Having Fun with No Electricity

Ahhhh, nothing like a good pedicure. I had to wait for it. I was there only 10 min after they opened but had to wait an hour – this is why I normally go on the week nights after work, but I wasn’t going to have a chance this week. Trying to leave the week nights open to stay late as I come around the learning curve for payroll. Nails were done too and then I took a jaunt to Walmart. Funny thing is – George was going to get his hair cut and also going to Walmart. We tried to time it so we’d meet up at the same time but my salon was too crowded and too slow. So I was gone for like 4 hours since I did nails too and I always spend way too much time in Walmart looking for things. I have to look at the clothes and who knows what else. lol

The last two times I’ve been to Walmart, I’ve literally “Shopped up a Storm”. Both times I have shut the door to the back of my SUV after putting groceries in, and the raindrops start and the bottom falls out. Thankful to be in the car as there were some pretty good lightning strikes going on.

I made it home and up the stairs and was slicing the green and red peppers to take to work and keep in my little fridge for salads. And the lights flickered and finally went out. So George grabbed two beers and we went out on the covered front porch and watched the rain. It was just a summer time storm. The lights were out over an hour and we enjoyed our time on the porch just talking, seeing Itty Bitty Kitty and eating an appetizer of salmon and cream cheese on crackers.

Once inside, and the power back on, I began having chills and went to bed to warm up under the covers. George began dinner. I fell into a deep sleep and he woke me up for dinner and I only ate a bit and we watched the rest of Madea goes to Jail with me under a blanket. Then about 8:15 I headed to bed. I took my temp and discovered it was 101. Drats! So I slept pretty good over night. And was glad to be able to nap some yesterday. My fever is 99.5 this morning which is not bad. Payroll must go on. I figure I have some kind of little virus. As the fever seems to be more toward as the evening sets. No other symptoms now. Sore throat not there anymore.

Don’t you always try to figure out where you got the virus from? Isn’t that funny? We go to great lengths to pin point it.

  • Was it when I ate that cool wrap from Chic Fil A and had been petting the dogs and was too lazy to reach for my hand sanitizer because Maisy was in my lap and it was hard to reach my purse?
  • Was it in that “different kind” of peanut butter I ate that was natural with no preservatives?
  • Had my liquid Ionix (stress formula) turned bad that I had the last two days?
  • Was it because I burned the candle on both ends all week long and didn’t get proper rest, sleep, balance at life?
  • Was it because I didn’t take my vitamins last week as I’m totally out of my routine?

I am thankful that despite the light fever, I do feel pretty good. I will have to go to work and try not to shed germs. I will stay in the back office and try not to emerge until I have to. Will use my Sanitizer a lot.

Anyway’s hoping this week is better. At least I am moved to the new office, my “IT” is all set up, and I learned a lot last week. I still have the taxes to learn. I don’t think that is hard but just a matter of knowing where to pull the numbers and what website to report. I am way behind on getting emails answered and voice mails. So I need to try to catch up on everything as best as I can. This week should be faster. I will say that I LOVE the job, just there is a lot to it and I need to quicken the pace as I learn so it all fits into the week. I’ll get better. Last week I didn’t know much about what I was doing, fumbled around trying to figure out how to do the time punch corrections. This week at least I have a better idea of what I’m doing and will be faster with it.

So off to work I go. George has the next few weekends set up for his birthday crawl. Lots of places lined up and we’ll be eating well. Oh yeah. And you know I’ll be sharing pics. He calls it “birthday month”. He’ll be 60 this year. :-O How is it possible?

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  1. I’m voting for the vitamins, if I skip mine things can go haywire quickly. But then I do take echinacea when I take my vitamins so I think that is what keeps me from getting peoples colds and flus. 🙂

    Itty Bitty Kitty is so cute! 😉

  2. I hope you continue to feel better, that your day flows and you’re able to get home earlier. What a pretty porch you have!

  3. Not getting enough rest and sleep and stress will make it easier to get sick. I hope they hire someone quick for your old job. A person can only do so much in a days time. The vitamins and shakes hopefully will help your body fight off whatever is wrong. Good luck with the new job.

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