Nashville area: Autumn in TN, What’s in Our Freezer, Yard Sailing, Trying an Acai Bowl

Good morning! Here is a “week in my life” vlog during a really nice fall week here in Tennessee. Little snippets of life during the work week and lots of activity on the weekend. We go yard sailing, do a freezer dive, and I share our foliage with you at the end on a beautiful breezy fall day.

You can watch the video HERE.

I’m struggling this morning with pain in my abdomen. At times it is very severe. It’s like contractions almost. It comes in waves and then goes away and then comes back. This started yesterday afternoon after eating Hattie B’s hot chicken. George is fine, so it’s likely a diverticulitis attack trying to happen, so I’m switching to liquids today. The plan is to alternate between hot and cold liquids. I think I got dehydrated a bit yesterday as we were busy all day with Christmas Village and I had very little water all day, still took my BP meds which have a water pill in them which probably further dehydrated me. This has been very painful, almost unbearable. Acetaminophen knocks the edge off.

It’s really sad because we have no plans today and I really wanted to get some things off my plate today as most other weekends are busy from here throughout with stuff going on or people in town. But it is what it is. I’ve prayed about it and asked God to relieve the pain and give me my day back. We’ll see what happens.

I’ll share the Christmas Village photos (what little I took) in an upcoming blog post. We have church tomorrow and life group at someone else’s house tomorrow and then have to attend to Mom’s groceries as well as ours – so tomorrow is shot.

Also the pipes are backed up in the laundry room and we can’t do laundry this weekend. Unless we take it to Mom’s. I don’t feel like hauling our clothes back and forth from once city to another but we my have to. It’s only 15 min away but I want to be able to do laundry in my own home. And I want to be able to enjoy a day without blood curdling pain.

Here’s the link again for today’s video. I hope you enjoy it. Watch it HERE.

Thanks everyone. Please pray the pain goes away. This is not fun.

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  1. I’m sorry you are feeling bad. Hope you feel better soon.
    I enjoyed today’s video. The music was really good. And I think it shows your personality. Miss Maddie looks so pretty after her grooming. I like her little bow. And Dexter has grown up fast. My husband watched today’s video with me on the TV and commented on what a good looking beagle Dexter is. He’s been talking about getting a beagle for some time.
    I am doing laundry and cleaning today.
    And fixing steak fajitas for supper.
    Enjoy the the rest of your weekend.

    • No, it’s done this several times. The pain subsided and I am not having to take acetaminophen any more. I have a fever, and likely an infection in my colon- like before. Switched to liquids, had mashed potatoes tonight after 24 hours. I was worried too there for a while. Hopefully will start to be better tomorrow. Drinking lots of liquids.

  2. Sorry Sonia I’m really late getting my comment in. That was a great VLOG today. I do have to laugh at George sometimes ! You certainly did a massive shop. Especially when you were not 100%. Hope you’re feeling better today, if not perhaps you should stay home rather than going to church etc etc etc. it goes on and on and you really need to rest love. Take care.

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