Pit Stop and Headed Toward Home

The Pit Stop, Breckenridge TX

Yesterday we hung inside for most of the day. Mid day we went out for lunch and then to the store for the night’s dinner as George was fixing Italian Chicken.

We had Pit Stop for lunch and ate inside.

Brisket Potato, fixings on the side

I had the Beef Brisket Potato with everything on the side. It was perfect. George had the ribs with no sides.

It was funny that we were parked where it said Lodge and RV Park. It wasn’t much of one that I saw but it knew how to tease my dreams anyway. lol

The big news of the day though was the heat.

This is truly the hottest temps I’ve ever experienced and it makes you grateful for a/c in the house and car! I was also grateful for no humidity – at least not like Nashville.

We are headed toward Hot Springs. I’m doing the blog post from the car now! So travel payers/blessings please. I always appreciate your prayers to God to watch over us!

I’ll miss this view and I’ll miss Katy and Cody and Findlay. What a great and relaxing week. We left them to rest and recover from all the festivities and their work week. We tried to pick up after ourselves, cook, and clean and replace things used. But no doubt they are ready for peace and quiet and a few less dogs and peeps taking up space.

More, Lord Willing, from Hot Springs tomorrow. Here’s our road today headed east and to mid nineties heat instead of mid hundreds. But bye bye ranch – we will miss you. I believe ranch property goes as far as you can see here.

4 responses to “Pit Stop and Headed Toward Home”

  1. 🙏
    Wow that heat!! I’m hot just looking at 112°. Dang. Whew.
    It’s only in the 60°s today & tomorrow for me, but rainy.
    Stay safe 🙏

  2. Hi Sonya, I was writing earlier but a visitor arrived. Just a quickie today to say thank you for keeping us informed of your wonderful visit to Kate and Cody you seem to have had a wonderful holiday and now it’s time to be home word bound. I pray that you will have a safe journey and that you have been sensible enough to wear your masks….better to look the odd one out than the one lying on a hospital bed…
    I continue to keep Kate in my prayers now that she has returned to school and may face more people who might not have been very sensible….
    Looking forward to hearing your home safely. Glad you got your packing repacked and got everything in !!! I’m afraid you looked like people I laugh at when we are on holiday that seem to think they need to take everything with them but still want to go on holiday to get away from everything LOL. There are very few places in the world that we cannot get something we have left behind LOL….drive safe …God Bless

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