Blogging in Bullet Points with Two Needs: Rest and Time

Photo by Wesley Carvalho on

I love this picture. I suppose that many of us can describe our own meanings. For me: it describes how I feel right now.

  • Trying to hold the world together in pieces
  • Very tired
  • A lot of loose ends still lying about waiting to be connected
  • And I’m sleeping a lot
  • And getting my nails done too, lol
  • I’m trying to keep my own world together
  • But the world is spinning around me and moving too fast
  • And pieces are still coming at me begging to be fit in somehow

Just Wow! Not only is this a great photo taken by Wesley Carvalho, it perfectly describes my world and Wesley doesn’t even know me. lol

I don’t need to blog now b/c he just said everything I needed to, ha!

Really I just feel like I need two things and I’ll be ok.

  • Time
  • Rest

The week has been harried and hurried. I’ve had appointments before work and after work and work worries in between. I’ve gone to bed later a couple of times and have had to get up earlier at times. I’ve worked late and gone in early too at times.

I think have had maybe 2 hours within the whole week to myself – if that. I have had an hour to do a few chores and an hour or two to watch videos which I use to decompress.

Other details this week:

  • They had the funeral for George’s friend/boss yesterday
  • I think River is better and recovering from RSV, but is teething in a big way and wanting to crawl and can’t yet
  • Trying my best to get the quarter end closed, waiting on data at this point. Only a few hours left to work on it since I do payroll most of the first four days of the week. Will have a little time on Thurs/Friday of next week.
  • Had my physical Wednesday at 6:00 a.m. (yes, that early) waiting on data but it will probably be the same, lose weight, yadayada
  • Took Mom to get her hair cut Wed after work
  • The coffee from new coffee pot went all over the counter this morning but at least we captured half a pot. I don’t know why. This alone makes me want to give up and go back to bed. lol
  • Went to trivia last night although I could have gone home, lit candles, played soft music, and read. It sucks to be an introvert. It was fun and the food was good, but I was so tired it was hard to enjoy it.
  • Roger is getting worse, he fell asleep with his ear in his water bowl. He is more wobbly. He can’t see as well and he is howling day and night a lot more than usual. He continually steps in his water or knocks it over.

Things to be excited about, but right now I’m only one cup of coffee in, and too tired to show any:

  • George was just kidding when he said we couldn’t get the foyer covered with the new flooring. That stinker! I just found this out yesterday! lol. YAY!
  • We can’t schedule the flooring yet until all the materials come in ::::sigh:::::
  • Today is Friday!
  • Tomorrow I am going shopping. BY MYSELF. For pants. I was supposed to have done this in March. So now I’m going for pants, tops, shoes, and we’ll see. I’ve asked God to guide me in this effort. I’m sooooo looking forward to it. I might video parts of it. lol
  • I DID have time to work on deleting photos from my iPhone (instead of blogging yesterday, which I was not in the mood to do)

Things I have to do before I can start the next video:

  • Delete the old iMovie data from the timeline and media in iMovie
  • Move over all my winter files to my “2021 Monthly Dated Files” for keeping, then delete from iphone
  • Move over photos from May and create folders for upcoming iMovies

Things I want to do when I freaking have time:

  • Check out some new books, b/c we have to push ourselves to stop and read
  • Go the grocery store and leisurely look for things to eat/try.
  • Check out a new show on Netflix, finish watching the old ones
  • Check out a couple of places for excursions
  • Do things on the bucket list
  • Do my to do list
  • Do some canon lessons
  • Work on my videos
  • Sleep/Rest
  • Just BEEEEEE for a few minutes
  • Fix a recipe
  • Play on iTunes
  • Properly clean my house

But the weekend is almost here. It’ll be busy too, but…maybe, just maybe, I will get something, AnYtHinG done!

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