Hair Cuts and Tracking Journals

Good morning! I hesitate to even blog since there is just not much to report. Work, eat, sleep, watch a show, play a game, do chores…

I DID go back to my hairdresser and get my hair cut again. While my hair really hadn’t grown out enough to get it much to this cut, it’s at least close. I told her of my dilemma, that I had been unhappy with it but then liked that I had to do very little to style it and then after a couple of weeks ended up loving it. So I told her she could cut it again, but maybe not quite as short. But here were the pics I showed her and she got it as close as she could, with my hair not having grown out enough to do the look totally – but it’s close. It’s just that she had to blow it dry and use a round brush for about 12 min of styling to get it as flat as this. Mine will look more feathered b/c I won’t be having time to blow dry and style it straight. But that is ok as I like a little curl when it starts to grow out.

I think she kept the duck tail in the back though. I told her I didn’t really care one way or the other. I think it is there though. I’ll have to look again this morning. Didn’t pay too much attention last night.

After I got my hair cut we had some errands to run (liquor store for wine and fondue for our French weekend with Don and Lisa) and also the grocery store for our ingredients. Cooking night is tonight after work. So we ate out yesterday at a Chinese restaurant. I’m thinking “why did we do that?” with the Corona virus. I know there are not many cases from here in the US, and that flights from China have been cancelled, but can’t those folks travel to other countries and fly in from there? Or do they turn their passports away? I hear they rotate people in and out of the Chinese restaurants to work so…..hopefully it’ll be ok.

I’m not sure what it is I’m beginning at or not needing to give up on. Maybe it’s my quest for RVing and Travel. lol. A dream in the back of my mind always. That is not really a “fortune” but advice. I guess they ran out of fortunes. lol

George’s “fortune” was that his kindness comes from inside. I said that is good to know, that the other stuff is just on the surface, lol lol lol lol. He didn’t laugh. He said “what other stuff”. I said “you know – the assholedness stuff”. lol I quickly followed with “oh you don’t act much like one anymore”. He said “gee thanks”. I said “no really that is a compliment”. Anyway, I was trying to be funny. But, maybe it didn’t come across. That’s ok. I often don’t laugh at his stuff either. It is true, we have had our moments.

So I looked for a template to begin tracking some things just for my own curiosity, health wise. I think I know the answers already but I’m going to do a health tracker (a study) on my self. It will entail food, supplements, sleep, pain, symptoms, weight, stomach issues, and yes even poop types, lol. I looked at several on line that I thought I may print out. But I ended up buying a little book on Amazon that will track 2 months at least. That will get me started. It was only $11.99 and will do. It seems the millennials create their own journals with lettering and fancy pen strokes and drawings, lol. I considered that but decided I didn’t want to create the wheel and didn’t have that much creative time.

I really do want to lose some more weight. I think not having the nuts and eliminating the popcorn will turn out to be a blessing in that. So there is some good to come out of this. But I miss my nuts terribly and the popcorn I haven’t really had a craving for, miraculously, but I will at some point.

I have had some pain this week and I was nervous that the diverticulitis issues were coming back but they did not. It would be horrible to have that happen on our foodie weekend. I will have to be careful and not over do it though and not stuff myself this weekend. I’ve added more fruit in the diet. We eat a lot of rice and potatoes and greens. I hope the diabetic issues do not flair over the white rice, white potatoes, and fruit. I’m hoping that by eating the fruits and veggies it will even out. I bought whole grain bread the other day trying to eat healthy. Bought a brand with no nuts or seeds but lo and behold – it had those little whole grain pods in there which were like seeds and I didn’t notice until after I’d already eaten one. So I don’t know what to do there about eating bread. I’m trying to cut it out for the most part and just eat crackers – as whole grain as I can get w/o nuts and seeds. I end up eating a lot of peanut butter b/c it is smooth. But I can’t eat that every day.

I bought apples and an orange at the store last night and also pineapple tidbits. Very high in sugar on that can of pineapple but at least it’s natural sugar.

I haven’t even opened up the last doc visit numbers. I figure what is the point. I heard it pretty much incorporates the last six months which had Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdaying and such – so it likely won’t be pretty. I guess I do need to look at it. Maybe the numbers will be going in the right direction. Maybe it will surprise me. Maybe it will be better. One day I’ll look. I just don’t want to be depressed. I’ve tried for so long and have been eating better but changing from 50 50 eating good/bad and 70/30 good/bad didn’t do a whole lot for me. Lost a bit of weight, some numbers got better, then the next time stayed the same – after putting so much effort toward it. So I just have to keep tweaking to find what works. Exercise helps when I can get that worked in. I’m sure. But THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY THAT I DO’s system has helped more than anything to at least keep me feeling good, energized, help maintain the weight loss, and keep muscles built up and mind fog gone and depression at bay. I just struggle with those shakes in the winter.

So it’s a struggle and I am going to try to get to the bottom of what works and what doesn’t work. I do know it’s more complicated though – it gets down into the micro-nutritional substances (or lack thereof) – or the chemistry, if you will, of what is inside that dish you just ate at Olive Garden – what oils, margarine or butter, or substances went in the making of that dish. I might not lose weight based on the fact that the chicken dish I just ate was sautéed in veggie oil, or the green beans I ate were soggy with margarine. It’s never simple. But I’m going to try and make some notes on all the things I go to for food and see how I feel after eating each and try to see some trends. Not the most controlled study ever – but if I eat spaghetti at home fixed the way I like it and with the style of pasta I like – do I bloat to kingdom come? Have pain the next day? Lose sleep that night? As we go about our normal patterns of eating, I will look for trigger points.

I have been seeing some pain in my arms in the last week despite the THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY I USE’S PRODUCTS, however sometimes I’ve not had the shakes as much and occasionally skip the night vitamins – so I’ve been trying to drink more and take my supplements and that seems to help. I’m not getting as much protein and that is the culprit I think.

I just don’t have a lot of anything interesting to report today. The coffee is good and no pics really of anything remotely interesting. I’m going back for more coffee here in a second.

We have warmer temps coming, although mixed with rain. And my trip with Katy is only 2 weeks away. A little nervous about being on a plane with a bunch a folks and going thru airports but it is what it is. I’m just glad to get some fun time with my girl, eating out and shopping. There is that eating out – I love cuisine and that makes it hard to try new things when you have to watch what you eat. But I’ll do my best to do my best.

Will spring ever get here? It’s just been dreary weather or cold. March is coming – and the winds of change will surely be blowing the cold away and the warm in. Just give us some pretty days Lord?

So glad it’s Friday! What all you all doing this weekend? Whatever it is, enjoy yourself. I’ll take pics of our wonderful time with friends.

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  1. Cute haircut. Looks like it would be easy to take care of. I buy the fruit tray made up at grocery store. It has a good variety and is easy after supper to just have a bowl of fruit instead of cake or pie. We are going shopping this weekend. Then maybe go have some seafood. Have a good one.

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