Perceptions and Opinions

Poppin’ in to say Hello and to give big exciting shouts of joy that it is Friday. So tomorrow I have a chance of sleep and a chance to do something I want to do for longer than an hour’s stretch. I really could use a vacay day and don’t feel that great today. I considered doing a last minute vacay but I won’t. I will just try to deal with the day.

I am sitting here in the waffle robe, drinking coffee in my Chip and Jo Jo Magnolia cup and blogging, so life is wonderful for a few minutes, until I get lost in my writing, look up at the computer’s clock and realize “holy batman, I gotta hurry”. Then I remember how many hours I’ve put in over the course of the last six months and that I’m over 55 and then I don’t (hurry, that is). It’s not that I’m ever late – it’s rare when I’m late – but just that I don’t get there early.

Along that train of thought, I also realized I’d been around someone that was talking about “leaving early” and we should be dedicated not to do so. It made me think of all the times that I say on this blog that I am leaving early or left early to do ___________. I thought, you know, if that person reads my blog they are probably getting an inaccurate perception and it’s my fault by my own choice of words. I probably won’t use that phrase any more. I often say “I left early today to go get nails done” etc. But that can be fixed. Real quick going forward. So let’s just get this straight right now! When I say I am leaving early. It really means “I’m not staying late today”. My hours are in – far far in. lol. It simply means I’m not giving up my total day up today like I did yesterday and all those other days. Some days you have to do what you have to do. Some days you have to go to the grocery after work, and mostly for me – I decided (to not to go get a life – whatever that is) but to just to go groom myself, which does require time to do and is very difficult for women to do on Saturday as it take two or three times longer when we are to be cleaning house, doing laundry and getting ready for the next work week.).

You know what…. Why do I worry about other’s perceptions when I’ve spent about 10 years or so trying not to? Sometimes I dive back in to worrying about what others think. It’s really a waste of time. And unproductive. It’s also unproductive on others parts when they have false perceived themselves, lol. I’m not really too worried about it. It was just a thought I had and then wondered if they were talking about me. We all do that. I think it’s more of a caring about what people think but when I blog about it – it seems more like a worry. But, at the end of the day, you really can’t live your life or measure your life against someone’s opinion of your life. That’s all hog wash for sure. It’s your life, if they get it wrong – then they simply do. If you get a fallout from that or a backwash from that – then you do, you tattle to God and let Him know and then He will just go fix it, and make it better. There is really not much we can do about what others think or the ideas that one develops.

But all that said, I will still write this…..I decided “not to work late today” instead of I left early – b/c to me since I normally am one of the last 3 or 4 in the building get used to being there as a norm – and if I leave at an earlier time than normal, it’s easy to say “I left early” – but I guess it gives the wrong impression for those that don’t know better or have a clue what I do. So…. I guess those are the better words. WE all know, once someone gets something in their head, it seems to get stuck there. So one thing I have learned over the years is that people are going to think what they want to and develop their own opinions. I do as well. I often have to be convinced as well too otherwise once I’ve made up my mind so I get it. Facts. People often don’t get them before they develop or state their opinions. Me included. But I do at least base my opinions of others on the way I’m treated. Those are concrete facts.

Opinions….hmmmm…I think we develop most of our opinions from how we are treated. And God commands us to turn the other cheek, love people anyway, and to be nice in return so that God’s love and his glory can be seen and shared. Lord this is so hard sometimes when people are so ugly, rude, selfish, overbearing, ignoring you, not trusting you, accusing you….it’s even wrong of me, says the Lord, for me to sit and count the ways as I often do in my head. And for the love of Pete, it is very difficult not only to not think it, but to not share what you think when people mistreat you. Some days you really have to bite your lips. As for me, I will go and go and go and keep it all in until one day it combusts and it just all comes out.

It is true that others have to OWN their actions or lack thereof. I can only control myself and hope that others develop an accurate opinion of me. I can only take that action or comments that people make to me as a good thing or a bad thing which helps me develop my own opinion of another. And this leads to why do we even place judgment on others? I guess that is a whole other blog post? (Protect ones self, decide who you want to be around and who you don’t, lol).

When you have, over time, received a lot of bad receptors – well the others that gave it – just have to own it. I can only process what is on the receiving end. If you are a sour puss and have treated me badly over and over again, I’m probably not going to have grand thoughts of love for you going on in my head. lol. If you have ignored me, I’m probably not going to be too fond of you either. If you have been nice to me I’m probably going to think you are a pretty good person. And this is the kind of stuff you write about on a gloomy winter day when there is nothing going on and you just start writing and thinking of things to say.

The girls, heaven forbid us do this, lol, as it’s been said it’s “frowned upon” but we actually went to lunch…to celebrate one of our coworker’s birthday. We went to Mission BBQ.

It was a great lunch of brisket, Mac and cheese, slaw and a corn muffin, and ice tea.

Sorry, don’t like taking pics of the people, but I wanted a pic of the inside of the restaurant and I pointed it as upwards as I could without just getting the ceiling. lol

And that is all she wrote for today.

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  1. It is impossible to please everyone so it’s best to just please yourself being happy with who you are is important. You put in a lot of hours so don’t worry about not staying late what matters is that you get the work done

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