Mindful of Food and an Overnight Trip

Good morning! Nothing really new and exciting to post about. It’s just been a busy little week – work, do errands, take care of doggies, watch a quick show with George while we eat dinner, sleep, and repeat.

The weeks they go by so fast. Just blink and the day is gone. We have some sun this week, enough to help morale, but then here comes another gray day.

I’ve really made efforts at eating fruits and veggies and I to take the Vitamin C. I remember most days to take the vitamins, and that does help you to see more of the sunny side of life and push through the grayness of winter.

I also started taking THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY I DO’s Biotics and Digestive Enzymes, but I often forget to take them at the recommended times. I think of it after I eat and you are supposed to take it either on an empty stomach (Probiotics) or right before a meal (digestive enzymes).

I’ve had a lot of rice this week – mostly brown rice. George fixed stir fry last night with the remaining veggies and through in some spinach. My goal is to find dishes where you work with veggies into it. And I am trying to learn to like fruit for snack. I am keeping the baked whole grain gold fish on hand for when I need a crunch.

I am having to cut some of the THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY I DO’s snacks out of my diet. The snack bars have nuts in them and I’m just having to cut out anything with nuts and seeds. The potato chip like snacks, are just really heavy on my stomach and they are very dense cracker wafers – packed with protein but they have always sat heavy on my stomach. I had them also the day I became inflamed and although they were not likely the culprit – I can’t get it out of my mind. So I will likely give those up. And I’m having to give up the Birthday Cake shake too b/c it has those little sprinkles in it that are really little veggie pieces. But it will act like a seed. I also had that the day of the attack. I had also had popcorn that week so it’s hard to say but I can’t see putting any of these back into my diet. The meal replacement breakfast bars are something I will hold on to because if they have nuts they are ground into it. They are kinda heavy but they are probably ok. But I’m having to rethink what I eat and also it’s very challenging to keep it all around me at the times I need it. It takes some effort and planning so I don’t end up eating bad things or the wrong things. So a lot of energy going into this.

Just when you think you have life figured out it throws you a curve ball. I love THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY I DO but I’m having to watch anything that has morsels in it that could be a problem. There is controversy over the nut seed popcorn dilemma with diverticulitis as the more recent studies say it’s ok. But when it happens 3 times and popcorn was involved and numerous other things – it’s just hard to say. I just don’t want the problem again. But there is a definite gut issue going on with our society with all these processed foods that we cannot eat – refined sugars, flowers, oils, and processed meats and other foods. Doctor’s and society are bound to fix the symptoms but we need to focus on the problems.

It’s a struggle b/c we are addicted to these processed foods. But I’m doing the best I can to try to change my mindset to what is good and healthy. And that will solve all the issues.

Well I go to Mom’s today. So my goal is to try to get in a bit earlier and leave earlier before the afternoon traffic sets in. It is always nutzoid trying to get down there. We are going to have a girls nite.

I asked George what he was having while I was gone – with this freezer full of food. He wasn’t sure. I told him that was very unlike him b/c he ALWAYS has a meal planned. Often several nights out. He agreed it was unusual. Mom and I are going out to get a salad tonight and I think she has a coupon for a meal to go with it. And I’m not sure what we decided about tomorrow morning. I’ll eat breakfast and see if she needs me to do anything or clean anything or go get anything and then I’ll head home and get our laundry done, Target order done, Amazon order done, and plan next week’s eating some. I also need to wrap our gifts for “Christmas with the Irelands” which we are late this year planning. But that is the following weekend.

I also have my hair cut one night next week which I decided to keep.

My long weekend trip with Katy is coming up in about 3 weeks.

Well, I need to finish getting ready, finish up my final packing for my quick overnight stay with Mom, and then head to work. Going for another cup of coffee.

Here’s a pic of Maisy in my lap last night. She was unsettled last night and wanted in my lap which is rare. And not sure I shared this pic of both of them. If I did here it is again. It was taken this week.

So what you doing this weekend? Anything special?

6 responses to “Mindful of Food and an Overnight Trip”

  1. Maisy & Roger are just precious relaxing together. 🤗 A night with your mama sounds perfect. Treasure those memories. 🙂
    Giving up nuts and seeds is a small price to pay for exchange of risking a flare up. No contest there.
    I think we are going out for dinner tonight. Tomorrow I hope 🤞🏻to start on our taxes. Wish Me luck.
    Enjoy your weekend, Monica

  2. Tonight was taco salad night at our house. Staying alive and eating healthy seems to get harder. So many hidden sugars and chemicals in our foods. It is a fight I know. I gained weight over Christmas, my pants are snug. I have got to get it off. I am thinking of buying an exercise bike. I have started reading labels more in the market.
    Have a good time with your Mom. I know she looks forward to your time together. I look forward to the time I get with my daughter.
    Your little dogs are so cute. So loving and want to be right together. I know they are company to you. I miss having a little dog.

  3. We are eating the chili Mac casserole you shared. Pretty good! My little yorkie always faces my feet when he’s laying on my legs. I guess so he can get away quick if he needs to. Lol. He wants to be at the door if someone comes in.
    Take care, Sheila

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