Tornado Aftermath and Traffic Tie Ups

The week has gone by fast but yet it seems this morning, it’s not going by fast enough. I’m grateful that our home was spared and trying to have patience as I understand fully the reasons why it is hard to get to work and get home. But the facts remain, it still DOES hurt when you have to pee after being in the car for over 3 hours and nothing is open. There is not one iota of patience and understanding that can fix that for ya.

So getting up this morning and sipping coffee, I really don’t want to go into work. I want to have the evening I didn’t get last night and get some things done I need to get done here. When I did get home, I had to wash George’s shirts, and fold two loads of clothes, and iron some pants for tomorrow.

I’m strongly considering taking a vacation day tomorrow just to give our community time to get the roads back open again.

I was considering joining the volunteers for a part of time on Saturday, and how that would work. As I did that George sent me an email of all he wanted us to do this weekend – mainly yard work. I wasn’t sure anyway about the volunteer thing as I can’t lift heavy things and had thought maybe we should donate money and supplies and be encouragers instead, so I think we will do that. And I’m trying to think of ways to do something different. We were not home last weekend and I have a trip coming up next week, so I need to at least have time to get ready for that.

I have to get gas this morning in case I get stuck again. I only have about 1/8 of a tank. So I noticed that the gas stations were at least open and operating *some* pumps. So I will stop at BP this morning and then stop at Shell next door if BP not functioning. If that doesn’t work I can make it in to work I think since 40 and Briley are not the problems. Worst case scenario – I run out and have to ask for help, lol. Which is not an option for me that is acceptable. lol But I do have enough to get to work as long as there is not a huge traffic tie up going in. I think going in now, is ok. But one never knows. Coming home was ok on Wed but yesterday a nightmare. I think the interstate was closed mid afternoon to get power lines back up west of us and then I think there were several wrecks everywhere that complicated things. And so it was 7:30 to 8 before most people around here got home from work. We inched home.

It’s interesting that the WAZE app showed the tornado zones. Letting people traveling through know what was going on. I guess that could be good or bad. Bad in the way of the fact that the gawkers have to go see. They need to stay away until we have infrastructure – roads open and power back on at least. And use the news media to see. It’s not fun to be stuck in traffic and not have a way to communicate, so they should keep that in mind.

I’m proud of our police department here. They are doing a great job to help the owners protect property from looters. Can you believe people would do such a thing? Of course they would. Thieves don’t care where they get their source and thievery at one place is just as bad as thievery in another – to them the doors aren’t locked and they go for it to support their drug habits. So the police have curfews on the roads where there are issues. No one can work after dark to protect everyone and no one allowed in the neighborhoods and police car blocking the streets. I’m sure there are those that will try to sneak through wooded areas and go in the back routes on foot from other streets so I hope they are considering that possibility.

Ok so I’m getting off of here and trying to get a head start today. I think I might try to leave earlier. And I’ll consider whether to use a PTO day tomorrow. I had some rolled over from last year I’d forgotten about so I may use that and just let our town have the 3 days to get things done and the main roads fully open. I’m behind at home anyway and could use the day. My nerves have been shot this week. But certainly mindful of those that lost everything. I feel guilty at any pleasure filled moment – such as hot coffee, sitting here typing with robe on, having power and TV and internet. Grateful to be alive really. In those somber moments waiting for the cell to pass over us in the basement, I had no idea at the time this big tornado wedge was actually doing so much destruction. They usually just fly over, knock some trees down here and there and a roof off somewhere. But an elderly couple in their 80’s are gone here and a security guard – a young girl working. And then there was a lot of children and some young families lost in Cookeville. So as I sit and ponder traffic difficulties and where to get gas and whether to take PTO times, I’m mindful of those who don’t even get to make those choices this morning and I’m praying for those families. Will you also pray for them? It’s going to be very difficult for a lot of people to get over this, where such young ones have lost lives.

And that is all I have for today.

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  1. It’s heartbreaking. I can’t even imagine what those who lost loved ones and their homes are going through. I don’t blame you for wanting to take a day off. You deserve one for sure. I have not felt well this week with all the bad things that are happening in the world.. I hope things get better for everyone.

  2. I have a habit of never let my car bet below a quarter of a tank. I usually fill up when it falls below half. I know that if there is no power in our area we cannot get it so it has become a habit over the years for me. I have had this tardily on my mind since it happened. I feel for all the people effected. I believe they follow a path of heat and highly populated areas give off mor heat.

  3. I am trying to leave a comment but it is not going ! Just to let you know I am praying for you and everyone who has been physically and mentally hurst this past few days..night night God Bless

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