Deer, Memories Book, and a Small Fever

God has blessed us with deer this year. They are everywhere. Of course it’s not good when they fly across the interstate scared and hit cars but they are just so beautiful and they walk around the neighborhood and actually let you get close. They are at home. They are at work. And it’s a gift from God to see them and the other wild life around.

I felt great yesterday. Didn’t feel bad at all – maybe a bit tired by 4 or 5 p.m. as I had been there a while. However, the day was smooth, I was more organized and tackled things pretty quickly. I was still late coming home though b/c I didn’t get time Friday to prep for payroll due to some other problems that occurred and had to do that yesterday morning. I’ve got a lot to catch up on once payroll runs. Had to also do some tax paying yesterday and have now gone through that 2 or three times so I think I have that down for the most part.

George mowed and had dinner cooked by the time I got home. His days are long too but not nearly as long as mine. I just need a cot for my office I think. But it is getting easier and once I’m in routine it’ll get better. I hope. The person before me left at 4 most days. I’m still in the process of shedding HR duties. I’ve had to let our assistant tackle most of it just be the default of not being able to do both jobs at once.

I think there is a candidate for my old job and that will bring relief only I have no idea when I’ll be able to train, lol. I think it will have to be a couple of hours here and couple there not to hinder people’s payroll, garns, tax filing and checks, etc.

We received a nice gift in the mail yesterday. A little book of memories from Shelby, Katy’s friend (they teach 1st grade together). It was so sweet of her to do. We loved it!

So I felt better yesterday, but today my temp is a little higher. It is 100 in one ear and 100.5 in the other. I don’t know if the devil is trying to play with me or what. However, I feel today is going to be a bit rough. I took Tylenol yesterday and probably will today so I can survive the day. I’ll try to stay in my little corner. The payroll must go on. I have no other symptoms except maybe some sinus issues. Not much of sinus though. I have a hint of a sore throat and maybe some ear stopping up so probably a sinus infection that has not released yet. I have no idea. But the Tylenol no doubt makes the blood pressure go up. I know at least it made my heart rate go up.

Anyway, off to slay the day and hope it doesn’t slay me. The adjetating thing of yesterday was my printer tried to print front and back all day long. I would change it and it would change back. It didn’t do that last week so what happened over the weekend? Isn’t that weird? I had to get IT to fix it but it still tries to print both sides, it doesn’t but it runs it through both sides, taking longer to print. Go figure. Technology. lol

Have a great Tuesday.

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  1. It will be good to have someone in your HR position so you don’t have to deal with that too. Hopefully you’ll soon be able to leave at 4. A memory book was a thoughtful thank you gift. Have a good day and feel better.

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