Eating Out During Covid, and Working on the next Vlog Video

Famous Dave’s, Almost Empty

We had a fine and dandy weekend. Never long enough. I didn’t get in as much housework as I intended. But I did get the fall clothes tubs up from the basement. I had my winter jammies, scarves, winter purses, and some sweatshirts down there. I also got rid of two sacks of clothes for donation. And everything organized. Laundry was done and ironing complete. But I could use another day to finish working on the house. I’d take a PTO day but I have to save them for flooring days and also for January.

We were able to go out to eat Saturday night at Famous Dave’s. We got the meal for two that comes on a Trash Can Lid.

My favorite was the chicken and the ribs. Brisket not bad but as far as tender and flavor – the first two get my vote. Hard to decide between the ribs and chicken because their chicken was just absolutely delish.

Here he is, Mr. George, about to dig in.

Famous Daves went over and above on the duties to protect employees and customers. First of all since we’ve been there, some paint and flooring have been added and it gives the place a brighter and cleaner look. But besides decor, they took our temp at the door. They set everyone apart. They asked that you wear your mask when entering and standing and. moving about. Despite the efforts there was hardly anyone there. Of course we ate earlier than the normal crowd but still at around 5 minimal people were entering the restaurant. It was so good and it was a fast meal! The order came quick.

And George wanted to settle a tip situation at Hermitage Steak House. They had not put the tip through. So George took them cash to cover it. The manager was so nice. While there Saturday to settle up (before we went to Famous Dave’s) we booked Brunch for the next day. What???? We hardly ever do brunch out anywhere, but you know breakfast is one of my favorite meals! We usually eat our big meals at the end of the day, thus the almost impossible task of losing weight made that much harder. But we had a Noon meal. Again, hardly any folks there. But it was wonderful.

Of course, I’m there with no makeup on as I’m not wearing makeup under these dang masks. People will just have to be scared, not sorry. LOL

Since it was Brunch. I made it true to the word and got the salad bar with it. (They fix it from a check list).

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

Oh my heaven do you know how wonderful this Eggs Benedict was with the smoked salmon?

I just love this place!

After that we went to Kroger and bought a few needs of things we ran out of or were making dishes with this week and then our dog food that we buy.

This was hilarious. Those don’t look like strawberries. And even funnier it’s on a tomato box.

George made some Rosemary Olive Oil yesterday and I worked on the next iMovie.

So I worked on this most all of yesterday because I wanted to! I’m happy to say that it is ALL complete except one part at the end – my OUTRO and then doing the thumbnail. So this will be up before the week is out Lord Willing.

I still have a LOT of little details that I wanted to do this weekend that remain “undone” so I’ll work this week after work trying to get those things done.

I’m feeling a little pinched on all sides as it is quarter end, we have plans for the next two weekends, it’s getting near time to start getting ready for the holidays, we still have the flooring issue to settle, pick out, and schedule. And I agreed for us to host that One Chip contest. Ahhhh! Anyway, it’ll all work out. I will get done what I can get done with the time I have and what doesn’t get done will sit there rot til I get to it, eh?

Well, ya’ll have a good week ahead. I’ll be trying to keep my head above the water! And here comes some cooler temps – at least I hear it is. I’ve not really had time to watch the weather or the news.

Take care!

6 responses to “Eating Out During Covid, and Working on the next Vlog Video”

  1. Oh Sonya, I’m so glad you had such a wonderful weekend, especially great reading was what you ate at the Brunch, like you I enjoy a good brunch, if I do eat around 2/3 that’s all I really need..for the rest of the day…it’s great you managed to get all the washing and ironing done. That’s one thing I really don’t like to do ironing!! In fact I just don’t do it now unless it’s desperately needed…I’m hoping you have a good week at work…….Now please can I ask you for prayers Sonya, My wee Masy is poorly, I had to take her to the vet this morning, she says she has dislocated knees and even possibly a slip disc….last evening I heard her yelp and looked up to find her trying to walk on three legs. I picked her up and rubbed her joint, it was better later but not just right. Anyway Vet said about the disc etc and said as I didn’t want to have an operation ( costing over $1,500 ) she gave her a pain killing injection and has given me two types of pills she has to have for two weeks and see how it goes, she is only 81/2 …I’m so worried Sonya please pray she won’t get any worse…Thank you. I love my wee Masy so much just as you do to all your pets….Thank you xxx

  2. Your brunch looks wonderful. I love going to brunch. Here we love OCharlies brunch.
    I wish we had a Famous Daves here. Ribs and chicken look good.
    This time of year is busy. But a body can do only so much. Take time for yourself. Looking forward to your next vlog.

  3. You make going out to eat look so normal. :::sigh:::
    & yum0
    I did a lot of housework this weekend & still have a lot to do.
    I have to make a big list & stick to it.
    I’m supposed to get a flu shot on Thursday. I’m not excited about that, but I must do it. Right now I need s jolt of caffeine.
    Take it easy =)

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