Waffle Robe and Update

I figured I should pop in and say hello. It’s hard to work the time in during the week as I try to be at work earlier rather than later, but here I am. I am sipping some really good coffee wrapped in my new waffle robe. I wanted to try it now. Normally I make myself go ahead and get dressed once out of the shower. I will say it’s mighty comfy. It is the type they have for you at spas. And for $29.99 and a comfy 60/40 cotton/poly blend – can be put in the washer with no fear. I tried to save a picture off of Amazon to put on here, but….hopefully you can view this link. WAFFLE ROBE. Hopefully it is taking you to it instead of trying to go through my sign on in which it would just leave you with the main amazon web page. Sorry no time for taking photos this morning. I love it though. I had a big furry robe and finally had to let it go b/c it was too hot and too bulky and wouldn’t stay closed. I found a similar one on line:

Mine is beige though and no blue lines but very similar to this. I love the feel of it and the simplicity and the lack of bulkiness. I should have had one of these a LONG time ago. I discovered them when we went to the Hot Springs in Arkansas. I loved the robes and honestly didn’t want to take it off, lol. We looked for one in the gift shop and they didn’t have them. I figured they would be $60 or so. I didn’t want to pay that much but we probably would have bought it as a souvenir/Christmas gift had we found one. I made a mental note to see if I could find one after Christmas so I’d have a robe on the weekends to run around in. There have been several Saturdays where I showered but didn’t want to put on my “out to eat” clothes yet as I was cleaning house and didn’t want to put on comfy clothes just for a couple of hours. A robe would have been perfect for that transition time. And now I have it.

My “Cactus Ware” (decor) for the kitchen came in – all but the curtains and the big black board for menu planning. They will be a while as I figure they are coming over on a slow boat from China. lol. Last night I began “gathering” a lot of my Christmas decor with breakables on the dining room table and the non breakables on the living area sofa and end tables. So this weekend all I need to do is box it up and wrap up the breakables and disassemble the tree and dust and then put the normal decor out.

It is supposed to rain something horrible this weekend. I just went to check the weather app I downloaded and perhaps I never downloaded it. It’s not there. I guess I never decided which one to use. The one I have on my phone is not available on the Mac. So I can’t be having THAT – no weather program – lol. And I did a search for “best weather app on iMac” and the Weather Dock was one. Carrot Weather is a funny one for 14.99 but I wasn’t sure I’d be up for that. I just dowloaded the Free Weather Dock and shows the temp and conditions at the bottom. It’s simple but I don’t see the radar. I guess I have to find another app for that. Oh well. Not today. I could have sworn I downloaded a weather app a week ago. It’s no big deal I can just pin the weather channel site to my favorites I guess.

This week has been busy at night. It’s always busy at work. But at night I’ve had places to go and things to try and get done. I went to the store Monday night. And knocked a few things off my list. Tuesday night I went to see Little Women with Christy, my neighbor, and it was good. Last night was laundry nite – folding, rebooting, ironing, and putting everything up and washing George’s shirts for the next two days for work. And as I said, I picked up most of the Christmas decor and plunked it down in the front living/dinging area. I love doing that each year. And I always miss something. It’s like hunting Easter eggs or Finding Waldo, or playing a hidden item game. Where is all the Christmas decor? Go find it! lol. I’ve been itching to do that since the day after Christmas. Not all done yet but much of it. At 9:30 p.m. I had to quit and go to bed.

So, it’s been very sad this week. My next door neighbor – younger than me – lost consciousness during her sleep after her husband noticed after snoring, she quit breathing. He gave her CPR and called 911. She is alive, however, I’m not sure how awake she is or how her brain has survived the lack of oxygen. We know very little. I saw it on Facebook. George saw the son walking the dog the other day and learned a bit, but didn’t press for complete details of course – as being the son, this is most definitely very upsetting. I don’t really know what to do at this point. She is in ICU downtown Nashville somewhere (not even sure which hospital). The family is gone all the time of course – no doubt downtown. At some point maybe we will take food, when we know it’s a good time to do so. This happened last weekend I think – on Saturday. Found out Sunday night seeing a FB post. I’m friends with her on FB but not anyone else in the family so only see details if someone posts on her wall or tags her in a post. I need to go look today and see if any updates. She has been on my mind all week.

Also that means there are 3 people that I know of since the holidays that have almost died or did die, when going to sleep. It makes you think differently when lay down to close your eyes. While perhaps a more peaceful way to go, it has just been a very sad “too close to home” kinda thing. And a girl at work lost her 9 year old niece as well after having a fall and then going to sleep. It’s just all very disturbing and I feel for all those dealing with these things right now in their families. So please pray for these three families.

And here I sit talking about how I like my waffle robe. I do. I mean regardless of the blog material today, I do still like it, lol.

Anyway, I need to go and get dressed, get make up on and get to work. A lot to do as always. I’ve done the weekly taxes for the week, the monthly by the 15th for Dec that was due. Now I have to do the quarterly w/holdings that I pay only quarterly. Then I will be looking up info needed to do a reconciliation report. And can begin my “filing” of each state. Most states have some extra Year End report you have to do as well. I have a list of those. Then I have to do the unemployment filing. So no shortage of work.

Also Katy and I have been talking about our next excursion for mother daughter trip. I think we’ll be going to Tulsa and then going to the town where the Pioneer Woman’s shop is. Not sure what all there is to do in and around Tulsa, but I guess we will find out. I think we have picked the date as well, so I’ll be putting in PTO time for that and booking a flight soon. It’s not a month where I’m dealing with quarter end and I’ll also be only taking a Thurs/Friday off.

We also have our date selected with Don and Lisa for February for a French themed dinner. So we are researching foods for that. Several things pending with other friends. I have rebooked my dental cleaning for like July – if you miss it you are waiting months for it but I didn’t want to go in the middle of the day. lol. Work was too busy on Jan 2nd for me to have a dental appointment and be late and then have a hair appt and leave early. Somehow I’d not realized this was all scheduled on the 2nd of Jan until a couple of weeks before the holiday. So I had to cancel the dental one and finally rebooked. I wasn’t going to cancel the hair one. I probably should have cancelled the hair one, lol.

Anyway, also have scheduled my doc appt for the BP med refills. That is next week. But must be done so I can get the refills. And I’m waiting on the vet on the April dog trims. You have to book a long time in advance and she didn’t respond yet. It said it was delivered. I texted. If no response by Monday, I’ll call. I thought maybe she would be good with texting but maybe not. My previous one did.

So looking forward to Saturday and it seems like it should be here by now. Hope I’m not late today but I have dog duty, still have to get dressed and make up and hair done. But I’ve been to work early every day this week and stayed late a couple of days so if I’m running behind one day it should be no big deal.

Anyway ya’ll have a good day and I will, Lord willing, be back on the weekend for an update. I’m soooooooo looking forward to being at home all weekend with this several inches of rain we have coming in.

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  1. Comfy robe & coffee is the best way to start any day! It’s 9° where I am this morning. The sky is baby blue with pink cotton candy clouds. Something I don’t think I’ve seen in the morning. Maybe it’s the full moon?

  2. it’s been in the 20’s all week here, but we’re going up to almost 60 degrees this weekend, but with rain. your robe sounds comfy cozy and looks awesome. enjoy. nice to get plans on the calender and settled. seeing the Pioneer Women’s mercantile will be nice. have a great weekend. take care.

  3. Love your robe I’m having surgery the 22 so I ordered me one like it. I have plenty robes but they have buttons are zipper I wanted one that tied. Sorry about your neighbor I hope she’s doing well. Take care,Jean.

  4. If you want to see our visit to the Mercantile, just go to my blog and type “mercantile” into the search box. There may be more than one thing come up, but you’ll figure out which one is where we visited. Also, we went to Bartlesville during that trip. There’s an interesting petroleum museum there. If you have trouble finding those entries, message me and I’ll send the exact links. Do NOT miss a tour of the beautiful Catholic Church in Pawhuska. We also went to the Indian headquarters there in town, and there is a town museum that’s going to be growing rapidly, with all the visitors Pioneer Woman has brought into the town.

    I like a housecoat that zips all the way up, for winter. I hate tying a belt, and then the robe gaps over and under where the belt is. When summer arrives, I just use simple cotton house dresses as a coverup.

  5. cute robe. I may buy one. That is terrible about your neighbor. It really makes you think when something like this happens to someone you know. I hope you have a great weekend.

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