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Well, I was looking to add photos from my visit with Mom and realized —shoot —I didn’t snap any. OH well. Our time went very quickly and we had a good time.

I actually got off early Friday and took a half day of PTO. It was just a good time to do it. Since I’d not planned on doing this, I was unable to reach Mom to let her know I’d be in town early. She was out running some errands. So I used the opportunity to grab lunch at Moe’s Southwest Grill and also head to Kohl’s and a few other shops that were in the strip mall there at Spring Hill, TN.

I ended up buying a couple of tops. One was on sale and a winter top and the other I didn’t even try on as I saw on the way out of the dressing room, lol. It’s a summer top and was more $ but by looking at it, it looked like it would work. I have receipt and will return it up here if needed. But I think it’ll work.

Then I headed on to Mom’s. We hung out for a while and then went to Ruby Tuesday’s. We had the salad bar and one of the best ever 6 oz sirloins. It was cooked to perfection and the first steak I’ve had since having the diverticulitis and coming out of that. Oh my word it was so good. I think all we ever need is just a small one. We had all the goodness from their salad bar and also a baked potato. I loved every morsel.

I was teasing Mom and threatening to get the $2 mini margarita. But I know she doesn’t like it when we drink. When on our turf we do, on hers we don’t. But she said “if you want it get it – just remember you are driving”. I said “well then if you don’t care, I’ll get the $5 house wine”. So she was fine with it. And I thoroughly enjoyed that glass of wine and our conversation. We talked a lot about my great uncle, Uncle Carl Voss, and his being a captain on a yacht, where he took Roosevelt out once on it and several other famous folks. I was like….what???? He did??? She said Howard Hughes tried to buy the boat but wanted Uncle Carl to be the captain if he bought it and Uncle Carl said No he would stay with the Davis family that owned the boat. This was a long long time ago. Uncle Carl no longer living. But with my love of the ocean – this just intrigues me so. Apparently the Davis family was really good to my great uncle Carl. They knew him from a gas station he worked at and they thought he was a good honest guy and they sent him through the schooling it required to be a captain. The provided housing for his home base and for his wife while he traveled with them. It’s amazing how you find out this stuff as you get older that you never knew. I always knew he was a captain but didn’t know all the good details! I wish I knew more. Mom should let me order wine more often so we can sit and talk. I wish she would have some, lol.

So overnight apparently Mom had a breathing spell. She had forgotten to take her fluid pill the day before but she said overnight she got up and did a breathing treatment – she has an inhaler and that helped. She said she almost came and asked me to take her to ER. But I knew none of this until morning. Mom had coffee ready for me when I got up. Bless her. She hardly has any herself. She knows how much I love it. As we checked our phones and iPads, we talked about her breathing issue. But she was good she said. We fixed breakfast. And then I got up and helped clean in some hard to get to spots with the vacuum on all the floors both carpet and linoleum. She has a device that does a good job on both and really lite weight. I cleaned the bathrooms surfaces and toilets. And I put together a lamp she bought that was still in the box. I tried to figure out her “Hey Google” grocery list so it would record her list on the phone, but she had so many google accounts – maybe three of them set up with various emails – plus she has android phone and tablets. I have iPhone. I felt bad but I couldn’t get it figured out. And I didn’t want to mess anything up. But I think she has different things on different accounts. She was going to play with it. But I truly believe that might be the culprit. It was time for me to head home so next time we will try again. I hate we have two different softwares. But we do.

Anyway, on the way home I stopped at Chic Filet and got a bit for the road, took my BP meds, found a way to charge my phone without the car charger (where the heck is my car charger?). I guess I need to order another one b/c I need it. It might be in George’s car or it could have been taken during a valet park or something. I just never remove it from my car, but I might have taken it in George’s car recently. Since I had a charger (iPhone) in my suitcase, I was able to plug it in from there to my auto Alexa as it had an extra slot. I guess that is what I need to do – just keep an extra iPhone charger in the car since I can’t use the auto plug anyway as the Alexa is already plugged into it. Anyway, finally on the road it took about an hour and 15 to get home. Not too bad. It’s horrible most of the time trying to get through traffic.

So I discovered we had a raccoon getting on the front porch. I kept seeing the shadow and was convinced it was a ground hog. Several who saw it said it was a raccoon and I refused to believe it but he came on the porch when the light was on. Here’s that masked bandit! lol

We just have all kinds of things going on in our front yard overnight. Deer, raccoon, fox, groundhogs – I smell skunks – and of course the possum. I guess the word is….we have some good stuff! Little Bit got after the raccoon and chased it away.

I saw this on FB last night and saved this. Mom and I laughed so hard. I think Donna a blog buddy shared it on FB. Good one Donna W!

Sorry no pics much. I feel bad. But I did have a grand time with Mom and I’m glad to be home to do some things here.

Already today since I’ve been home (3 hours) I’ve rebooted laundry, done my THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY I DO’S order, did my Target order, and have done this blog entry.

I ended up cancelling George’s auto ship through THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY I DO. When I logged in today to my THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY I DO’S WEBSITE I saw that I had turned back into an Associate from Consultant, which is fine. I knew I’d go backwards as people drop off from being my customers. So it’s been the plan all along to cancel him from under me (people enroll their spouses to have an extra person, lol). So I cancelled it as I was ordering much under him anyway. Sometimes if I was a few points off and needing something, I’d order under him and then get paid as I’d met enough BV. I’ve ridden the wave longer than I thought. However, I did think I had one more payment coming as I was close, but it didn’t work out and I’m ok with that. Now I can concentrate all my orders just on my account since I have no reason to order under George anymore as I’m not selling it anymore unless someone just jumps me to have it, lol. It’s a great system and I love it and will continue to use everything I can. I believe in it. I just have to watch what I eat now and having to be picky based on my condition. No nut pieces. But I will continue to do the shakes and vitamins and hydrates and cleanses and energy drinks. When I don’t use it I can feel it. So I did my order to renew my vitamins today. I just wish they would release a new shake or two. But for now I’m good with the basics.

I forgot and had strawberries today with my Chic Filet fruit. Those little seeds are just so small, I can’t imagine them being a problem.

Anyway, I also cancelled my International selling license with THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY I DO as I had never used it anyway. If someone underneath me had ever sold to anyone outside the US – in order to get commission I bought the membership. I had worked with someone from the UK for a while but it never came to fruition so I stopped it from auto renewing. I tried to cancel my Associate license (to sell) – it’s only $29 a year and if I cancelled it I’d have to set up another account and I didn’t want to do that. So I’ll stay on as an “Associate” and be able to see if I want to. And the pricing is no different to order though. So that was interesting to find out. I just didn’t want to pay the fee if I’m not going to sell it. But I do NOT want to set up another account. I’ll just keep as an Associate and pay the fee and be ready to serve if anyone is interested. It’s too good not to share but I’m not good at the convincing people so I’m not begging. People can contact me directly if they want it – otherwise I’m not wasting my precious time. Since George doesn’t want to RV much then there is no since in me going through all that. I would have to earn an RV if he would retire and tour out with me but he’s not game for that so….forget it.

So it is 6:10 and I’m going to go do something else for a while and relax. George is fixing pork chops for dinner.

Ya’ll take care!

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  1. Sounds like you & your mom had a decent time. I know it feels good to help her out around the house.
    Pork chops sound better than good. Enjoy!!

  2. glad you and your mom had a great time together. it’s good you’re getting your side hustle squared away now that you’re not doing it. enjoy your pork chops.

  3. I know you are a joy and comfort to your Mom. It’s good you spend time with her. Maybe one of those pill containers that have the days of the week would help her remember her meds. I had to buy myself one, life gets so busy I couldn’t remember if I took my med or not.
    That raccoon is brave coming on your porch like that sneaking around. If your two guard dogs would have seen it they would have went wild I bet.

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