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I discovered a lot of my tags were missing in my side bar “Tag Cloud”. Particularly any where “God”, “Love”, etc had been mentioned. I began to be concerned and thinking along the lines of having a free speech issue. But after some quick research on “missing tags”, apparently it’s not a spiritual thing or a free speech issue, but you are ONLY able to use 45 tags – period. End of story. Well as far as that goes anyway. But I have some work to do.

So I found in my WP Admin section on my dashboard (my back office so to speak) a section on POSTS, and then TAGS. There are all my tags with the amount of times I’ve used each one. Apparently I have 165 tags at the present time. Wow. It said I only put “God” in a tag once. I find that hard to believe, but perhaps I’ve chosen to tag the topic itself, instead of “God” so I’ll give it a rest – a rest worrying about it that is. Although a bit disappointed to see that I would only have supposedly tagged him once.

I will, therefore begin to pin down my 45 tag words and will go in and delete the others as I see you have options for that. Oh yeah, I’m a Geekazoid like that. I do think that it is important for the blog to have the 45 tags that are useful for the purposes of visiting my blog. And I will also do some research on that to see how WordPress uses the tags. So that I can pull in those that really would enjoy reading subjects that I talk about.

It also means that I will be using “God” as a tag more often because I want God in my Tags! 😉 He most certainly needs to be there. And this will be a blog defining exercise I guess. I needed more projects right? Of course it’s still a free thing. I’m free to morph into other things. If I start tagging a new hobby – for example if I take up underwater basket weaving and begin tagging that, over time it will take over a “least used” tag. So no issues there. But I do feel my tags need some work. And I am disappointed that you can only have 45 tags. But i get it. What would my sidebar look like if I had all 165 titles on there. It does limit your readers ability to use the cloud though – as limited to 45 subjects.

Truth be known, most readers probably don’t even see the side bar. Most readers probably won’t even use the Tag Cloud once they are here, but I figure the tags may bring people in to the blog in the first place. That will be part of the research. That said though, I probably still need to limit the amount of posts you can scroll down and see on the main page when you visit my blog. When on phone or iPad, I think it is hard to see the side bar anyway. But if I limited the amount of posts on the main page you would be able to see them at the end of the post. I have it set on unlimited right now which means you would never see the side bar which is at the end, on the iphone or ipad.

So I will have to think about that some. And I think on my particular theme it is either one post or all of them. I’m not sure I get anything in between. I’m babbling on but this was interesting and I’m glad the mystery was solved. I was determined to figure this out.

Need More Sleep…

This is the kind of thing you wake up at 3 a.m. and start wondering about. WordPress Tags! LOL. I slept about 5.5 hours and catnapped between 4 and 5. Mostly awake. I thought about our jobs. I thought about the new grandbaby. I’m gonna be a Nonni!

Someone (Katy’s friends planning the gender reveal) knows what the gender is now. Someone knows! Katy and Cody doesn’t know. Katy and I were saying how weird that is and how hard it was to NOT KNOW yet. Soon we will all know.

I thought about a lot of things between 3 and 5 am. And now it’s time to go to work! Right now I’m feeling kinda smothered and like I don’t have time to think. I need to make a plan to be more mindful and spend time with God and spend time thinking my own thoughts and thinking about things and thinking things through. When we don’t we are just always impressioned and imprinted upon by others. Not that it has to be a bad thing, but just we need to be our own people. Do you know how excited I got thinking about my grandbaby b/w 3 and 5. Simply because I had time to think! I began thinking about how much I miss my sister and how we used to be supportive of one another. I thought about things at work and George’s work. I thought about our future. I had time to think. It’s important to have time to think and I prayed b/w 3 and 5 also – for everyone! For all that. And so sometimes I think God wakes us so we can have that time. Time to plan, time to find resolve, time to feel.

Camera Update

I did get my Canon EOS M50 camera and began setting it up. I’m making myself read the manual accompanied with the Canon on line support which is great. There’s even lessons on what it all means and how to take good pics. It’s going to be a slow process though because I know nothing about this kind of camera and even in its simplicity, it’s still fairly complex when you know nothing. But this will be my new project for a while. I mean it took 30 minutes just to figure out the proper way to attach the strap. I’m not one of these mechanical type people either. But I’ll be patient with myself. It’s important for me to do this. The instructions are so small and not very descriptive, but on line it’s a little better. A lot better.

So gotta go. I have dog duty this morning and that requires more time.

Ya’ll have a good Thursday. At least the weekend is approaching. And I have some good news. George said he thought we could work together to create some music for my videos. I was pleased. Yes, we can do that! Oh and I have a 6:20 physical tomorrow and I plan to go to it. I called and discussed the safety of it. So hopefully all will be fine. I need to get my labwork done and this Corona Virus not going away any time soon. Have to do this to get the BP meds renewed and all that.

Hope you all are doing well!

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  1. Afternoon love, from a nice warm and sunny day in BOX, I was just saying to Mary what a beautiful part of England we live in. It’s in an area called Wiltshire and there are lots of historic buildings all around and of course the most significant is Stonehenge where the standing stones are, you should read about them if you hav’nt done it before…we are about an hours drive from them. Wiltshire is also famous for its White Horses that are carved into the hillside near various monuments if you put in Wiltshire White Horses. You will find it interesting I think…..I’m looking forward to you and George working on some music. Also waiting to see your pictures….must go hope I’ve not written to much. God Bless

  2. A new baby is something to be excited about. You got your new camera just in time. I am sure you will be taking lots of pictures of your new grandson or granddaughter.
    I am very happy for you.

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