Nonni and Poppy’s Day with Little Roo

We had a wonderful time with our Little Roo Thursday. George and I both took off work to get some quality time in with Cody, Katy, and River. We went to eat Sushi. Mom stayed home and took a nap, Sushi was not her thing. We had the sushi date planned for a long time. They don’t get a lot of good Sushi around the ranch area so it’s been the game plan all along. We took Mom something else to eat to hold her until we all went out for dinner.

Salad and Cucumber Roll, Mori Mori, Mount Juliet, TN

Knowing we would be eating a lot of calories later in the day, I opted for a small salad with ginger dressing and a cucumber roll. I don’t eat the raw sushi. I have but prefer shrimp, scallop, crab, or veggie rolls. I DO LOVE the ginger slice, wasabi sauce, and dipped in soy though. I also love the hot green tea.

I had a bowl of popcorn later mid afternoon too.

George at one of his favorite sushi spots, Mori Mori, Mount Juliet, TN
Precious Little Roo, needing a nap!
Mom with Little Roo

Honestly I don’t know when I’ve seen Mom smile SO BIG. She was so happy to meet River. I’ve been good to send her pics all along so she sees him grow. And now she gets to meet and hold him. She was so happy.

I’m thinking all we need NOW is to scare the little guy. lol. But we all took turns putting on the red nose. I think Little Roo is wondering what kind of family he was born into!

He wasn’t sure what to make of his little splash pad. But he had an open mind. The water was a little chilly – and he was confused as to why it wasn’t his warm bath water. But he was a trooper and didn’t cry. He would sometimes kick his feet. He got the little rings stuck on his feet and legs, lol.

After he got into dry clothes, his great grandma “Nana” tucked him under the blanket and warmed him up. She told him how his Poppy loves to freeze everyone out in the house with his temperature controls, lol, lol.

Meanwhile, Roger naps.

Nana held him while George fed him some sweet potatoes. He loves them. A bit of remnant can be seen on those cute little lips of his!

M.L. Rose Craft Beer and Burgers, Mount Juliet

We have a new place in Mount Juliet that we have been excited about. M.L. Rose – they have local craft beer and awesome burgers and a few other things. We have been to other M.L. Rose locations in the Nashville area in recent years. So this is exciting!

Little Roo was not as excited as we were.

We passed him around and tried to keep him entertained. At least three of us walked him, we all held him, his Mom fed him, he had to be taken out to the car to be changed (poopie diaper, it happens). No changing table in the restroom at M.L. Rose (gasp…)

Poor fellow. He survived the night.

Maybe when he can eat burgers and drink beer he’ll enjoy it more. I don’t blame him for being bored. We did the best we could. We even put him to himself in the carrier with the cover over him to give him some space. Oh no. That didn’t work AT ALL. He calmed down after being fed and was all smiles again. (It was a little early for a feeding but it worked.).

Southern Belle Burger, M.L. Rose Craft Beer and Burgers, Mount Juliet, TN

So this is why I ate a light lunch. My burger, oh my gosh, had pimiento and cheese, onion straws, bbq sauce, lettuce, tomato and cheese, and bacon. Oh it was good. The Southern Belle.

So tomorrow we take them back to the airport. Sad to see them go. I know they will be glad to be back home and settle into their summer now that Katy’s school is out.

True to the fashion of my life these days, I was unable to finish this blog entry last night. I rarely get to finish anything I start in the same day anymore. So it’s Saturday morning as I end this. Had a wonderful 9 hour much needed sleep.

I had more to blog about but will save it for another day.

VIDEO UPDATE: I should be able to have it uploaded for 7:00 a.m. live time Sunday morning. That is my goal. This was a fun one to work on. Well they all are. But I loved going back to Texas in my memories with this one. I’ll pop an entry here whenever it goes live.

Ya’ll have a good weekend – what all are you doing this June weekend?