Visiting Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage and Grounds | Hermitage, Tennessee

On a cool crisp early afternoon we headed for our 1:00 p.m. Mansion walkthrough reservation. A perfect day for a visit to the Hermitage grounds. Most of our time was spent outside during our visit. You can visit the grounds earlier before your mansion tour or after – or both. Either way, your visit starts with the check in at the ticket booth and then you proceed through the museum and to the grounds. There is also a nice gift shop and restaurant and wine tasting on the grounds.

We enjoyed our day very much. It should be noted that the mansion rooms are mainly roped off and you cannot enter most of the rooms but are peeking in at the doorway. Our group had approximately 12 people and a guided tour explaining each room. So as you can probably guess there was not much time to peer in as you had to let others do the same and to linger long after your group goes to the next room meant you were going to be in the way of the next group and not hear the story for the next room. Since I feel I didn’t get a good grasp of the house I bought the Hermitage guidebook. I can read more about it. This was the only downside. I get they need to preserve the things in the rooms. I’ve visited other houses and they allowed entry to the room but had furniture areas roped off and this allowed you to take in each room. No photos allowed in the house. I get it. They have to make their money somehow and if I’d taken photos I might not have bought the book. So I was ok with that. But the photos could be taken on the grounds. Even though I was disappointed about not getting to actually walk into each room, I still thought the tour and information was worth the price. So don’t read too much into my honest review of the house. We VERY MUCH enjoyed our overall time here. The staff was knowledgeable and great. I’m just an honest critic and if you know me, you know you get the good, bad and indifferent, lol!

While it was interesting getting to see the log cabins and/or slave quarters on the grounds, I mostly enjoyed the hiking around the creek and playing in the gardens. Well, I guess you could call it playing. I used my iPhone for the photos.

There was another mansion on the property – Tulip Grove. Sadly it looked to be in a state of disrepair – especially seeing the front porch. It is sad that this place is not being kept up. It wasn’t even mentioned or pointed out in any of our materials or guide – that I remember anyway. It wasn’t highlighted for sure. I think they could use this as additional money maker for them in some format. I’m sure it’s probably on the map and in the guidebook or something, but I need to read more about it.

Lots of pretty trees and magnolias on the property. The trees are huge. A few years ago a tornado came through and many many trees were destroyed. George worked at Gibson Guitar at the time and they were able to make some guitars out of some of the wood from these downed trees.

Several log cabins on the place, including the house that Jackson lived in while the mansion was being built. The grounds were just beautiful.

The hike around the property went into the woods by a stream and well, it just seemed about as near to heaven and Garden of Eden as I could ever imagine. It was peaceful.

If I lived there I would walk that path often and take seat here and read and plan and think. I believe that these were once cotton fields for a brief time just beyond the bench.

Then there was the garden paths. Just beautiful.

Yes, a raccoon sleeping on the property. We reported it and the staff said it was not rabid, just sick and they were aware. Bless him.

Then there was the museum!

So there you have a our Hermitage visit. I hope you enjoyed seeing a home of one of our past presidents. I intend to dig more into the history of it, when I have time. There are also some YouTube shows. Maybe you would like to do so as well. Or better yet, come to Nashville. There’s a lot for you to see and do and experience. As well as the communities all around Nashville too.

Would I do this again? You betcha. I’ll be back to the restaurant and for some more wine and you can join and be a member and visit the grounds, I believe. I’ll have to check out their website and give it consideration. I would love to do that hike repeatedly! The gift shop has things we might actually buy people for Christmas too. So we’ll be back! It’s a gem of an area and I’m ashamed we hadn’t been already.

I have a lot more things to share from this week as well since the Hermitage. I’m really running behind it seems. I’ll try to pop in, in the morning for the last few days updates.

Whew! This was a hard post to do uploading all the photos. I need to get ready and get into work. Hope you all have an excellent Friday.

Fairvue Plantation House, Gallatin, TN and Weekly Update

Some of you may know, that my husband George grew up in Gallatin, TN. My grandmother also lived on a farm in the area for some time. And then George and I lived in Gallatin for about 15 years or so, until we moved to Mount Juliet. So getting to visit the Fairvue Plantation house in the area, was a real treat for us last night. We thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of this home both inside and out.

That said, it is someone’s home, and so I did not take pictures of the inside. But it was gorgeous and the family that lives there is a precious family and they have so much history and enjoy sharing the history with others. What it looks like inside just takes you back to an era long forgotten. It is both modern but yet contains the genuine southern plantation feel from days long ago. Not that I would really know what that is like, lol. But one imagined, one read about in books, and as seen on TV.

We arrived extremely early not wanting to be late, me -having come from Nashville from work and then to Mount Juliet had to give ourselves plenty of time to get there. Waze took us a back way to skirt around traffic on the 109 Highway and Lebanon Rd – Hwy 70. We saw some area we had not seen before. I’m always surprised to find entire neighborhoods built aside some farmland that I had no idea. This area around Nashville, Mount Juliet, Lebanon, and Gallatin, is booming. But arriving early we took a stroll down to the lake. I wish I’d had the Canon with me! It was a little humid and a lot of mosquitos but so worth the view.

Two videos above. The first one was for instagram and the 2nd was for the vlog. I see the formatting looks better on Word Press using the sideways method of holding my phone. Good to know.

This was the icehouse. And some pics I took below on the grounds. Enjoy.

There was a wine reception, a tour of the house along with this history, and then dinner. All of it was exquisite. We met some wonderful people. We absolutely loved this evening and I will never forget it. I was also shocked at how beautiful this last picture came out all lit up at night.

Adelicia was one of the previous owners of the house – well, married to the owner of the house, who at one time was involved in slave trade, but not at the time she married him. I’m very excited to have been given this book, when I had asked about it. This should be interesting. It’s a very big book! Bigger than Gone with the Wind I think.

So we made it home a little past my bedtime last night but not too late. I am glad that it is Friday.

Other Updates from the Week

Mom fixed breakfast for dinner one night this week. We didn’t have hash browns nor potatoes to slice to make any but we had crinkle fries.

Our sweet neighbors brought over a headstone for Roger. So sweet. I need to work on the doggies little grave area and pretty it up. This was so sweet of them.

The weather has been rainy and ominous at times as these tropical systems go by to the east and frontal boundaries hover from the west and north. Making for some soupy times. George has been unable to mow as the grass is always too wet.

This cell below, was the radar of what you see above in the cloudy/rainy pic. This storm had winds blowing in both directions and wanted to rotate. You can even see a notch in the rain below. But a funnel never formed. I don’t think there was enough energy and the jet stream was not involved. But these storms dumped a lot of rain in a short time.

Meanwhile in Texas

River’s Day Care teacher is still out with COVID. She has had a rough time. The hospitals are full. She was treated and released because they did not have room to keep her. But Katy said she was getting better. Still not sure she will be back next week. So church members have helped by keeping River this week. River has had a blast. Or as most of you know him as my “Little Roo”. Short for Little Buckaroo.

And so I’ll leave you with this.

No plans for the weekend but just getting things done on the list. I worked on the vlog video some yesterday morning. I need to do some voice overs this weekend. Still trying to decide how to handle “Roger”. We want to tape a segment and do a special video and I decided we would do that “true to the time frame” of his death along with the natural timing of our videos. But since most people know he is gone I am wondering if I need to do a real time update in one of the videos. No biggie, just something I’m trying to decide.

So I’m off to finish getting ready and get to work.

Ya’ll have a good weekend. Whatchadoing this weekend yourself?