Moving Right Along

We have really been on the move but have tried to enjoy at least a small quick show during dinner each night. Coming home I have done chores such as laundry and ironing and taking care of dogs some and then getting my Secret Santa gift ready for the next day. Monday night though I had my nails and toes done. It was nice to sit there for an hour and go through emails and delete and check on them. I’m really bad about reading the emails but sometimes it is something important. I guess I’m going to have to set up email alerts on my phone but that will annoy the heck out of me. I did have a few important ones in there.

After the pedi and mani Monday night I went to the Everything is a Dollar Store. It was probably about 7:30. It felt like 10 p.m. to me. But I had a few things to get, including Christmas sacks. Got that done. Then dinner was ready when I got home. I was surprised that it was after 10 when I got in bed. I’m not sure why I was surprised. Bed felt good and I didn’t want to get up Tuesday Morning.

Tuesday morning came with the rain turning into sleet and snow for the drive in and I was blessed with an earache that shot pains up into the top of my head. I haven’t really had much issue with sinuses other than the usual nagging need to clear my throat. The pains were uncomfortable and stabbing sharp but came and went during the day – when I moved a certain way, swallowed, or moved my jaw. At first I thought it was something to do with my new crown, maybe the gum was becoming infected around it or something but no I put a mixture of alcohol in my ear and vinegar and it hurt like the hades. So I think I maybe scraped the skin with a q-tip the day before (I remember one q tip being particularly without enough cotton) and perhaps it was sore and around nerve endings. When I used the alcohol/vinegar mixture on it – it was excruciating much like alcohol does on a raw sore. I dealt with this all day. Hot coffee seemed to help, Tylenol taken twice yesterday (which I’ve not taken in a long time) didn’t even knock much of the edge off. Last night I came home and mixed up Ginger Essential Oil with Tea Tree Oil along with a little Olive Oil. It seemed to soothe it like it did once before. It didn’t hurt much after that. It’s not hurt much today either – just a minor dull pain once. I will put more of the oil in there and may take it to work. But I’m relieved it is mostly gone. I really just wanted to sleep yesterday. And that is truthfully probably what my body was telling me to do – we have moved so fast and furious lately. But the payroll called and I got all four plants done, despite it. I can tell if I cough the top of my head hurts. So something is still sensitive in there a bit. I’m not sure what is going on.

My Secret Santa has been nice to me. I have enjoyed the nuts this week and also tore into the Reese’s for one of them anyway – when I was in the middle of closing a big payroll during lunch time. You have to hurry and get through with it once you start so no one changes anything on you in the middle of the process – I was hungry at Noon at ate the Reese’s to carry me til lunch. I had a very small lunch – 3 little baby wings and 3 carrot sticks – which was about two tablespoons of chicken in the wings. And then leftovers from a company sales meeting was brought in just as I was thinking “I’m still hungry”. I had green beans and potatoes and a tiny smither of roast beef. It was from Cracker Barrel. Ok – I had a biscuit with Strawberry Jelly on it. So I’m trying to eat light today. George had a nice meal for us last night. But I feel good today and the coffee is good. Just need to have a low calorie, mostly liquid day. I am going to do a Cookies and Cream Shake today though to get some good vitamins and minerals and protein in me.

Albert’s Annual Christmas Party

We will be going to Albert’s Annual Christmas Party and Ornament swap this Saturday at Paul and Judy’s. What fun it always is and we get to see everyone. We are looking forward to that. Friday we find out who are secret santa is and do our final swap. We also have a cookie swap so Thursday night I’m making the no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies. I’m making enough to take to Paul and Judy’s. And some for George b/c he loves those. One reason I chose those. The last I remember, they were pretty easy to do.

I made an Image of a Bible Verse via You Version. I liked the verse. It’s easy to make an image out of it if you like the verse. Then you can share it. It seemed to be a good one for this week. It’s a shame we have enemies and even more a shame if it is someone that is supposed to be close to you and in support of you. But, people get all twisted up in their thoughts and don’t know which way is up or down or sideways when it comes to the truth. So this kind of thing is always on my heart. Thankfully I don’t have too many enemies. I try to stay away from the ones that have risen up to prove that they are.

This is where the focus needs to be. If you do have a friend, treasure them.

And I need to go and get on with it. Ya’ll have a beautiful day. Supposed to climb into the 40’s and the threat of snow is over for now. It had been too warm to do a lot of damage ice wise to the roads. So getting there was slow yesterday and had to take alternate routes that took longer, but supposed to warm up a bit. And tonight we’ll hopefully get some wrapping done. I organized it a bit yesterday pulling everything out of the stacks. We’ll get there. Christmas is indeed coming!

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  1. i’m almost all done with my wrapping. i need four more gift cards and i’m done. good luck to you as you begin the process. it can be quite a chore. sounds like you’re getting your daily activities in. take care.

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