Blogging my Saturday Away!

It’s here! Wonderful Saturday. One of two days of getting to do one’s own agenda. At least I love what I do on the other days now. But there is nothing like doing what you want!

The past couple of weeks I have not felt good at times. I think mostly it is not getting enough sleep and rest, and not getting the right nutrition. The days have been gloomy in January for the most part and no doubt my B’s and D’s are down as well. In January I’ve been poor at getting the vitamins in, too cold to drink shakes – but I did better this week and started to improve some. On the flip side, I ate a half pint of Jeni’s Savanah Butternut ice cream Thursday night and had lots of breads and pastas this week. On Friday I could hardly move. I had random pains throughout the day. It started with my right ankle. I limped into work – took vitamins, drank shake, and the hurt went away. But moved into my arm and into my wrist. Geez. I wanted to take something but didn’t. I wanted to sleep but couldn’t.

So I decided to go eat lunch. I was waiting on someone else to be able to do my part of the filings for the month (Kinda nervous about the timing as I don’t have much time to do it in now). So since nothing was ready I decided it was another good day to go out for lunch. They are so few and far between and this was two days in a row! I feel like a normal person now, lol.

I love to get away when I can and have a meal at Logan’s. Even if I am by myself. I get to sit and think and just take a few minutes. It’s a lot like meditation only you get to eat while you do it – MY KIND of MEDITATION! lol

Let me tell you, this MEDITATION of salmon was as good as it looks. That was only half of it. I was going to half it (and did) to save half for later. But I devoured the entire thing as if I’d not eaten in 3 weeks. And rightly so. When you look at the nutrition in your frozen lunches or canned soups, what all do you see? Yeah that is right. Not much in there. I can’t do shakes for lunch. But may have to go back to doing tuna or something just to get something good in me at lunch. I loved my salmon, broccoli and since I’d not felt good I really really wanted a baked potato with just butter. And yes I scooped all that big chunk of butter out as it was too much. But I enjoyed this little treat out yesterday and when I got back the information I’d been waiting on was there, as was a huge stack of checks to sign. I immediately began to feel better but it took about an hour or so for the arm and wrist to quit hurting. I also added our BEA energy drink with it’s naturalness and tons of vitamins and nutrition – and then despite all the writing and computer work – the aches and pains were gone. I don’t know what I’d do without my nutrition system. It comes to the rescue every time. That and helping me find my way to healthier food options for the knife and fork meals.

Speaking of…we have some new products out that are available today and I will be placing my order! ๐Ÿ˜‰

There is a new drink, more harvest thins which I hear taste like croutons, and those peanut butter bites – oh heavens yes! And a new chocolate. And somehow when I placed an order last week, I got free chocolates. I think it was a mistake, but I’ll keep it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So yeah, last week was hard on the health front – a few aches and pains reminding me that when I eat bad I pay for it. And I’ve allowed sugar to enter my world also and I can get away with a little but I’ve had way too much sugar, bread, enriched flour – and that is not good for my body. It did my Dad the same way. He realized he had to eat healthier too. At least I had my nutrition. I bet my Dad would have loved my nutrition program. He was pretty good at enjoying network marketing too. We could have teamed up. But anyway, this is now and he’s not here anymore. I have to resist wanting to share and sell it again b/c it’s just wonderful stuff. But people think it’s a gimmick and it is expensive but it’s my meds and it’s hard to get good nutritionally packed food when you are on the go so much. When I eat that I spend less at the store. lol So it evens out. Except that George and I eat very well at home so we end up spending $ on good meals in the evening. (Cow, pig, seafood, chicken, turkey etc. with all the sides).

Despite not being on my best game this week, with side tracks from my nutrition and the subsequent pain from it, I have marked a few things off my to do list. And I’ve added quite a few more on it.

The jewelry was polished with the silver polish which has to be done every couple of years or so. I love sterling jewelry and some is better than others. But my favorites are nice and shiny now. I also looked up a few recipes to try for the upcoming weeks, and got a few plans made with dates on the calendar with friends.

I really like my to do lists now made with a cross. So that I put in the first column the immediate to do lists and the rest of the three sections go out in time. It keeps things on the horizon so I don’t forget but doesn’t crowd out the first section. So yeah about once a week I redo the to do list and reprioritize and add and take away. I probably should have it on excel so I don’t have to write so much, and could just move it over, but I really kind of like the handwritten approach.

And my to do list today is quite busy. So much so that I should not be sitting here at this almost 10 a.m. hour. But as always I have to have my blog time and I’ve spent about three hours blogging now b/w this blog and my private one. Sometimes I have to purge but since folks can’t handle truth in black and white very well, I have to use the private one. Things people say every day to one another can’t be used in writing b/c it makes you suddenly evil if you do. The truth has to be hidden so no one else sees it, lol. (Rolling eyes here so big they almost got stuck.) The to do lists are becoming a little more fun and less harried/hurried. I like that.

Today or this weekend?

  • Make an Italian salad for tonight’s dinner with friends
  • Post my “Book Challenge” on FB (Books that impacted me)
  • Write out the Winter Bucketlist
  • Take photos for the Isabody Challenge so I can get my $200 free product and tee shirt
  • Write the little mini essay that goes with it.
  • Look up that Orzo Recipe
  • Print out the Lasagna recipe I found
  • Order Reverse Osmosis Water for my eye glasses
  • Buy rest of Christmas gifts for our friend time in Feb
  • Still need to get George to go with me to neighbors to schedule time to take them to dinner or take their dinner to them one night. We have failed at this effort.
  • Get my nails/toes done at the salon tomorrow.
  • Clean house
  • Do laundry
  • Wrap a baby gift as the shower is next week

Stuff that is still on the list for some other rainy day:

  • Order kitchen wall decor for my empty spot or use the pic frame I have with Texas pics in them (I think I will go with this).
  • Fix the office decor at home (bulletin board in the wrong spot) – and I’ll have a blank wall to fill.
  • Plan Amelia Island trip
  • Update Netflix list
  • Drivers Lic update
  • Plan dinner with Richard and Kathy
  • Fill my calendar with 2020 birthday reminders (a month ahead)
  • Plan date to start back to church now that holidays are over, job has been learned, and hibernation month is over.
  • Add ELO to my iPod/Play on iTunes for fun
  • Get my car’s dent fixed
  • Go to the Home Store and shop for decor for the house (looking for good deals)
  • Magazine project
  • Have neighbors over (all of them for a meal sometime)
  • Do a Bible Study
  • Figure out how to save files/photos on my iMac w/o it being in the cloud.
  • Figure out how to make graphics or if I’ll use Parallel. Prob gonna use parallel.
  • Get some time with Mom in on the calendar for Feb, March, and also in April.
  • Let everyone know the dates in May for the trip – got busy and hadn’t done that yet.
  • Check out a book someone recommended
  • Check into a fall trip – cabin in the mountains getaway near Asheville NC
  • Find the AT trail journals to read that a friend recommended.

Much of that is stuff you have seen but I do that for me as much as anything! I like it when less critical things are showing up. Life is hard enough as it is w/o having too much to do in spare time.

I do want to focus on what I need to be focusing on – following God’s will too and still being able to enjoy some down time.

And I’m going to get started on this late day already by diving in.

What all is on your to do list?

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  1. I love silver too. The jewelry I wear on a regular basis all needs cleaning. This has been on my list for 2 months or more.
    I have to update my license also. PITA Our DMV is only open until 2pm. I love living in the country but there are some drawbacks. I hope the rest of your weekend goes smoothly & feel better. Take care, Monica

  2. I usually make my husband a honey-do list. To help him remember things that need to be done. Yours sounds good. I would like to have a neighborhood block party again. It was fun catching up with everybody. My list is to get rid of things we don’t use or need. We are having a contractor coming out to give us the price of our bathroom remodel. Removing the tub and putting a walk-in shower in there. I have three birthdays coming up in the family so I need to buy gifts and plan a dinner or something. That is about all I have going on.

  3. Put your vitamins next to your coffee mug in the morning and you will remember to take them. We are looking forward to your time here in our area and with my sister being with us for a while. Ken will take a couple of days off while you are here to just be together and enjoy the company. We are so looking forward to it. As my work hours are longer for the next couple of weeks, I am making things in today for quick heat up etc for the rest of week. I am cooking beans, making chili and taking some things out of the freezer for easy dinner.

  4. sounds like you have your work cut out for you. the down time eating out was good for you i know. i sometimes do that. it clears your head of all the cobwebs. your to-do-list is ambitious. hope you make a dent in it. good luck.

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