if only they could ….tell us……if he is in pain….
    Hope you’ve had a good day…
    Drive home safely

  3. Hoping I can get mine done eventually. First we had to have window replacement and then this year a new AC. I am looking at a wood finish, but not dark or the light oak, but a mellow wood in between. I am looking at the Pergo flooring as it has all the qualities I am looking for. Easy care. Animal proof, etc.

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