One Chip Challenge, Ipad Update, and Canva App

Good morning! It was a pretty one coming out of the neighborhood yesterday. The sun beginning to rise through the clouds. Friday was an alright day I suppose. I was able to eventually make progress on month end taxes due and quarter end as well. A few interruptions but was able to pull through. I learned a few things too when I had to do something I’d not done before. So that was a big win for me. The day passed pretty quickly. About 2:30 I was really mind weary but a cup of coffee and an e+shot got me to my 2nd wind.

At home George and I had a relaxing night, walking the dogs. I caught up on some YouTubers and George caught up on computer things. Then he fixed corn bread to go with the leftover white bean chili. It was so good. We went to watch Yellowstone and discovered that PEACOCK channel had tricked us. It had showed that the Yellowstone was FREE but after we watched one and got hooked, it then said we had to pay. It made me so mad that I’m likely going to delete PEACOCK. We are not paying for another subscription as we’ve not watched what we want to see on Netflix yet. And honestly I’m starting to think we need to just drop cable TV since we have a smart TV and mainly watch the apps anyway. I just want to be able to get the local channels for the news but I think now you can get that on line anyway. I guess we are old school and it is scary to let go of what we are used to. But truth be known we are paying for a triple play and I think we are not using two of the three items very much.

George sent me a pic of his new office set up in the Warehouse at the property he works with. I have never seen so many monitors.

He and a coworker painted it this week and moved in. He’s no longer in the offices but in the warehouse so he can work with the people he is mainly ordering the parts for in the mine. He works for a large world wide mining company of zinc.

So I had to tease him b/c the right screen on the laptop shows someone from the office saying “Come Back”. I told him “Wow 4 screens and one screen just for communications with his #1 fan club”. LOL

Paqui One Chip Challenge

So blog readers are asking about the Paqui One Chip Challenge. A chip so hot it comes in a coffin.

This one is on Ebay. Apparently people buy them from the company every year and resell them on ebay. George knows someone that bought and paid $75 for one tortilla chip. So now I think you can only buy ONE from the company. George and his friends each bought one. George’s hasn’t come in yet. It has Scorpion Chili Pepper in it.

So George and his buddies want to get together and do this. I’ve told him we can do it at our house which is kindof in the middle if he wants to invite everyone here. So whether it happens or not, who knows. George wants me to video it if we do.

There are numerous One Chip Challenges on You Tube. The Redneck one is pretty funny, and one with a news anchor – but the Redneck had too much cursing so I wouldn’t repost it. This one was pretty funny. Apparently it is about 6 minutes of hell in which you finally feel like you are going to die. I don’t really see why anyone would want to put themselves through such agony but I guess they want to see who reacts the least? And that makes for the toughest male? Oops I forgot there is one woman doing the challenge.

My chest and stomach is burning from just watching it!

On my end, the challenge is about how many subscribers can I get, LOL LOL LOL! So hopefully I’ll get to share.

Home Screen: IOS 14 Update to iPad

Here’s my Home Screen after doing my little update and decor. Here’s my thoughts, some are repeating from an earlier post.

  1. You can’t move the widgets around on your ipad, other than that left area of your screen. That needs to be improved!
  2. You have to use the area to the left (swiping right) and put in jiggle mode and hit “keep as home screen” and then hit the “+” sign and it will allow you add widgets
  3. I downloaded “Colorwidget app” and “WidgetSmith” apps.
  4. You can’t use your “Larger Icons” mode and be able to use the widget area as your home screen. I had to switch that mode to the regular size apps before it would let me. I discovered this early on quite by accident.
  5. If you group apps together it’s quite small. I wish they would allow groupings and it be bigger on the ipad.
  6. So because of #5 I had to take all my apps out of the group as it was hard to see them and find them since they were not in large mode.
  7. It was a good time to delete all the apps I don’t use.
  8. I intend on setting up just a “game page” with all the B games I don’t play much. The A game, Candy Crush is on the first page, LOL.

I reset it so all my favorite apps are on the front page. The next page has all the others and there is a third page. But hopefully a future update will provide more for us. It makes me wonder why. Perhaps there is something greater and different coming for the iPad in a future rollout?

Free Background / Canva App

Here is a background I used if you want to use it for your iPhone or iPad. I downloaded it from Canva. I encourage you to download Canva app if you haven’t already. You can do Canva for free. Either an app or on line. There are a lot of free photos. Yes it can be aggravating though b/c you’ll see one you really want and it’ll be premium only! Ha! I had Canva free for like two years before I finally said enough and paid the premium. The ability to lose the background sent me over the edge and I had to have that function. I have enough reason now with so many different uses for it. (Blog, Vlog, phone decor, and more.). It’s one of the things I gave up doing my nails professionally for. I always felt guilty paying a subscription for something. But I wanted this app so badly. Now I use it several times a week and sometimes every day!

I had mentioned before that you can make your own backgrounds easily with your phone camera. Just start noticing textures, patterns, and start taking pics. Get creative. Canva also has all sorts of designs to add to your photos and you can layer them on and create graphics as well.

Weekend Outlook

So anyway on to today. Sleep was excellent last night – a full 8 hours sleep with only one wake up. It was great and I feel great. If only I could sleep those additional hours from 4 to 6 every day. I really need those hours daily now but can’t have them.

Much to do today. House cleaning – surfaces, floors, linens changed, clothes washing, giving George a hair cut, returning Amazon purchase, sending a get well card to someone, checking on Mom, emptying trash cans, taking care of doggies, and hopefully working on getting some things accomplished for the next video. I’m itching to do this!

We are going out to eat tonight. We are going to stop at the Hermitage Steak House and check on our tip we left. They did not charge us the tip we left. He also left an additional cash tip that was small as he decided to up it in addition to what we left on the card. Our waitress was new but was so good and was so nice and trying so hard. We want to go buy and make sure we settle the tip for her. We are going early so if they have a table, we are going to eat there again b/c it was so good! We decided to leave it up to chance. If they don’t have a table then we will go somewhere else and we have a whole list in that area that we decided we’d be happy to go too. I suggested that we try to go out to eat about every Friday night or every other so we can begin getting around to all the places we have missed.

So I’m going to get off of here and get another cup of coffee and then get started on my Saturday.

What are your plans for the day?

4 responses to “One Chip Challenge, Ipad Update, and Canva App”

  1. Hi Sonya, no plans for today other than to tidy up things we brought home with us after our few nice days away on the Isle of White….
    But before that we go over to Chippenham as always on a Saturday with Peter. It’s a nice sunny day and quite warm behind the glass window, but when you get outside the wind is coming straight from the North and oh boy is it cold.
    Enjoy your meal out tonight, look forward to reading about it tomorrow..
    Drive safely and keep clear of the virus ..

    • Oh I hope you enjoyed yourself on the trip. Were you able to sleep in your set up? I was worried about that. Anyway, have a lovely day – I guess it is night there or somewhere close to it as I write this.

  2. That is funny about the chip in a coffin. None for me though. I had some hot Mexican cornbread once. My mouth was on fire.
    We are decorating for fall. I am making chili today. It feels so good outside we may eat outdoors.
    I am loving the cooler weather but am going to miss summer.
    Have a good weekend.

    • I loved the cool spell we had last week. It’s nice here today. I thought it was supposed to be up to 80 but only 75 here at 2:30. I guess it still could reach it. I hear cooler air coming after a front in a few days. So I got out the fall clothes today. We plan to have chili dogs one night this week.

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