Excited about IOS 14 on iPhone and a Crab Boil!

Yesterday went by so fast! I ended up spending the morning working on some techy projects as you can see from the previous post. Made some improvements to links and accesses to the YouTube videos so you can easily find, view, like, and subscribe to the videos now.

It wasn’t until bedtime that I discovered IOS 14 was actually available this whole time sitting in my Settings and waiting. Usually it gives a red notification alert. I was waiting for that alert and trying to be patient.

I am excited to set up my home screen. How cruel I’ve been to myself to download it on a Sunday night and get up and have to go to work the next morning! Geez! I just want to organize my phone all day! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Before you get upset – those that don’t like change. My phone was exactly the way it was before the update. But the options are there to change and reorganize to the new way if you want it.

When you DO download it, just know that it has some really good explanations that actually STAY ON your phone in a section called “See What’s new in IOS”. Before it always disappeared after you read it. But best of all you can search on YouTube “How to Set Up IOS 14 Home Screen” and there are lots of quick videos showing you how to do it and giving you some examples. I love YOU Tube, it helps so much in almost everything I do to be able to understand anything anymore.

Crab Boil for Two

So we had a crab boil last night. I set up the table in the sunroom as it has a metal table and put a plastic type table cloth and then parchment paper across that for easy clean up.

We had crab, shrimp, cajun sausage, corn, potatoes, and slaw.

And of course we ate on the plastic fish plates which we have had for years – as a fun dinner time plate and we use them for picnics sometimes. Mainly we use them for pizza night, which is rare these days. But yeah, what a GREAT dinner. Filling but in a good way. Most of it healthy. Maybe not the sausage so much. Maybe not so much butter but it was so good.

Now it is the work day and I must prep and get out the door. It was a great weekend. Never enough time to do what I want to do. And it’ll be a busy week for me this week. I have quarter end once this payroll is finished. I have all month to get through it but, will probably need to work a bit longer each day to accomplish it. And I am also cooking two nights this week. Another grocery run is probably going to happen as we need Fresh Pet. Kroger was out of what we use. I forget what else is on the list but working on my iphone is one of them.

Well, I need to wrap it up and head out. Ya’ll have a fabulous day. Once I get my iphone set up I’ll do screen shots so you can see it. I wish I could just be geeky all day long, work on videos, iphone set ups, do email, blog, learn how to use my camera, learn how to use YouTube and study more on making videos. Boy I could tear up a day on my own just to do all these things.

But off to work we go so people can get paid. Not a bad thing to do at all as I love what I do. Lucky to get to be happy anywhere. Except for when I get locked out and can’t do anything! Ya’ll have a good day.

Are you getting any fall temps where you are? We are and it feels so good. Highs in 70’s and lows 50’s. I think it jumps back up to 80’s but it will be back and forth for a while. Have to plan when to get down the fall clothes. I’m ready for flannel PJ pants and long sleeves.

Have a great week!

6 responses to “Excited about IOS 14 on iPhone and a Crab Boil!”

  1. OMG that crab boil! Wowza!!
    Wish I was there. lol
    Those crab legs…corn…heaven…
    We’ve been having days in the high 50’s & nights in the 30’s! Yesterday I went to Fall in my closet. Feels good. Flannel sheets aren’t far behind. Speaking of…our thermostat went kaput so we have no heat. We’re waiting on the repair guy as I type. Yeah it’s chilly.
    Have a great day!

    • Oh wow. So you are up north somewhere right? That’s pretty chilly for fall. Hope the heat got fixed with those temps. I’m getting the fall clothes out this weekend. I normally do it the first of October but we have a lot going on that weekend and I’m missing my flannel PJ’s and long sleeve tops. George often still keeps the a/c going. Next year I’m keeping one pair of flannels out. I usually do for the cold a/c nights. I totally forgot to do that but I will next time.

  2. The weather was perfect here today. I have started pulling out some of my fall and winter things. We have never had the crab boil here at home ..it looks like a lot fo food for just two of us. Did you and George eat all that food?! There is a place here called The Tavern where we usually go to get a bucket of the seafood boil. Crab legs are my favorite.

    • Yeah we ate the whole thing. It was about our only meal of the day. I had some carrots and brocolli dipped in dressing for lunch – just a few. The crab legs took up a lot of room but are a small amount of meat. Only a few shrimp – the corn on the cob took up room – so it shrinks when you remove all the excess. It was so good and easy. George said it was a timing thing – different things boil different times so you put it in at various times. Definitely something we will want to do again. Harder for a big crowd though. The logistics of having enough boil and wiggle room to cook it, drain it, and serve it. A lot of people figure out a way to boil it in big containers outside. It’s a treasure meal for all.

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