Merry and Bright with a Few Delights

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls, Sortof

Well, I had been craving cinnamon and some kind of dough – whether it be a donut or bread. I made these yesterday using the Pillsbury croissant dough. I rolled it out a little bit fatter (it didn’t want to roll out much more though). I melted butter in a pan, added enough cinnamon and coconut palm sugar and blended together and then chilled it to thicken so I could spread it on the dough w/o it going everywhere. Once it chilled even the slightest it was a little hard to spread but I got it on there and then I rolled them up and then sliced them. I used the pillsbury instructions for baking which I think was 9 – 12 minutes. I think in my oven it took about 11 as I let them brown a bit. They were heavenly. We ate them all, I will just say! πŸ˜‰

And it fulfilled some of my “holiday baking” wishes. πŸ˜‰

Wow this weekend we DID get a lot done, as per yesterday’s entry. I had my doubts. But we are still not through. Much of the shopping done though, so that is a plus, but the decorating done, the to do list made and we will having company in just a couple of weeks, seeing our daughter again, and Auntie M and Uncle K, and MOM! We are almost ready.

George came back to my office and used the white board for the menu planning. We had a little office planning meeting. And I’ll take a pic soon and share our Christmas menu. Everything coming together and that makes me happy. It was a critical weekend to transfer the house over from Harvest Fall Fest to Christmas Time’s a Coming.

Little Bit came in for a nap

One of the things I did this weekend was wash the guest bed sheets and get them back on the bed. George uses the bed for a huge desk (his real desk shares the guest bedroom) but he spreads out over the bed. I had to remove his stuff and was startled to realize there was a cat there in all the mix. It made me do a Julia Roberts laugh.

So finally got the cat off the bed. It was almost a fight with ripped sheets and all (no only a few holes) but I finally got the bugger off the bed. I usually don’t disturb his naps but when you need to get something done with the time you have – you go for it.

And then when it was time to but the comforter back on the bed……..

Maisy takes over the comforter and makes sure it doesn’t go anywhere
Little Bit continues Nap

And then Little Bit continued his nap. And I went on to the next project.

The Den Tree, in Honor of Granny Jan
The Living Room Tree

While I finished up the decor, George started wrapping. He would wrap everything first I think. I don’t wrap til the decorating is done. πŸ˜‰

I worked a bit a lot on the laundry yesterday, but I didn’t get to iron. I have enough pants though I could get through a week w/o it. But I’ll do that mid week. It doesn’t take long.

Mid way thru the day – for a late lunch – I fixed bologna sandwiches. I had been talking about it and I asked George to get lunch meat since I had some good whole grain bread that didn’t feel like it was leather. And I fixed us a rather gourmet bologna sandwich that I was complimented on. It did look like the bologna was given more respect that it should have been with spinach for lettuce and shredded cheese. lol

George had a few creations of his own yesterday. The Christmas music turned off, The Titans were on. And for dinner we had these.

Yes I think we had leftovers. But they were great. I made a salad with spinach, mandarin oranges, blue cheese, grilled chicken (I keep chicken strips in the freezer – you skillet saute them in olive oil for 8-9 minutes from frozen status and can add to a salad). I made a honey mustard vinaigrette to go on top of it. It was good. I also got a compliment from the main chef on that. πŸ˜‰

So with that I will close. I am not going to the movies this week as the Little Women movie was not out yet. Christy and I are going after Christmas. Looks like it comes out on Christmas Day.

Now that all the decor is done – we begin wrapping. But I am getting my nails done tonight. They won’t be nice for Christmas though b/c I get them done every 3 weeks and that won’t be til after Christmas. Oh well.

My foot did better yesterday. It is only certain angles when I’m walking that it hurts and that makes it hurt even when sitting as it aches. But I didn’t have as much of an issue yesterday.

And Katy’s red ant sting is better. Not sure if I mentioned it, but she is better. I was a bit worried about it. But she is back to wearing regular shoes now.

Anyway, ya’ll have a good week ahead. I gotta go get this next payroll done and also work on the monthly taxes that have to be done by the end of the week. Plus a few other exceptional things that I’ve not had time to work on. So a critical week at work this week. But I won’t be staying late as too much to do at home. Plus I don’t want to be there by myself since it gets dark so early so I won’t be doing that. I might go in early a morning or two.

Have a happy Holiday Hustle and Bustle. Try not to let the stress get to you. Maybe I’ll make my own version of “how not to stress during the holidays” and we can try to go by that (me included). There is always something or someone that tries to push your stress buttons during this time of “joy”. lol But we can get past it.

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  1. You got a lot accomplished over the weekend! Your food looks like it was good. I hope you have a good start to your work week.

  2. Everything is looking good. We are looking forward to seeing you all over the holiday. Love you all

  3. So nice to see you trees up and decorated You did get a lot done there’s nothing like a good balogna sandwich for comfort food have a great Monday just remember to come up for air now and then and take a deep breath πŸ˜€

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