Still Celebrating Valentine’s – We just like to Eat!

I went back and read yesterday’s entry and thought I better clarify – no there is no announcement of any business George and I are involved in that is closing – I just posted yesterday based on the dream I had, which always makes you wonder why you dreamed it and I went on from there to say what had happened in the past and what COULD happen in the future. However, I know nothing of any business closing! So no worries! That I am aware of anyway, which is never much because news is not usually shared until the final hour or afterward, anyway lol. I don’t want someone saying I’m spreading rumors. So hear ye hear ye and take heart. It.Was.A.Dream. Repeat.It.was.a.dream!!!!!!! When I re-read it I thought….some bored troublemaker is going to cause an issue over this so let’s clear THAT up RIGHT NOW! 😉 Got it? A.DREAM.

Now we can proceed to today’s post.

George brought an interesting breakfast yesterday. Something made in the air fryer with eggs and sausage. They were made in the muffin pan. I wasn’t sure I was ready to take on sausage just yet, but it was good. We had it with rice.

Then for our 3rd and final Valentine weekend dinner, we had Mori Mori – b/c it was on the list and I crossed it off but George really wanted to eat there. lol. So we went out an extra time. No, he is not just spoiled. We all are. Everyone gets their way.

One of the reason I marked this off was b/c I enjoy a hot dinner and I was thinking it was primarily sushi and with all I’ve had going on I was NOT eating that. I didn’t even want a Poke Bowl. But they did have something I could eat and I liked it very much. I got a meal that had soup and salad (ginger dressing – yum). He got Sake but I had green tea.

I thoroughly enjoyed our eating out. I will say that Mori Mori has good food. They served my salad in a chipped/broken dish though which I did not notice until I had finished. And the service was slow. George’s drink came out 12 min before mine did. We liked to never got the bill. They only had one or two servers on a big weekend. Anyway, we’ll go back b/c the food is good and George loves their sushi. I found something hot to eat, so I’ll be happy. But I hope they improve a bit so they will stay open. If they let these things slide, no one will want to come there. There was a broken bench in the waiting area too. Maybe it just happened but it was unsafe and unsightly. Sorry, yes there are people in the world like me who notice and mention these things. lol George began to defend them and I said “no I’ve eaten out enough in my life to know what the protocol is of acceptable and unacceptable. Yes the food was great. But…Yes they need to improve. Broken dishes, benches, and problems with service. It’s just the Facts. And some pretty big issues too. But no, I didn’t complain. I just observed and blogged about it. lol. It’s what I do. I’m an introvert.

Well, off to get ready for work. And get more coffee. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. I did a lot of the to do list that was fun! Now I need to do some housework during the week – mainly laundry, sheet changing, and vacuuming. I’m going to try and do a cleanse day today. However, I think I may be getting a bladder infection so if I keep hurting I may have to switch off the cleanse day for yogurt and cranberry. I guess the antibiotics are still in my system. I’m not sure if I should cleanse or not really but maybe it is what I need. It’s been a long while.

OK, I”ll pop in later in the week. I’ll be headed to Mom’s Friday and looking forward to seeing her.

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  1. I notice details when we go out to eat too. Good service is hard to find. And when we do eat out we have a couple of places we really enjoy the atmosphere and the food and service. It is very expensive for eating out. So we mostly go for special occasions or with family get-togethers.

  2. i agree dining out is the whole package, from the time you walk in the door, until the time you leave. Hope you don’t have bladder problems. fingers crossed. my cough is getting worse. So i’m hanging in there. enjoy your visit with your mom. Take care.

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