Hot Springs Revisited

Donut Supreme Mineral Wells, TX

Before we left Texas George wanted another Kolache so I got one too. Two different kinds. One was like a pastry with a surprise inside.

Texas Kolache

The other is like a little hot dog in doughnut pastry dough without the glaze. It was really good and with mustard.

That filled us up so much we didn’t even want lunch. lol

The drive to Hot Springs was long. many stops. Once we had to stop because Roger fell into a hole in the very back of the car while trying to get into the Pringle’s. We had to open the back door hatch carefully and I was poised to catch him as the door opened.

The dogs were restless and so were the people. We breathed a sigh of relief to get to the hotel. George and I walked and then fed doggies and he and I set off for downtown after checking that our favorite brewery was open.

Heading toward Downtown Hot Springs

We found a free 2 hour parking spot and headed to our brewery past the bath houses.

Bathhouse Row, Hot Springs

We weren’t sure how long the wait would be due to lower capacity seating due to Covid but only about 20 minutes.We sat out front til called. Masks required until seated.

Superior Bathhouse Brewery, Hot Springs
Happy Humans
Hummus Platter, Superior Bathhouse Brewery
Spicy Curry Wings

We then had to go change our parking spot and we went to the German Restaurant for dinner although we were barely hungry.

George has been wanting to eat here for a while but we’ve always eaten somewhere else. So I suggested we eat there this time.

Steinhaus Keller, Hot Springs
“German Sushi”, Steinhaus Keller
Lamb Skewers, Steinhaus Keller

Then back to hotel room, to doggies and a nice evening reading for George and for me playing Candy Crush.

Here was the sunrise from our hotel room! We are underway now! Long drive ahead. Five hours but will likely take 6.5 to 7. We shall see. Prayers again please for safe travel.

6 responses to “Hot Springs Revisited”

  1. Well it’s a couple of hours or so since your blog was sent out so you’ll be a wee bit nearer home, the longest mile is the last mile home….you must both be tired so time to tell each other jokes. Bet you didn’t know this is national Joke Day ! To start you off here is one
    Two silk worms were having a race…
    What was the result ?…..They ended up in a tie !!!
    Drive on …drive safe…..see you tomorrow…..unless you’ve got time to let me hear your home xx

  2. Question?! What the hell is German Sushi? What is that?
    You should be on the last leg of your trip by now.
    The doggies can’t wait to get home. lol
    Safe travels & A/C. I know, I’m such a girl:)

  3. I will say this by reading your blog. You guys love travel! You love food! I swear you both should retire and travel near and far and go on a food excursion ! LOL Wow! We don’t live as big as you guys do and I have to say it always looks lovely. I know you don’t know me at all, but I love your blog the most because you guys just know how to live! So nice to see . So thank you for taking me on the trip to Texas with you and showing me so much of what is out there!

    Rose 🙂

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